Can I Publish My Thesis In A Journal
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Can i publish my thesis in a journal

Can i publish my thesis in a journal nokia annual report 2018 13 galatasaray emergency sub plans 8th grade science I think you all know that I think this is a very exciting time for business and for business schools because all around us we see rising social need and just the struggle that government is having to keep up that means there's a growing role for the private sector and a growing role for business leaders such as yourselves but of course we also know these are challenging times for business everywhere we look around firms are doing much more with much less whole careers are being disrupted and downsized before our very eyes think about lawyers accountants pathologists even optometrists I think potentially are being affected by new entrants but what's true about all of those professions is that they place a premium on repeatability and reducing errors and that's what machines are good at but we know that there's a bigger premium in the business world today and that's the premium on the combination of creativity and judgment that you all embody this is the focus of your Wharton education and of course we don't teach creativity through poetry at Wharton even though we've got some poets in our midst we also don't do philosophy when we want to talk about judgment even though we have lots of philosophers on the faculty what we do at Wharton as you know is we focus on analytics to improve decision-making and judgment and on innovation to turbocharge creativity so that's the world but enough of it this is your day it's a day to celebrate it's a day long to remember it's a day for us to congratulate you on all you've achieved but also to thank you to thank you for all the investments you've made in making Wharton an even greater place you're an extraordinary class I don't have to tell you that you've completed the most academically rigorous MBA in the world and I doff my cap to you for that you should be really proud to know that this graduating class had the highest GPA cutoff for honors since the new grading system was implemented at warden five years ago and in addition to that an almost unprecedented 40 percent of you completed two or more majors while you were here now you know that the classroom is important but I think we all know that what you've done outside the classroom is at least as important in challenging yourselves to achieve things you didn't think we're possible in building lifelong relationships with wonderful and talented people and emerging as leaders in business and in life for the rest of your lives your time here started with a bang I don't know whether you can remember it but you're the first class to be admitted to the Wharton School through team-based discussion we think it helped us find the best class that is you but we know it also helped you bond apparently your winter welcome weekend was one of the most boisterous energetic and enthusiastic in memory why because many of you knew each other already from your team based discussion interviews and some of you are so excited about winter welcome that you had to come back again and do it at spring welcome weekend great recidivism and then of course when it came to your pre term there are two words Jackie Wong Jacky's a man of many talents as I've come to know over the last 12 months but I didn't quite know about his organizational and inspirational talents getting 300 of you to the US Open in your first week on campus is pretty impressive particularly since that traffic to Flushing Meadow is quite a challenge now of course things quickly become traditions at the Wharton School but of course traditions also have to be exceeded so apparently the tennis trip got to 308 participants this year now the thing that's true about that weekend is the thing that strikes me true stripe strikes me as being truest about all of you which is that being a full-time MBA student is literally a 24/7 experience for you for two years you gave up so much to be here for those in the audience we tend to use some social science jargon here to say the opportunity costs of an MBA are very high but the consequence is once you decided to come here you threw yourselves into your Wharton experience headlong and with both feet in thinking about that 24/7 Asst I don't think it would be appropriate for me to describe your experience I'd rather have your own words speak so we did some research coming from your Wharton Diaries and a couple of posts by a couple of students who will remain nameless but I'm sure not unknown to you really stood out to me here's one from the end of pre term two years ago so far I have danced in front of the entire class during the cluster Olympics Opening Ceremony participated and failed at a bench press competition competed in a hot dog eating contest at Japan night failed again crawled in the dirt and hid behind bushes during an epic paintball match paid my deposit for the leadership venture track to Antarctica of all places went to my first boxing class and became a board member in the travel and hospitality Club that's just one student talking about three weeks I know for all of you the breadth and depth and intensity of your experiences have had been amplified over two years but I was also struck in those early posts by what another of your classmates said not about you as individuals but about you as a community and here's the quotation all through pre-term I continued to be amazed at the different perspectives the knowledge and most of all the willingness to share and learn together I guess perhaps I expected some arrogance with so many accomplished individuals in one class but I'm happy to report that I was wrong just by being around such wonderful people I believe I've already learned a lot each day about consulting about finance but most importantly about being human and talk about being human David fetchin bomb we're gonna hear a lot from David in a minute but I think you all know that he couldn't have gone on his journey without you and with about all of your support I remember very much being convinced to have my picture taken and beat up being talked into attending the Prix pub workout that was going to support David in his endeavors now it didn't quite fit into my skin and I was wearing a suit at the time so I begged out of it but the next day I remember seeing how he and Mary Ellen lamb they were both glowing but they were also both wobbling and I realized that my discretion was the better part of valor now I think everyone knows that David came to Wharton as an MD as a doctor because he knew that is so often true in life many of the biggest medical challenges we face actually turn out to be in important respects business problems and I'm very glad to report that after graduating today David's going to go back to Penn medicine but this time as a research professor truly impressive achievement now I've talked a little bit about being all in as an MBA I've talked a little about being human so I'm going to read from one last blog post that really struck me and this time I think I have to reveal the author the author is Josh Johnson and he is the post I showed up to pre time pre term my first year two days after my wedding with a head full of dreams a car full of stuff and not much else we had no time for a honeymoon or to hunt for an apartment so I came alone and slept on a friend's floor for ten days until we got an apartment once my wife finally did arrive in Philadelphia there was little opportunity to make up for last time lost time we needed to learn how to be a married couple in parallel with the experience or pressures of business school but I'm so glad that there was a happy ending to this story Josh concludes the post by saying as the sprint that was my life as an MBA student draws to a close and I think you can all empathize with those words it is crystal clear to me that each and every success and failure that I've had here has been defined by my wife running by my side and in some cases carrying me to the finish line everyone else in this class has people like that who've helped you get here today congratulate you and everyone who supported you now let's do the pivot thing to the future you all did incredible things before you came here you've done fantastic things while you've been here and I have no doubt you'll do amazing things after you leave but remember only a couple of things remember that your success is our success go for it with everything you've got in whatever ways are most meaningful to you and think about three words that are always in my mind the first one is authentic be authentic be yourself not only because it's easiest for you but because it's what you're best at but don't use being authentic as an excuse to do anything and everything always try to be self aware of how you interact with your environment what you mean to other people what you get from other people understanding that relationships are at the core of everything we do not only in business but in life is key I think but being authentic and being self-aware they're not the hardest part I think the hardest part is to be self reflective to look inside yourselves always and think about what matters most to you and how your actions shape the world as you wanted to be so if you're authentic if you're self-aware and if you're self reflective I have no doubt you will go out and conquer every mountain that you want to climb but always know that you are part of the best business school family in the world the Wharton School family now and forever dissertation fellowships political science Borough of Manhattan Community College, Tribeca.

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