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Bana bashour dissertation abstract

Bana bashour dissertation abstract mirall trencat argument essay samaylive editorial writing - I just got to my AirBnb in Old Havana and there's no wifi. But maybe that's a good thing. My first impressions of the city are, it's really mellow. It seems pretty safe. Everybody is super nice and from what I can see at night going in my taxi to my AirBnb, it's super colorful. I'm excited to experience the culture and the food and the drinks and the salsa dancing and everything this town has to offer. Stay tuned. Day one, exploring Old Havana. Jo made it this morning with four hours of sleep. She took a red eye. And we're just walking around trying to find some wifi cards. We wandered 50 feet from our little AirBnb, made it real far, and we are in Plaza de Catedral. I'm probably pronouncing everything wrong. But it's really pretty, very touristy. We are making our way to the wifi cards still. That painting back there, apparently it took five years to make. We just heard from some random person on the street. - We might have to follow a tour guide. - Yeah right, just hang back. - Creep behind. - It's the baller on the budget way. - That's right girl. - You don't need money to travel. You just gotta be sort of street smart. We made it to where supposedly there's wifi cards. In the Hotel Ambos Mundos. (salsa music) There was some guy back there (laughing). We are trying to find the Museum of the Revolution. We have walked out of the touristy areas and are now getting cat called everywhere. Especially Jo, she's a hot commodity here. Me, not so much. They don't want no white girl (laughs). We made it to the Museum of the Revolution. We stopped in to restaurant Don Ricardo because they told us there's wifi here and mojitos. I just already went through a whole wifi card. They go really fast, I need to buy more. We have left our apartment once again. On our way to dinner at... - Lamparilla, Tapas, y Cervezas. - Yes. And out of that I know cerveza. Into a market. We made it to our guest location for dinner. Jo is hardcore reading the menu. - This is intense. - This is the place, it's really cute. So I got the suckling pig and Jo got the shredded beef and we're gonna share them. And then we got rum and different flavors of juice mixed together because, ah, and they have little records as the, what are these called? Coasters. Food just came. Suckling pig. Now we are headed to, well we are at Hotel Amamundo, climbing a shit load of stairs. What is this, floor seven. Five, it seems like seven, to get to the patio on the rooftop where we will proceed to have more rum. I think we're here. Is that music or a screaming baby? - [Jo] Screaming baby. - All right, day two. She's really amped. She hasn't had coffee. We're gonna leave and find breakfast. Yesterday we had the lady that runs the AirBnb come and make us breakfast for five pesos. And then we discovered some breakfast spots so we're gonna go there today and then hopefully they'll call us a taxi and we will go to the beach and Trinidad and some other places that are farther away that we did not explore yet. We have left the humble abode. And by humble we mean real humble. Say hi Jo. - Oh hi. - Down this way. We already know our way through the streets. So exciting. Everything is so colorful here. I'm cool with wherever. - [Jo] Well let's see the menu and then if not we can just keep going down here. - We stumbled on a very American cafe called Cafe del Angel. Looks cute though. And we got two Irish coffees to get our buzz on before we get to the beach. We found a classic car. Can't see it yet. And they're taking us to the beach, and then to Trinidad, and then back to Havana later tonight. All for 200, which I don't know if we got bamboozled but it seems like a good deal. (horns honking) (music playing) We have made it to the beach. Yay, cheers. Water is beautiful. Trying not to get the phone completely in the water but I gotta say, iPhone is doing a great job. It's dunked a few times and it's obviously still working. For all you ladies I'm wearing Same Swim and then sunnies by Raen. We just left the beach. (speaking Spanish) - Snorkel. (Spanish music playing on car radio) - Get it Jo, get it. You're the one with the rhythm. (Spanish music playing on car radio) We are currently passing through (inaudible) which is the coldest city in Cuba. Like 70's, not that cold. Very adorable. Where are we at? - Loma la Gloria. - Loma la Gloria. - Say what. - Gringa say what. We just got back to our AirBnb. We did not make it to Trinidad because we just found out that Trinidad was like eight hours away, so we ended up going to the beach and to Playa Larga which apparently is the only place you can eat crocodile. It's in the middle of nowhere. So I suggest that if you want to go to Trinidad which I heard was really