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Best dissertation writing services reviews cheap

Best dissertation writing services reviews cheap essay students should wear uniforms servicenow reporting on variables from Ken's TV san Antonio's top-rated view station it is the weekend and if you're thinking about heading to the movies we've got just the place for you to go because as you're going to find out this is more than just a new theater it's an experience Bill Taylor joins us from the new Heebner Oaks AMC movie theater where he's getting the full movie experience Oh Bob Batman Oh Batman and Robin unbelievable it'll it'll tear you out this is a great place all kidding aside fantastic and it is an experience I mean it's much more than just going to a movie the stadium seating is phenomenal and they're all ready to go they've got about 16 theaters open for tonight by tomorrow all 24 will be viewing some of your favorite movies and I got a surprise coming up in just a second but first i want to show you exactly what it took to get it all ready for tonight's big opening let me show you earlier this afternoon where you can see a lot of the workers putting the finishing touches on what was about a 10 to 11 month project you know it took a while to put this place up because it is my friends huge now you can see people already buying tickets they started getting some people in for twelve o'clock showings of Batman and Robin and my best friend's wedding with Julia Roberts and of course the popcorn the pickles there already now the good news is once you grab some of the goodies and you get inside one of these stadium seats they've got such high risers and you can see that it's all sectioned down about 18 feet apart that it doesn't matter who sits in front of you as you can see we're sitting in 42 inch high overstuffed chairs with retractable arm rest we call those our love seats and there's an 18 inch rise from one road to the next so you have an unobstructed view of the screen even if David Robinson sitting in front of you nice and that's a possibility it is a possibility i mean david is here in san antonio so in case he is sitting in front of you you will not be obstructed now here's the surprise what they've got going on starting tomorrow and running until their grand opening on Thursday 25-cent movies you heard me right 25 cents now these are not the big features that are opening this weekend like Batman and Robin and my best friend's wedding these are movies like Selena and span ish Star Trek cable guy some movies that were previously released will only be a quarter Bob twenty-five cents to experience this place it's fantastic and I mean bring everybody imagine traffic jams will prevail in that area town just getting our truck in here was a nightmare I mean it's gonna you got to take your time and get here early you have a good weekend all right thanks we're just getting now the top stories at five on news for San Antonio san Antonio's newest and largest movie-theater is now open for business out on the northwest side about noon today AMC's heebner Oaks 24 premiered the new Batman and Robin out of theaters off interstate 10 just north of heebner it is San Antonio's first 24 screen movie house and while Batman Robin opened today you can see other movies there to over the weekend and then he burner Oaks twenty-fours official grand opening will be next thursday I don't have a stadium seating there too I believe they have the stadium seating in the deal of seats that we thought I love seats that's right won't ever be some type of everyone we're all watching the movie well it might be a weekend where you can take in the movie there's never be some scattered showers and thunderstorms around or actually rain chances looking a little better outside right now is a live look at trends guy things are looking very I witness news at six with more local Neil it's the weekend and some of the summers how to smoothies are out so what better time to hit the theaters Bill Taylor is standing by live at San Antonio's newest hot spot the AMC 24 bill Bob the keyword inside this place is huge and I'm going to show you a few reasons why number one the place is huge took them almost a year to put it up and you will see it out here at Heavener Oaks this is part of an area of San Antonio that is really really looking nice another thing that's huge take a look at those pickles over there gigantic I mean beyond huge there Hugh gay those things will choke a horse and if somebody eats one I will shake their hand now the third thing that's huge this seats inside the theater let me show you what it looks like inside you can take a look at the pictures we shot a little bit earlier today these are gigantic now I'm 63 when I sat in one I still had about a foot of headroom left above my head it was fantastic and it didn't take long for people to get in this afternoon you know they started airing they started showing the movies and the features at about twelve o'clock this afternoon people came in in drugs and they enjoyed it in fact the ones we talked to loved it it's really cool inside there and they have comfortable seats seats are very comfortable it's very clean and even from up high as you can see we're well my daughter wanted to sit closer and I thought it would be too close but it's really not we're all pedaling as we saw that man and we're kind of scared there in some scene so we put the arm rest up and cuddled it was wonderful now talk about cuddling take a look at this couple do they look happy or what I'll tell you that's the most beautiful shot in the world plus i got the theater to themselves not too bad best thing about it starting tomorrow all theaters will be open 25 cents for some pre release movies like cable guy and Selena in Spanish reporting live from Heebner Oaks on Bill Taylor live local late-breaking begins right now you're bound have heard about it by now a new movie theater moving into town the AMC has the grand opening for its 24 screen megaplex on the northwest side today and now the crowds are lining up for evening shows our Nancy Martinez one of them she's getting ready to watch a movie herself and she joins us now live aunty Jeff the comfort here is amazing a tray for all your food plus the seats are comfy you got a headrest this armrest lives up here for extra room you're having a good time before the movie even starts some last-minute details but everything's up and running as planned AMC picks the perfect weekend to open a mega theater I said wants to come see Batman and Robin is it mugging me for a whole month already I'm excited to come here and I can't wait to come and see it I'll see through many eager moviegoers here to see the premiere of Batman and Robin and the new Julia Roberts movie plus free popcorn for everyone today all are impressed by the theaters conveniences plush seating the armrest to go up and looks great but I can't wait to see how it sounds it's real pretty i mean it's about time san antonio got something like that the all stadium-style seating one of a kind in this town as it reminds me of imax auditoriums it's pretty big I don't expect you to be this big the size of the screen the fact is so many screens 24 screens when it's gonna be done they've all got the sony sound you know sony rocks as a grand opening special starting tomorrow after six o'clock some previously run movies are only going to be 25 cents i'm talking about movies like selena and the cable guy live from the new AMC 24 theater I'm Nancy Martinez top stories attend I'm news for San Antonio what's expected to be one of the biggest movies of the summer opens across the country today and tonight fans are packing in there to san Antonio's newest theater you're seeing a live shot of the AMC Heebner Oaks 24 people lining up to see showings of Batman and Robin again that's a live picture from that brand new northwest side theater that new theater is changing the way many San Antonio's are going to see movies here with lots of features they say that aren't found in other theaters movie fans we talk to you tonight are excited about that new theater but many say they just want to see what they call the biggest movie of the year that was it hundreds of people braved the long lines to buy the tickets cited yes I mean we need like an hour how other movie fans looking forward to the casting of george clooney as the Caped Crusader the original batman was darker darker complected darker hair and I think George Clooney wasn't really good I freeze I'm Batman Batman and Robin is the fourth installment of that series previously Batman has been played by Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton live local late-breaking k said 12 News night beat begins right now largest theater in town opens as planned today a few last-minute details but everything's up and running tonight at the AMC 24 @ heebner oh the only all stadium seating megaplex in town actually the seats themselves are unique it's a comfy chair with a headrest and armrests it goes up for extra room or four couples and a tray for all your food and drinks today the first 14 auditoriums open their doors and the last ten should be ready sometime tomorrow reminds me of my max auditoriums it's pretty big I don't expect it to be this big the size of the screen the fact there's so many screens 24 screens winds can be done they've all got the sony sound you know sony rocks i guess so looks like fun from saturday to wednesday after six o'clock movie goers can't see previously released features like Selena and independence day for just a quarter annette schavan dissertation plagiat 199 Lander College for Women – The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School, Upper East Side.

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