Aortic Dissection During Surgery
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Aortic dissection during surgery

Aortic dissection during surgery personal philosophy statement of leadership lebole gioielli kimono prezi presentations ´╗┐the conman is a fixture of American life and conman is short for confidence man he preys upon people's confidence in them to deliver on their dreams to the look around their needs Volkswagens Angie's HSBC the answer money misra ripping off Wall Street is one thing ripping off Middle America is another thing the system takes our best and brightest people and they get paid outlandish sums to look the other way it's hard to not be moved by the hardship that these companies imposed the poster boy for hiking droughts in prices this was Wall Street at its worst funding a drug company at its worst it's not funny mr. Cirelli people are dying and they're getting sicker and sicker these banks they move movements for the cartels the kidnappings the extortion the murders all that has to do with the money we may be looking at the largest systematic corporate fraud in history it is clear that there had been a frantic effort to cover this up individuals purchase cars or victims now all of us who suffer from the sexual pollution or victims [Music] to see such greed go unchecked was just maddening they make money by taking money from poor people I mean this was little kids saying mom is everything gonna be okay what I would discover was much darker and more vast than anything I had imagined the amounts of money involved were massive fields billions of dollars we didn't find anything they were doing that was illegal and that's the thing that's startling about this when these companies become so important or they're a member of a class that is not jailable do you think you're a moral person I'm a business person all right this is exactly what I've been talking about and it's pretty much exactly what I predicted what happened now if you've watched my what's really coming series and I don't know if I'll continue that but what I've been saying there is that conspiracy theory is actually demonic and I'm not talking about the conspiracies themselves or the work behind the conspiracies even though they are demonic as well but conspiracy theory is demonic it's Gnostic it's rooted in Gnosticism and conspiracy theory is actually one of the main tools in the Luciferian New Age deception that will help everybody believe that they are God fulfilling the scripture in 2nd Thessalonians the lie that Paul refers to that everybody will believe in the last days and about a year and a half ago what I realized is that as the Antichrist arrival approaches and I don't know when that is I'm not a date setter I never will be but Christ tells us we can at least know when it's close but as the Antichrist arrival approaches one of the things that will begin to happen is that conspiracy theory will start to gradually very very slowly become mainstream everybody is going to start becoming conspiracy theorists or in other words a lot of the things that conspiracy theorists have been saying for decades will eventually become accepted fact by everybody and this Netflix produced documentary dirty money is I think more proof that this is what is slowly developing now you aren't going to make everybody conspiracy theorists overnight this has to be done gradually very very gradually the veil as they say in the mystery schools which is a satanic counterfeit of the veil that is lifted in Christ which Paul talks about in first Corinthians 3:16 and in the unveiling or the revelation in the last days the unveiling or revealing of Jesus Christ as Lord well Satan is going to have his own counterfeit unveiling just before Christ's second coming and it's going to happen through the new age and conspiracy theory so the veil must be lifted slowly you can't just make everybody believe that 9/11 was an inside job overnight distrust in the government and in the media must be built up in the public very gradually smaller conspiracies must be revealed first working our way up to eventually the 9/11 conspiracy and then finally to the men behind it all the new world order Illuminati the black magicians Satan through his white magician's is slowly unveiling the evil work of the black magicians this is the counterfeit unveiling and this is happening elsewhere too especially with the Donald Trump presidency never has the mainstream media looks so pathetic and untrustworthy CNN has literally become a parody of itself and a lot of that has to do with Trump going after fake news and also how it was actually the Hillary campaign that was behind the whole Trump colluding with Russia story so the trust and the government and the media is astronomically low and what's interesting is that the last time the public trust in government was this low was was during the Vietnam War and then Watergate and the reason that's interesting is because all of that followed the hippie movement which was the first thrust of the new age out into the public arena I don't think that's a coincidence the fact that you have the New Age coming out into the public and then right after that a lot of distrust in the government and then you have you know the anti-war movement all that stuff I think that is part of the overall plan to get people to distrust their governments and their media and instead make people believe in themselves as empowered individuals which is the core of the New Age and the lie that Paul refers to in second Thessalonians so like I said all this has to be gradually and I'm finding more and more evidence all the time that conspiracy theory is slowly becoming more accepted by people this is why Alex Jones has never been more popular and think about it Trump was on Jones's show and Jones publicly endorsed and praised this guy we have in the white house a man who was publicly endorsed by the biggest and most popular conspiracy theorists on the planet Alex Jones he was a nice guy actually you liked him nice guy I mean what I really like is these tweeted Infowars three or four times and plugged the t-shirt but you know it makes me like Trump more obviously that they ended up reaching out to AB my own show and Trump is doing his part in the occult work of lifting the veil the counterfeit veil and I think more interesting things will happen with the with the Trump presidency we still have at least three more years there and this documentary dirty money is more proof that the New World Order is being unveiled not by Christ but by Satan and the New Age I mean exposing all this greed and corruption in the global economy presumably by these secret powerful men this is not some guy on YouTube making this documentary this is Netflix a major streaming company that millions and millions of people use this is a large mainstream company that is producing and putting out this documentary you know and like one of those guys said the member of a class that is not jailable okay that's ultimately when you ask people who are right now conspiracy theorists that means the Illuminati I mean this is getting pretty heavy and it seems to be exposing some heavy stuff and like I said it's being produced by Netflix this is what I mean by the mainstreaming of conspiracy theory because you see people are ultimately foolish blind and absolutely horrible the Cerner's of truth and many people maybe even most people will often decide whether or not to believe something not based on the evidence for or against it but rather who what is saying it if some conspiracy theorists on YouTube says this or that is happening most people will disregard it even if there's all this evidence for it but if CNN Fox News or MSNBC or say Netflix tells them the same thing or breaks the same story people will be more inclined to believe it because it comes from a source that they trust and that they believe has credibility this is what makes people so easy to manipulate especially spiritually by Satan and his angels and what was silly and kooky to believe 20 years ago is now starting to become accepted because sources that people typically trust are beginning to put out this information people will believe 9/11 was an inside job if it's put out by a quote-unquote official source but again that can't happen right away they have to build up to that and this Netflix produced documentary dirty money is part of that build-up and and you know there's something suspicious about this too and this is something I asked a while back that began to change my thinking about the New World Order if these Illuminati are so powerful how in the world is this documentary getting made it's because the New World Order and the Illuminati are not the real enemy they are the losers in a fixed chess match and the ones who are meant to win are Lucifer his angels and the new age exposing the greed and corruption in the world and the men ultimately behind it is one of these central purposes of the New Age people think that the New Age and the New World Order are partners they are not that is not what the evidence shows it's the New Age white magicians who are acting as channels for Satan and his angels who are exposing this evil black magic corruption the counterfeit unveiling or the false apocalypse and this is what I'm discussing in detail in my book that I'm currently working on called the false apocalypse the fall of the New World Order and the rise of the real Luciferian age I know this goes completely against what everybody else says but the work of exposing the New World Order in the Illume knotti is actually demonic [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you dissertation topics on database Sarah Lawrence College.

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