cool, very colonial, that you go for the day and maybe plan to spend the night, a couple days maybe. No go on the Trinidad but we did have fun at the beach. The beach was beautiful. And tomorrow is our last full day here so we're gonna make it count. We're gonna go to an art show and a jazz bar that we heard about from the locals. All very fun and I will take you guys with me. Day three in Havana, Cuba. We are just finishing up breakfast and they just started the live music. We got our hour of wifi and now we're gonna go explore again. What do you wanna do today Jo? - I don't know yet. - School's out guys, school is out. Last day. We have eaten breakfast and now we are on our way to find a bakery. - Because I really want flan. - She really wants flan. She's been talking about flan all day for the last four days so we're gonna go find flan. And I wanted to stop here because it's such a cute little area. This is where the taxis come and hang out and hopefully somebody picks them up. (salsa music) we are trying to explore different areas of Havana and we are by the National Ballet Academy and a really, really pretty park. This is new for us, on our last day. I think officially we are now in the residential part of Havana. Do you think this is Havana Central or Havana West? I feel like it's central. And we are still looking for that bakery. We found the water, oh yeah. It's so much nicer out here because it was hot as balls where we were 10 minutes that way. We saw a pretty sculpture so we're gonna go check it out and photograph. - [Jo] How cool is that. - We finally got to La Guardia, our destination. So pretty, check it. The staircase. We've literally had to go in an abandoned building, up a staircase, ended up in a bunch of sheets, I'm assuming there was a laundry service. Now we're going up a windy-ass staircase, hoping to find this restaurant. I think we did. Pretty. So beautiful. It's hot today. It's probably the hottest day of us being here. It's also our last full day and so we wanted, she would really want a flan. We've been talking about getting some flan or at least some sweets or something. And we walked to Havana Central to discover this area, and it's very pretty. We're by the water, as you can see. Lots of fishermen. However, there seems to be a lot more food shortage in Havana Central than it is in Old Havana, which is a lot more touristy. So now we are seeing what people were talking about when they said bring lots of snacks. And although we have snacks we just really want a mojito. Two. But we can't seem to find even a bar that will give us one. So we are walking in circles, heading back to a hotel we saw back that way that everybody that was local said is shit, but we're hoping that they have at least drinks. Because we're tired and I think we've walked quite the miles today. What else, what else. That's it, that's all I got for you guys. Bring snacks is correct, they have no sweets here. The drinks are awesome, music is awesome, hot as balls. Hello, we are on our roof deck. Trying to get some wifi. This is what the cards look like. I secretly think it's a scheme because it kicks you off, but then you can't really log off. Excuse this pimple I just popped it. It kicks you off, but it doesn't log you off so the hour keeps going, because you only get one hour on these. You get the wifi and then that's the ID and the password. - [Jo] It's time to pee. - It's time to pee she says. And then it freaking kicks you off and then you're stuck wasting your hour because you can't log off so you have to forget the network. It's so important, when you use these cards if you're in Cuba, forget the network every time you wanna log off so you save your hour. But they go so fast girl, or boy. They go so fast. Last night, we went to FAC. Fabrica de Arta. It's pretty much a giant warehouse of art everywhere. Really cool. We're doing tango lessons. We have made it to the courtyard where they're playing Amy Winehouse. Dig it. We just left FAC and now we are at Il Cucinero and we're waiting for a table because we don't have a reservation. But we wanna eat here because we heard it's amazing. Hopefully we get seated fast before our driver comes at 11. Jo. All right guys, this is our last hour here in Old Havana. We're waiting on our taxi that we arranged with the taxi guy from last night. All in all we really liked our trip to Cuba. Short as it was. People are lovely, it's very loud and lively and the music is amazing and the drinks are amazing. The food sometimes is amazing. They have food shortages, so, you know. But all in all, a great trip. We're gonna say bye to our little AirBnb and she's gonna head to New Orleans. I'm gonna head back home to my cats. Until next time, bye. comment faire un bon plan de dissertation de philosophie New York Film Academy, Battery Park, Manhattan.

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