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Ayarai dissertation

Ayarai dissertation genetic engineering essay pdf zdf reportage notaufnahme basel [Music] [Applause] [Music] my name is hundra miquelon I'm a 66 guard and I'm a sophomore here at ptc [Music] my name is guitar and Bosco I'm 67 I'm a sophomore here at PCC and I play the three and the four small forward power for I'm Darrell Henry on the sophomore at PCC I'm 65 and a half and I play shooting guard small forward my name is kevin rutherford i'm a 68 small forward for the pcc men's basketball team and i'm a freshman my major here at PCC is business and I want to get into business marketing my major is undecided but I'm taking math personal health and introduction of history technically my major right now is exercise sports science on just 11 sociology and everything that comes with it so right now I'm a major early childhood education and taking a online education class that put a revolves around children's literature and then I'm also taking writing once made to a minute history course I went to Benson high school I've been local portlandor I went to Eastern Oregon was recruited there my freshman year and then after that year I came here to PCC to pursue my dream to go to a bigger school after PCC I wanted to go to a four-year university preferably a division-one school state school like Oregon or Oregon State if possible even if it's out of state pursue my dream to go play at a highest level I can I went to Benson all four years with KJ Bosco who was awesome the men's team all the way through high school I knew that I was going to go to college for track that's why I went to Benson in the first place was for the chat coach that and so my senior year I got lucky and ended up getting a scholarship to Texas Tech University my plans after PCC are hopefully to receive a Division one scholarship for basketball and I really take anything I can get my options are pretty open I want that park world high school before coming to PCC I did a year at mount hood and then I had to take last year off from my torn meniscus our plan is to transfer to a university and continue playing basketball i am from portland I went to Roosevelt High School in North Portland and funny story is I was 510 as a junior then grew to be 64 as a senior and that goes for help me dominate the varsity little lonely you're outside wall city right after high school I went to psu where I had a full ride i could demux collar ship but one day I decided I want to give basketball the chance just so I could sort of live with myself and then I came to PCC for an open gym and that's where I may have bought it and ever since then it's been a good fit after PCC I plan on playing basketball at a four-year institution I mean whether the d3 NAIA Division one would ever fits me best and ultimately attain the Greeks and I'll be the first in my family to do so so that's what I'm really working till it is just getting a degree in continuance and vegetables typical day is I'll wake up at seven o'clock in the morning I'll wake up around seven-thirty every morning I wake up 615 eight in the morning 830 my first day of classes at eight-thirty get to class at nine classes like nine to 11 and then one to two ish and here we have great study hall program with dr. Bradley Mohammed who's really a good guy and he's very motivational study hall from 46 in the way immediately go to practice from six to nine o'clock and get home it's already like ten o'clock so bedtime by then sleep and then start over again so yeah my days pretty regimented when it comes to what I have to do every day and basketball this year for school I'd take a moped my grandpa got one in the summer and I've kind of taken over that drive it to school every day pretty much and when I get a car i'm very fortunate because the rain it shields me from the rain but other than that moped life hell a bolus I'd play pool painful I love to cook actually so IP issue I didn't really cook much just because I had a meal plan but then when I got home and my parents first there I pretty much had to learn how to cook so I ditched the top ramen in the microwave waffles for actual meal my favorite game is 2k don't play it much but I like to get the gamer in there what place was going to do is probably hike but the weather's not too great right now so while I was in Texas I had a ruptured disc and lower vertebrae and wallet the whole year L is there it was a problem and I thought they didn't really take the right steps ended up getting to cortisone shot swallows there and still competing the whole year and so when I came back home I ended up getting surgery in Portland and with the surgeon I trusted and then I recovered with my trainer for those few months and a Wallace home I just felt like in order for my recovery to go the best way possible for me I thought it would be best to stay here with the people I really trusted rather than going back to Texas where I already felt they had messed up the first one so that was really the main reason for my decision that kind of stuff because I really love my coach and my teammates and so I don't really want to leave them long word I would use to describe close brothers he's competitive composed current I mean foot basketball swinging clothes he he's up to date probably stay passionate very passionate for his team while this is a real cool dog one of the first things he me and him and I talked about was just academics and me building a character and I missed a lot to me just be able to talk to him he fired one of the best coaches I played for he never gets too high never too low definitely he just knows how to manage all the guys on our team and so far I think he's doing it very nicely he's a great coach I like it I like the relationship we're building and he's a really great coach and a great great guy him and I are both african-american well some you don't see a lot of african-american men doing positive things in the community and he definitely taken the toilet community and worked on bringing them together and not only african-american males like myself but people of all colors on me and you see on our team we're a pretty diverse unit he probably self making us brothers of family to bring this together the fast break for us I think it's honestly our strength we're just really athletic and go out go get dunks it's honestly the show time of it all for us so when you see the most you see lobs you see between the leg dunk windmills all that all that cool stuff I think that's probably the easiest ways to score the basketball I love the fast-break I mean on the high flyer so the fast break is an opportunity to get some show time and I mean get the crowd into the game dump the ball really hard it's really cool any opportunity you have to push the ball the floor as fast as you can and that could be like a mismatch number situation like a three on two or five on three or whatever it is about conditioning the size of work you got to be a able to get out in front you got to be able to have a good ask you where you need to be on the floor and ultimately you got to be able to finish the play and make something happen fast break is one of those things where you have an opportunity to score the book it and that's what you got to do I'm i like working out a lot so I met 24-hour fitness or at some other high school gym just getting up shots working on my game more condition we do less tirely is the more we can push the ball comfortable or fast breaks I do a lot of plyometric workout sore and jumping types and drills and I just try to keep my body as fit as possible every day we do conditioning in practice but when practice is over me and coach West one of the coaches on the coaching staff we go up to the wave room for an extra out and pretty much get some extra working because I'm pretty thin and I'm gonna use the extra work in the legal I've thought of my life as having a hard-working ethic or hard work ethic and I feel like that dictated to your success in life life is definitely fast break I mean fast break is one of those opportunities one of those things where you have an opportunity to make something happening really fast you don't take advantage of that opportunity it can be going just like that and pretty much feel like that's what's happening here at BCC I have this opportunity while I'm young to play basketball and that's what I'm doing right now taking advantage of the opportunity to make my life a fast race just as far as me in high school I was very immature and then if I now that I look back I wish I wouldn't have been noticing things I did that was just not okay and I've apologized to some of my classmates that I still am friends with her stuff I did and so if I could go back and tell myself I would just be like a chilled out a little bit like you need to grow up a little more things I would do different is I'll focus more and I'll listen more to my mentors some of the things they told me was just never give up and always always focus supposed to do anything differently my senior year would be not to commit as early as I did so I can go back and change something about myself give myself from his life probably definitely say follow my dreams just because I mean that's what i've been doing here at BCC it's made me happy ultimately rock I don't have any regrets about coming here playing basketball and meeting the people that I asked developing the relationships that I added that's honestly making me happy right now [Applause] there you go there you go prgs dissertations on parental involvement Elmira College, Elmira.

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