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Buy dissertation papers end powerpoint presentation any questions picture nx presentation set up for 40 one of the most interesting developments we've seen in the business world over the last few years has been the creation of new kinds of business models in different parts of the world that we never would have imagined just a few years ago and they've taken us all by surprise when we see these new kinds of business models being created in different parts of the world their innovations that could not have been created anywhere else they couldn't have been created in the Silicon Valley for example because they're solving problems that are unique to other parts of the world the world in a way has become because of globalization a laboratory for inventing new business logics technologies are moving all over the world so that different kinds of people in different cultures all have access to information they have access to technology they have access to knowledge about businesses but the particular problems that businesses are solving are very different I think the way we want to think about entrepreneurship in the world environment right now is that the old conception that we see business models that are born in innovative places like a Silicon Valley and then we take those and play a kind of business model arbitrage with the rest of the world there's game get there are gains to be made from that kind of of arbitrage but they're actually quite limited compared to immersing ourselves in the context of other places and seeing what potential they hold I remember being in Baja California sewer so they down many people in the audience may have been to Cabo and so forth for vacations but if you go inland and go into the rural areas there there are several companies but there was one innovative company that moved there to make soap out of the cactus and the soap made from that cactus does a tremendous job cleaning sheets without using bleach and it turns out this is then a big hit in the hotel business worldwide so while it was born of Baja California sewer because they have all this cactus it was a product that could be used everywhere and of course once you see it used there you realize well now there's another crop or another product that can be made from cactus other than tequila in the form of this soap and of course the entrepreneur involved has been tremendously successful from it but you wouldn't think of that if you were in any other context so many of the new entrepreneurial ventures we see going on in the world are very much a product of the context within which these organizations are born if you take Taobao for example part of Alibaba in China when they were first getting started they were there in the consumer to consumer and the business to consumer internet space very similar to eBay or some parts of it to but when they were trying to get started they quickly realized that the lack of having a base of consumers who use credit cards was making their life very difficult meanwhile eBay had PayPal Amazon obviously uses credit cards much of the rest of the internet world was able to rely on a customer base in places like Western Europe or the United States where many people had a credit card millions and millions of consumers and China did not have credit cards now they are getting them at an increasing pace but they still lag behind especially when compared to their increasing purchasing power so Alibaba and Jack Ma his team in finding a solution to the credit-card problem came up with Olli pay very much in the same way that mercado libre in brazil although it's based in argentina its operations are mainly in brazil in other parts of latin america america delivery similarly came up with mercado pago both of those innovations are aimed at helping people who do not have credit cards get access to Internet commerce so you can go into a little town in the middle of Brazil I saw one of these in piracicaba which is like out of a movie you expect to see the good the bad and the ugly and their sort of dust rising and I go into this little shop and there's someone making a purchase with cash which the person at the counter then is inserting into the database of Mercado Pago so that they can then make an internet purchase with someone online well well they didn't have a credit card and they didn't have access to the Internet similarly in China Ali pay has grown into a fearsome organisation when it comes to essentially banking the unbanked now we would not have thought of that as the reason that Alibaba had come to exist when people were initially excited about Alibaba they figured they were excited about Alibaba because of e-commerce c2c and b2c and all the other acronyms you hear about when we're talking about e-commerce and of course they've been successful on that front but there was a new business model also developed out of that because they ran into unique challenges in that context you look in Brazil and you see a retail chain organization known as magazine Oh Louisa which looks very different than any kind of mass retailer you would have in most other parts of the world and if you go in as I would advise you to do sometime if you ever in Brazil you go into a magazine Luiza you see lower middle class consumers making their first major purchase of an appliance typically for the home maybe a refrigerator very proud perhaps dressed in their suit that they would otherwise only wear to church making this purchase using the internet sometimes for the first time there in the store with the guidance of an associate who's also proud that she has that job and that makes her stand out in terms of her family and their socioeconomic status these are symptoms that you see in an economy where millions and millions of people have been brought out of the poverty of poverty in the last few years it's a business model that's set up around serving a consumer that would typically be ignored by most retailers because of their lack of credit and that being able to solve that one problem has made magazine Luiza and many other organizations like them incredibly successful in this case in Brazil the American retailers European retailers the high-end retailers from much of the rest of Latin America have not touched these consumers most of the world's really interesting businesses were not planned in a row they were discovered in the process of trying to implement a plan that never really worked but instead morphed into something else that was much more fantastic than the original plan ever would have predicted and many of the people watching this video might have an experience with that they might think that's an exceptional experience in fact though the lives of businesses are very much like the lives of people they unfold you know in a way that's almost haphazard at times because of the tremendous amount of uncertainty that we face and just like the life of a person does not read like a resume neither does the life of a business read like a strategic plan instead it typically unfolds as things are discovered along the way and as leadership comes to identify opportunities that maybe they didn't see at first and then change the organization to seize those opportunities and become greater than they ever could have been so what we're seeing in some of the most innovative firms is that leadership focuses less on planning and much more on that process of discovery if you want to look at it this way discovery Trump's planning and so good leadership often plans to discover and looks at that innovation processes where they put their focus when they're leading their organization I sometimes now look at businesses that are solidly Silicon Valley businesses and I've been teaching entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley now for about 20 years it's been a lot of years seeing businesses formed here increasingly I'm seeing Silicon Valley firms being self-referential a lot of focus on consumer internet a lot of focus on the kinds of problems that people in this very elite group of well-educated entrepreneurs see as important problems and not so much of an attention being paid to the tremendous gains that can be made from solving problems that come up in other parts of the world one of the things we do have in innovative places like Silicon Valley that is still needed in many other parts of the world is that larger infrastructure of institutions from finance to law supportive business knowledge and so forth that allows for a process of failure in an in the effort to get to the end result most businesses fail the most innovative business contexts are marked by large numbers of failures but unfortunately many parts of the world still see failure as something that carries a great deal of stigma with it as most people know if you go to the Silicon Valley failure is a normal part of life of course people don't want to fail everyone wishes their innovations could immediately be successful but it's well understood that the road to success is often marked by a series of failures of course in many parts of the world once you have a failure your career is forever marred by that and the shame that goes with that is often very difficult so what we need to be able to do is take the business necessity that we see being created in many different parts of the world and combine that with a tolerance for the innovation process and all its messiness that we see in places like the Silicon Valley arcatraz key proquest dissertations LIM College (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising), Midtown Manhattan.

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