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Buy marketing dissertation cheap search resumes online singapore chinese girls school secondary report ´╗┐while I'm on my way to a job fair in the closest big town I call it big as 200,000 think quite frankly jump fairs are a great big joke I went to the first job fair that that city ever had met their civic center in the 1970s and it was apparent to me right away that these were nothing more than PR events for the companies that show up and for the workforce commission so that it looks like something is being done about the problem of unemployment and it also gives them the perfect opportunity to absolutely run off at the mouth about their bogus unemployment numbers but I'm going to go and i'll take some resumes my experience with job fairs has been and I know this firsthand this is first-hand information maybe not all of the corporations that show up there but at least part maybe even a big part of them show up at job fairs with marching orders from the corporate headquarters saying to their HR people do every interview you can do take every resume you can take you can get every application filled out you can but we're not hiring anyone the company that I worked for for 11 years that I left in January did that exact thing because none of these companies want to give the appearance of how bad things are core themselves for the economy in general so out of that there's maybe a few people hired at those job fairs my experience has been is that they're going to be looking for the absolute cream of the crop and that's not just your social Darwinist if you employers hiring you know the best that they can get us BS by cream of the crop I mean they're going to be you know the very highest levels that are actually available are going to be recruited the brightest stars pooey it's what I got to say about that but i'm going to go because I don't want the Employment Commission to be able to say that I didn't go so I'm going to go and I'm going to go and give faith a good effort really my honest goal of this I've even fooling with this I just almost didn't go because it's just I know the phony routine about it all and I almost just said to heck with it but now i'm going to go i'm going to go and good faith they're not going to be able to say that I didn't try this Avenue and I will get some cards from people and anybody that will take my resume i'll give it to but job fairs are total complete waste of time absolute total complacent complete waste of time they're phony their PR events for the employment commission the State Employment Commission and corporations that show up the company that I work for had standing instructions that anybody who came in to fill out an application was to be given an application and was to be given an interview and the corporate office said we are not funding any new positions but we want those people interviewed and what the applications taken typical dishonesty but now on an up note if you want to call it that I call it a bittersweet up now it's bittersweet because it's sweet because I actually got the first positive reply to my to all these job applications the company actually said they were interested in interviewing me that's the sweet part and the Murphy's Law is in full swing the better part of it is of course it's the job that there's no way that I can even at least on his circumstances there's no way that I can travel to this job interview it's in Hawaii and I was just filling out applications and like I said I'm filling them out in every state from west coast to the east coast and of course the one place and all man that would be so awesome to work in Hawaii for about a hundred and thirty ok under 50k man and of course it's the only one that's been a positive hit that the people were interested in interviewing me there's no way i could they actually wanted to know when my move in there they want to talk to him I mean it's I'm glad that I apply that i'm glad i got the positive yet because it's so when you're in this position any positive feedback makes you feel so good it's just what can you say it's just it's just funny how things work out so anyway that's I'll come back more after i get out of that job fair and i'll give my honest honest appraisal about it by my honest evaluation and who knows I could be wrong to be the first to say I could be wrong we'll see well I just got out of the job fair and i would say there were I didn't count them but there were dozens and dozens and dozens of employers there and my god are we ever in trouble with if this is an indication of where the economy is headed with what are the availability of jobs out of those dozens and dozens and dozens of employers that were there i would count on one hand we wouldn't even fill five fingers to to the the number of employers that would provide a legitimate lifestyle pay was there was a von there was life insurance there was gas stations convenience stores oh my gosh I I didn't I didn't get any of their doodads I didn't getting their candy the really the main thing that I was the most interested in and coming here was to see how many people in my age range we're here because that's what this channel is all about and I would say that I carefully observed and there was there was a lot of people there in the thousands well minus eight thousand was at 23 thousand i would say a third of a made up the 55 and over age range a third that doesn't sound like a big deal but that's sickening I mean that that this older generation is out of work on that level and I mean there were jobs that were you know that you would expect to see at a job fair like the Department of Public Safety the city police the university's though the universities of work for them they're very low I mean when I say low pay I mean disgustingly low pay and you get paid once a month that ain't for me never again never again but there were the two the two employers that were here that had lines that that went all through the building or government military contractors that are in Syria to the two big ones and naturally I mean their pay is is very good and so naturally you'd expect to see long lines and those two I mean life insurance there were there were like two or three staffing agencies here which is you know that's a good thing to see those oh my gosh I mean this the crappy jobs that you leave to work for and i would say 98 out of a hundred of those employers that are here you would definitely be in class Fadi Anna's working poor the working poor warehouse jobs they did have two or three of the while there the Carpenters Union was there that was good the non-union version of the electrical union was here that was good to see them here the things that the you know bill were the bill trades you know that the bill skills and trades that's man that's a backbone thing there and there were pitifully few people standing at those booths the army the Navy prison guard jobs were here oh my gosh I mean it's pathetic absolutely pathetic all these jobs that were here you know if you need a job as I can't I cannot I'm not bashing from a moral standpoint if it's honest work god bless you for taking a job and don't matter what it pays if you need a job and it's honest work you hit a home run if you're you know you're an honest worker but we're talking about jobs that pay enough to raise a family there i would say i'm not kidding you nine nine out of ten of these employers here you could not raise two kids if you had a wife and two kids or a single parent what you're trying to raise two kids oh I mean me it's all it's different you know because my personal situation I don't have a lot of need I don't have a family I'm in a different universe job wise my need was for that I could take one of these crappy jobs that they had here but oh my gosh to try to raise a family I mean these there were beef Packers I've done that work that's the crappiest pay because of the immigrant thing I mean you have immigrants that are exploited for they're willing to work for disgusting wages so everybody else that goes into that industry has to work for that same pay I've been there done that they were here agriculture oh my gosh I mean this is I mean people seemed upbeat that was good they you know they were I didn't see a lot of long faces I mean that was that's good i mean why that's one thing i do remember from the 1984 crash oh there was such depression emotional depression on on that came with that that you could see it everywhere anyway that's my report on the job fair and oh my god I hope things improve you could walk in and see this and and get this immediate you wanted to get this immediate positive reaction because of all the people and all the employers but when you switch it started see and what these industries were these people you and they're the jobs that you see all over indeed all over Simply Hired all over monster that their pay you can do this dude go to the websites of these employers and they pay nine ten dollars an hour I mean this economic crash is bad enough but but then this I mean that you know declining that this where you really see you hear it in alternative media a lot about declining wages well oh man this is the place to see it this is the proof right here when you come to a job fair like this and you see what I saw today anyway we'll see what happens I'm God they did was good that gave me some ideas of who I do need to talk to and about what so we'll see where that goes anyway that's that's my report this for this time dissertation examples on diabetes Sage College of Albany.

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