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Biggam masters dissertation writing

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comply with his instructions sir there's a phone number on there you can call that's bullshit you told me to walk down this sidewalk lieutenant Smith that's a trap man yeah I can't believe you guys are going to make up a bullshit charge like that to arrest me for it's not lawful when the lieutenant told me to walk this direction like applied with his instructions I gave you identification well I was trying to decide whether to give you a driver's license or my press credentials whichever would be more appropriate you know it wouldn't know it wouldn't know it would you guys are intentionally detaining me because of the event you just want me out of your hair while you have your little event and then after the events over you're Leishman that's fine all that you accomplished is nothing good honest police officers are dying in the streets of America today because of police officers like you that don't honor your oath look at this got to parade me around for an all these people and handcuffs individual tell you guys what I told him we got good honest law-abiding law binding oath keeping police officers dying in the streets of America because of tyrants like you you snatch a citizen up off the street for nothing I haven't broken any law I complied with what the sergeant you were standing there the sergeant told me to walk that to run lieutenant I'm sorry told me to walk that direction Massey your ID from your wallet sir I don't have a wallet on me you are no ID on it except for that that's it I'm gonna go ahead and reach that just for identification I'll put a rack actually I can do better than that but you'll have to take a cuff off we'll just hold on I kind of figured you would there is a phone number on there is it on the back it is on the back my business card is also in there okay you can pull all that out no well don't pull that out but look right there turn it over I'm here yes okay nice First Amendment imagine that yes photographer the police in the First Amendment the only thing is there and I want to be very truthful with you so you understand without Sun explained to you out there and a more calm environment mm-hmm this is for all intents purposes of school there's a university okay I understand accuracy on a campus which you were on we are not very that's not a good term that we're going to turn the seminary turn it off I don't want to push the button on the top this especially big like might say batgirl oh boy that makes like harder he say I want a lawyer he's at home outside me shit okay dissertation proposal template sociology Pratt Institute, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

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