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Buy dissertation proposal defense cheap third industrial revolution essay examples push and pull factors of international migration country report ghana ´╗┐Ohio State University is a fairly large campus we have a lot of students traveling for classes coming to school leaving school at the end of the day University provides a service of cabs stands for campus area bus service and it's a fairly large system we have taken the cabs service and turned it into a lab so in addition to providing the transit service we're actually using it for research and educational purposes the OSU campus transit lab is sort of a collaboration between researchers academics instructors operators of lab technology providers we like to think of our lab as being a living lab where the actual operation is outside in the field rather than holding fire a lot of campuses don't have the mass that we have and actually a lot of them either run a small in-house service or they contract with the local Transit Authority plus servicers for million passengers per year because we're such a large campus more than 50,000 students you had the faculty and the staff and we're talking about it in large town so as soon as you meet both in its scale in sort of the complexity of the transit world it's also unique in terms of the types of places to serve we have bus routes that serve off-campus residential areas we serve the core of campus we serve a large Park and Ride facility on West Campus we serve a large hospital owners lots of different land uses and types of traveling passengers that are served by this system we're a small city at Ohio State University we transport a lot of people on our bus and we are actually pretty comparable to many cities across the United States so they can kind of test out some principles and ideas on the bus and then hopefully that would then make public transit opportunities available for others we're using some of the techniques that they've done the the advantage of having a lab and like the campus transit lab is that it allows us to in fact very easily collect such observations in the field we're conducting several areas of research probably the most the one that were sort of pushing the most right now is trying to infer what we call origin destination flow patterns we're interested in knowing where people start their trips and end their trips one of the things that emerged is that there are certain origin destination pairs that could be better served if certain routes are redesigned or if a new route is actually introduced as part of the the network the urban areas are always interested where the congestion is today the congestion is where traffic is slow or faster where where are the congestion areas and at what time of day do they occur for transit operators is actually very meaningful because if we can actually detect changes in those long-term traffic patterns they can more quickly respond by revising the surface so that the buses are not today as a result of these congestion points one of the things we do is we get at our students get out of the buses and collect information from the passengers and anonymous information in the major ideas where the passengers who got on at one stop where they're getting off this is easy relatively if it's still time-consuming and difficult we have to send students out there for long hours to collect the data but one of the difficult parts is the institutional arrangements that allow researchers to get on and sort of do this in the regular operations of a transit service you'd want to collect data on a much larger system that's serving the the wider population that tends to be much more costly but also involves a lot of red tape our relationship with the providers makes this a very easy thing to do the campus transit lab our first opportunity progresses to statistics to work closely with students in its transportation and to learn to develop meaningful statistical methodology in transit related problems we're not just moving people around campus at the learning institution and we like being a part of it as well and it's been a wonderful partnership the labs just outside the door for the students so it's not this abstract thing somewhere else they're actually engaging in something that they are and themselves customers off and that brings a certain element of excitement that I think is quite valuable so the methods we talked about in the abstract in the classroom we can sort of enhance with real data and also the students understand the situation the environment they're dealing with well there's lots of technologies on the bus the main ones that were using are the automatic vehicle location system and the automatic passenger counting system here at the service annex canoe is something that most people don't get to see this is where we store all 33 buses what we have here is a smart bus system that we purchased jointly with transportation of parking services and the College of Engineering in 2007 with this system were able to see exactly where people are getting on and getting off in the past if people wanted to know how many people got on and off it stops they had to put people on the bus or people up the stops it was very labor intensive and you could only get one bus or only one stop with a person we also provide this data to the College of Engineering he's done we've done really fantastic things with the data and really it's been a great collaboration we get a lot of information that we couldn't get before the other type of technology is the automatic vehicle location so AVL or automatic vehicle technologies allow us to determine where the bus is or all buses are at each instant in time and as a result we know how fast or slow they travel how long it takes the particular bus to go from one stop to the next stop but we also know how long typically the bus would spend at a particular stop letting people on and off the technology that we've implemented have been really beneficial to these these student population and all of our riders one of the big benefits of having this technology is if I know where my bus is at anytime I can also predict I can have a better estimate of when it's going to arrive at the next stop one of the most important aspects of public transit service that and many travelers actually complain about is the process of waiting waiting when not knowing when something when the bus is going to show up or the process of transferring and ending up having to wait again to catch the next bus to the final destination and so with this ABL technology telling us where the bus is we can predict where the but when the bus is going to arrive at the next stop one of the features of the campus transit lab and in fact of the service being provided to our students is traveler information systems we get live data updated every 20 seconds to provide real-time information to our passengers do we have LED signs at 12 or 12 of our most popular stops the students can access a map where all the buses on running on campus are actually shown as icons students can access this type of map either on their smartphone or on Nanako and a computer lab on their computer or laptop I can see on my web enabled phone or even I can text now to figure out when the bus is coming the texting is usual eyes over 8,000 times a day and the website sees about half as much about 4,000 times a day it's exceeded expectations the amount the number of people that are using the text services the web services to actually access the real-time information providing that information just on its own is helpful to to ease any anxieties that travelers are having more if more proactively that information may allow them to plan their trips differently again the presence of this lab is a fantastic resource it is kind of the first of its kind I think internationally but we want to take advantage of this setting for research education and actually turn our results education to the outreach to help the operations here on campus but also to transit in general the type of research we're doing will bring attention to the specific benefits that can be derived from from these various users of the data we're all aware of the global warming problem and the various contribution to that problem that comes from the transportation sector public transit by many is viewed as when utilized effectively is viewed as an alternative means to the single occupancy automobile traveler of course that only would work if the public transit service is a good alternative all of the pieces that we're working on whether you are improving planning or design of service or operations you are in fact placing transit in a more competitive situation with respect to the alternative we've promoted the idea that this can be done and then people the transit agencies are using these arjen destination flows do better planning and operations our partnership between civil engineering and providing the bus has enabled over three million dollars worth research dollars to come to Ohio State the Ohio State University is dedicated to education and research and they think it's great if they can provide sort of an outdoor working laboratory a testbed for certain methods certain approaches to come up with better information from the in from data they collect that then we can go out and say not only OSU's transit system can work better but Pittsburgh's rapid transit system could work better or Chicago transit system will work better with the methods that were developed at OSU you dissertation on construction management Liberal Studies.

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