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Acknowledgments dissertation examples in apa

Acknowledgments dissertation examples in apa al muhaidib contracting company salary reports hands picking up a report card ´╗┐hello everyone and welcome back for your daily fix of kryptos news with me your host Omar BAM [Music] so it's always good to be here letting you guys know what's up and what's happening was cracking was good and so within cryptocurrency it happens let's do it again this is today's third video make sure you check out the others if you haven't it is April 26 2017 and for this video I want to talk about a few a few things so let me get into it see we're going to talk about firstly Waypoint so there is this site that has just been created by mr. Antonio Giuliano and he used to work for uber and he used to work for coinbase as software developers and he has created a search engine for aetherium code which for code for addresses Ford Apps which is really awesome and he's going to continue to innovate it's called Waypoint WEEI point if you've ever seen the code you'll see that there's way in there which is like gasps it's a it's in the code so anyway Waypoint it's some kind of pun so you can go there and search for an address and you can pull up that address and see some information or what it's related to so if you want to prove that this address that they're sending you to send money to a contract to invest on a crowd sale is actually then you would simply go to Waypoint type that in there and you can see what the official address is or you can just search like digits and you'll get their official contract page and eventually they're going to be building like a reputation system into it but I'll read you the post that was posted by mr. Antonio and it's actually really cool stuff so he explains it much better than I can shorthands let's go ahead and say it ethereal and other technologies have sparked the wave of these centralized I decentralized applications adapts these apps run directly on the blockchain making them globally accessible and eliminating the need for trusted parties no longer do you need a bank to hold your money or Wall Street to trade stocks this enables - to solve many problems which were previously impossible a few examples are augur a worldwide prediction market which could forecast a probability of any event and ultimately can be used for data mining and research adding that on but anyway Gollum I'm Network to harness the power of idle computers to create the world's largest supercomputer super excited about that one you port provides everyone a sovereign digital identity and we believe two main prerequisites for widespread usage of decentralized apps are discovery and trust right now there's no easy way to discover and navigate these applications services such as either scan focus more on the raw data which exists on the blockchain rather than connecting users with content search engines such as Google are designed for traditional websites which exists on a fundamentally different platform than decentralized apps by indexing directly from the blockchain Waypoint hopes to provide the most complete and relevant content to users it's currently too hard for all but the most technical users to determine which apps are trustworthy and secure similarly it's also difficult for DAP creators to establish trust for their users Waypoint plans to solve these problems by providing a platform for a mutation and proof of ownership and by connecting DAP creators with security reviewers we can then incorporate these in search results to ensure users are able to quickly establish trust for a DAP so they'll be able to you'll be able to find security reviewed people will audited the code to prove it does what it does taps by just searching for it within Waypoint comm and that is a very good asset to continue to have in the community so I commend Antonio and I recommend you guys head over and give it a try try searching your address try searching for an ICO you're interested in see what comes up I'll put a little obviously in description below if you haven't found it already another bit of news I'd like to share since you mentioned golem decentralized computer processing where you guys can sell your extra computer processor units power when your computers on on the network and get paid in these gul network tokens for people who would like to use your power to process whether it's rendering a video or whatever it is so they just released version 0.5 0.5 it features a built-in light so previously view wasn't running the software you can pick it up on Windows on Mac and Ubuntu which is built over Linux side note they hope to be adding a lot more Linux version soon for you guys running Linux or something that's not a boon to and so you previously had to run a full node of the etherium network in order to use golem which is currently in the PIR x test net using fake test GN TT g NT tokens so they're not real tokens so they went into that in this post anyway as well on their blog today so you had to download the whole blockchain which could take hours a very long time previously and took a lot of space and your computer over ten gigabytes I believe they mentioned inside of the post and a lot of that wasn't necessarily necessary for you to run it so they've implemented like client into the application which like if you're running my either wallet or if you're running your own Myst browser and you've a label enabled fast sync or if you're running like a Jax wallet or a ledger wallet you'll see that you don't it doesn't take that long before you can use your wallet because it doesn't have to download the full blockchain and so they've built that also into GMT and it's automatically built in there it'll just fast sync to the network and get you up and running real real quick for your testing this you guys can test by the way what it's like to buy processing power or to make some tests GMT if you download this so it's pretty cool before it goes live to get familiar with what it's like and as well as to be able to help with the bug bounty er to help with developing and giving your cue so I encourage you to go ahead up go ahead and help them out if you're interested it's a cool project I've been supporting for a while and so also they added something called hyper G so if you run it you're going to see this application hyper G or it uses that instead of ipfs or interplanetary file systems in order to store in order to store data on the network because they were having issues where their routers and their networks were going down and being overloaded because of the huge amount of TCP connections that were incoming through the routers through the data system that they were running and it was just overloading everything and it was it was too much in their offices where they're testing it so they were looking for solutions and they ran across the debt or hyper Jia's are calling it and they were they were able to spend several weeks and a lot of time developing in order to make the issue with the TCP connection to overloading everything much better um but ultimately they found the hyper G was a really good alternative solution so they added it on there but it works differently because instead of having data permanence where the data lives permanently on the blockchain it is going to be malleable in the future and you can actually change that data so they both have different purposes of that which still exists on there and the hyper G I'm sorry that hyper G or the IP FS if you're using golem as a developer or as a user and so you have to be aware of that but they go into more detail on their blog and that's good they're working on both they continue to find solution that's what gets me excited is that this this platform has some of the best minds and you know life is going to bring you obstacles like with anything else but it's really how you find a way to deal with them and the fact that they're able not to just overcome and push the wall back further by IP FS that is but they're also able to make a different path possibly forward with hyper G or death whatever it is so really cool and that has proven to be less IO intensive and uses significantly less bandwidth so then then ipfs that's great being tested currently on the PIR x test net really cool and they also had a few other performance fixes and things like that so make sure you check out their blog post or maybe update your version golem if you're interested okay so I'm going to continue with the next video I'm going to be talking about Spotify and I'll be talking about litecoin you guys are very excited about litecoin today and seg wit so that's what I'm going to be going into it thank you very very much for watching this episode kryptos news as I continue to try to bring you guys the latest the best most informative news in relation to what's going on the cryptocurrency space well as thoughts sentiments your own opinions on things as we move forward to build this decentralized world I'm crypto please be sure to hit like if you appreciated the content make sure you subscribe if you haven't before you continue to get updates on what's going on since you live such busy lives and share this video with people who might be interested or had just recently become interested in cryptocurrency and I'll try to make it approachable to both new people and people who have been around for a while or so we can all be on the same path together I'm excited to share with you and have a wonderful wonderful day take care guys you [Music] raufelder dissertation definition Corning Community College.

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