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Cant find a dissertation topic

Cant find a dissertation topic alt om reportage tv oceanside writing help ´╗┐and just to prove how contrived this TSA is just security theater it's not there to protect us from terrorism we're going to have an interview coming up with John Corbett he's the activists of the TSA out of my pants website he was the first civilian to sue the agency and based based on court documents he was able to expose how the agency's own documents show that there was no real terrorist threat nothing given in the past 30 years now he has just been given a lifetime get-out-of-jail-free pass by the TSA they've given him a lifetime skip right through the groping hands of the lines of the TSA because he actually asserted his rights as a free citizen and they were like you know what you're making a little too much noise go ahead we're going to just give you a free pass you don't have to deal with the TSA so that's really what this thing is all about it's just to assert total control are you going to sit down and take it because John Corbett's interview is coming up next he talks about how the TSA granted him all access pass to any flight he wants to take from now on just because he you know sued them for violating his rights well joining us tonight is John Corbett he's an engineer a tireless critic of the TSA and of course is the first person to sue the TSA over their illegal actions and his current lawsuit has revealed that in 2011 they were writing internal documents that there was no terrorist threat against either airports or airplanes it was simply theater and now he's been given a free pass to get through the TSA checkpoints we want to talk to him about that well I'm really jealous John I mean you've got this lifetime free pass from the TSA and all I've got is this crumpled up Fourth Amendment what's going on I don't know you can imagine my surprise when when I was when I found out I was enrolled in pre check and kind of laughed at the ticket agent a little bit she didn't understand why but it looks like yeah I'm sorry I tell everybody and it just just came out of nowhere right you didn't apply for this right correct so the PreCheck program has has been expanding a bet they they're trying to include more frequent flyers so that's possibly how I got in but i'm i'm a little bit suspicious that perhaps it's keep me away from the body scanners yeah you're definitely got to be on their naughty list maybe they've got a you're on both of their naughty and nice list i don't know it's interesting you know since this getting started people have always joked with me that you know i'm gonna find myself on the no-fly list apparently i found myself on the opposite well you know you might be on the no-fly list they don't tell anybody if they're on the no-fly list we had a guy when i first started here he got stuck in hawaii on his way to visit his wife in japan and they take him off of the military flight he had just had all kinds of security clearances and everything else and they jerked him off the flight and told him he was on the no-fly list so he was stuck in in Hawaii because there was any way he's going to get off of that so you could be on the no-fly list and they don't tell you that's amazing they're there been some great strides in the no-fly lists the last couple weeks for two separate federal judge's ruling that the deep process received was unconstitutional that's the dance to hear as well yes now there's a quote in this article is Steve Watson wrote they took it from your blog and you said their inclusion of me in this program is further ironic since in 2010 when I filed a motion for preliminary injunction that would require the TSA not to scan or molest me the TSA argued that an ad hoc exclusion like that would devastate their impenetrable fortress but here we are four years later they've done just that they give you a pass well you know they gave the Muslim Brotherhood a VIP pass so hopefully I'm not a the same list as they are no but they just arbitrary whoever they they let in whoever they don't and see that I think is the real problem of course right because I talked about all I've got is my crumpled up Fourth Amendment the Fourth Amendment did not give us any right so we didn't already possess we had those rights inherently because we're human beings the Fourth Amendment was there to control the government to keep the government from trampling those rights that we have is individual humans the behavior does seem to be pretty arbitrary you know we've we've seen that throughout the tea essays history for example when they banned carrying toner cartridges on airplanes because someone tried to smuggle a bomb through them I'd nothing to do with the toner cartridge it's just whatever they happen to put it in at time you've seen people that are on the no-fly list that shouldn't be at or people that should be that aren't you seen you know the pre-check issues we've seen that the take off your shoes and your belts maybe at some airports but now there's another times a day and we're busy right now so we'll let you go through without being scanned and the scanners aren't half the lines not the other halfs and honestly the TSA justifies this by saying that everything is is random and unpredictable and and that's that's a load of BS that you say now if they want to get security would be consistent in applying their security but they're not that's right and it really boils down to arbitrary power if you're going to exercise arbitrary power over population then your total power it has to be arbitrary in that sense so I mean real total are total power is one that's exercised arbitrarily over people it's exercised at the whim of the people who are running it they don't have any rules any guidelines and they really don't have any purpose they're not there for our security that's what we're trying to hammer into people and this came out in your lawsuit now I mentioned that you were the first one to sue the TSA but you've got a lawsuit that's going down we've reported on this several times that as part of the discovery process you came across some very incriminating confessions the TSA documents they redacted those out of the documents and yet mistakenly posted the lawsuit unredacted so we could see the redactions that they had and what they had redacted and they made confessions back in 2011 internally that there was no threat against airports or airplanes I'm actually barred from commenting I'm okay yeah I just said it was prevented me but you can comment at all you want and that's right person in the world that's not allowed to talk about what's in my own legal briefs if you can believe it's kind of like a fully informed jury association thing or the government where the the judge tells you you can't remind people what's in the Constitution of the State so I'll remind them of that we keep reminding them that it here at infowars and well let me just ask you this is that that lawsuit is that still ongoing it's still going the the judging in that suit ordered the judges the panel rather order an oral arguments that are going to happen at the beginning of June this year down in Miami Florida so we can expect a ruling until at least after that okay well that's a very important lawsuit and the timing of it is very important to the timing of that admission in 2011 because that was happening at the very same time that we were seeing a lot of egregious handling of travelers a former Miss America beauty contest a person and we had legislators here in Texas that put together a law that would stop that that would criminalize that behavior as it should be criminalized and at that time the government started to threaten that they were going to shut down flights in and out of Texas at the very same time internally they were admitting according to these documents that they inadvertently put on the internet that there was no threat so we'll be watching that very closely but let me just ask you this now have they won you over another they've given you a free pass now that they've changed your fundamental right into a privilege that they've now granted to you or basically yeah so you're just fine with the TSA now right you know I never applied for check I'd ever enrolled in it because I didn't think it was right that some citizens should have a different privileges and other citizens even even if it was just a matter of paying a fee no one should have to pay a fee no matter how small to be able to have their rights to travel and the right to be free from unreasonable search and they're there right not to be molested or groped or x-rayed as they travel so you know I never asked for it and that's right I really hope that they start extending it to everyone I know that they're not going to be able to co-op you you've been a tireless fighter against this from the very beginning and what we see happening here the the loss of the presumption of innocence and the idea that they can stop and frisk anybody the idea that they do dragnet searches of all of our data that they store all of our data it's a complete picture of tyranny they are establishing a complete infrastructure of tyranny and we've got to roll this back as much as soon as we can as much as we can and I really thank you for taking the lead on this with your lawsuits and we'll be watching what happens with this current law suit you said it's coming up in June so we'll be watching that thanks a lot John thanks thank you how long should an a2 philosophy essay be SUNY College of Optometry.

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