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Clairton dissertation

Clairton dissertation music reports inc woodland hills camera personal presentation standards for customer service personnel ´╗┐hi guys welcome back to football manager of 2018 our so Alex Ferguson challenge or what Southampton as you can see down here from the week table worth three points clear of Brighton now who are in 18th we're obviously in 17th or self an - edge oh and as I said hopefully we'd be able to come back with a shot when over man City which we have done somehow we actually changed our formation that's - satis formation we changed the formation three at the back - when banks - in the middle - attacking midfielders and the one striker and we look at the match that setting or we serve and debate of the game now you know and target - over for 14 hour seven we rolled our luck massively in this game as you can see borlotti with a 6.2 fries are forced over the seven goalkeeper be the number of good saves and Bilotti just just fluffed a good number of chances as well so we really rude a lot but we managed to get or when there somehow we are two points they saw the three points clear of Brayton but the ever superior goal difference so we still need to watch our back a little bit we're playing today at home to Newcastle hoping to get a victory Crystal Palace her-ma-der we're still in it if they were to when they would go three points behind us they're playing Bangla away from home and Brighton are at home to West Brom on Monday West Brom were playing pretty well but Brighton at home so they have a chance there of course the foul coming off the bench just know for Hoiberg and maya yoshida we'll just basically sit there and well my ashido on the bench for Andre Andre I suppose just to give us the option of having another centre back there I feel like I should go with the same thing that beat Manchester City and just see how it does this time against Newcastle you cannot so 4-2-3-1 the obviously because it's in James's earlier on and our run as Southampton gaffer even a point here will guarantee that Brighton can't go above us by winning the game in hand let's have a look at the league table this yeah that's all pits for a head and blatant we'll have one and hand so a point here well guarantee at least that we maintain that we maintain 17th place at least until next weekend's action of course a victory here would be even better as Palace take the shocked lead against Bundy Al Abdullah with the throw here for us as Davis got a look at the box he's crossed a 10 better on the Rives and Ryan Bertrand has put as a head of Newcastle beg please for the boys and this will put as sex points clear to the drop zone this could well be crutch if we're gonna do this clutch pardon me not crutch you get my freezers correct this could be clutch Davis no puts it into the box where's Lee's up for it's headed our way pain given by Martin that concern good man this is only the second penalty we've had the other was missed by deuce on th this one will be taken about 19 20 minutes or swell 19 1/2 minute spackle al qussair who did score recently well step up al qussair to know exactly what we needed a great start to the half-year toggle ni Southampton short for Paco al qussair formerly of Barcelona and Valencia of course a 15 million pone AK is acquisition and that penalty could be worth more than that on its own and all of a sudden were looking at Bournemouth and Leicester as well as Brighton and seen a Brighton in Crystal Palace we are Saints of course but a good performance in the first half as opposed to nothing not really let the waddle don't fire but hey Newcastle van absol in nothing no shots and target no chances to speak of and we're going in with a to no lead at half time we seem to have hit form at the right moment coming in to the business end of the season obviously very very happy with this an equal guy turn stole not thriving up in that attacking mid central position well that should put Davis up there and Highbury back for the second out we're just gonna tell them to concentrate as Newcastle kickoff here's let you know goes back to Shelby Shelby on to D army the army back to Richie there's a huge overlap on that ring and st. for them it's correct by L AM doll over there as they tried to go to the left hand side but don't worry Adeline got a ton of space there they didn't use no cleanliness to ioz pay there's Heiberg steps and we're Heiberg knocks it long towards al qussair who's gonna keep this in al qussair does he have support in the middle he's got acres of space wait to pack a cross if he doesn't have support he's holding it up he scoops it and it's easy for Dondre Edlund know who goes back to download he clearly didn't have support there al qussair long ball correct by Wesley Hoiberg on to La Mina no Mina moves it to Davis picks it up out Wade Davis goes to Bertrand can he cross from deep Brian Bertrand he actually goes to Davis again can he find al qussair Davison al qussair or is messed that it's an absolute setter for Paco Alka said it should be three nil and we are laughing you know we have to keep in mind that goal deference as well well no even on the goal difference front with Brighton if it could get us a PD a goal difference that would almost be worth an extra point and of course an extra go there from al qussair would have given us a superior goal difference compared to our Brighton as hot glue and lay Union I'm gonna say come on Bundy equalize against Palace Shan long on for Paco al qussair to play the defense of forward roll and for the last 10 minutes or so we have to defend a two-goal lead I don't even have anybody to bring on really I'm not gonna bring anyone on until the very very day then we'll just throw anybody on really last couple of minutes we're gonna throw on throw an Ethan Redmond for Steve Davis just cause the way some same 300 minutes and it looks like a victory over Newcastle which will be a vital 3 points here a better time to the ball 10 seconds left yeah we've definitely won this one there's no way they're gonna score 2 in the last 4 seconds and all of a sudden we look like the team that I think we have the players to be this formation changes clearly what wonders for us a beg passionate well done to the voice for how we played and let's get the result of Brighton's game in hand before we call this episode we're aren't blatant just know they're playing on the playing on Monday so we'll go to Monday see how they get on their home game against West Brom you'd fancy West Brom to beat them the form that that n West Brom came to submit he's and just swatted us so there are very very good side actually Rondon was almost unplayable in that game and seeing that no doubt they'll know Goethe berated and blatant or put about five past them blatant dead batter Huddersfield away from home and it was for nothing or something that blatant one in that game that's obviously given them a chance we had head and form at the right time of the season but no doubt Brighton are gonna end up going through the same thing head and form that eight same of the season when I have played this off offline before I mentioned maybe in Episode one that I've plead acid Alex Ferguson challenge before just for fun on my own and I ended up going down with Crystal Palace I won't fought at the last five and it was actually Brayton it was against and blatant one like sex over the last seven and I ended up going down anyway it's awfully blatant doesn't do that to me again but up against West Brom here that currently an eighteenth that plane West Brom hood in the top half of the table I believe there you go for Nell Brayton what did I see that's them massively improved the goal difference and then within three points yeah let's look at the stats on that one fourteen seven so the absolutely boss that brighten if we look at the effects shows I bet they've got crap t mister playing let's see Swansea Newcastle Everton Chelsea I mean they'll be over and they'll pomp ever Swansea Newcastle and Chelsea could be a wadi so if we pick up maybe at one point we might do it we've got West Ham Huddersfield Chelsea and spots to play so it's gonna be a tape one I think a play waste time off screen and we'll come back to see Huddersfield and I want to keep these episodes fairly concise I don't want to be playing to fetch despair episodes most of the time so it was a good result for us against Newcastle we've seen the team in action obviously a lot of fun new formation that got as a result against City unfortunately Brayton our head and form at the same time as we are but we just need to hope that their three-point advantage we have over them holds and we do manage to just finish 17th and stay up let's don't get any ambitions of it looking up at least or anything let's just make sure we see off brightens challenge and managed to stay up then of course we get to next season we get to building and stuff but the crux of the Sir Alex Ferguson challenge is to stay up in season one so hope you guys have enjoyed this episode I certainly did it was a magnificent performance against Newcastle we swatted them they didn't have a chance and we just we just picked them to pieces really and the opening 20 minutes basically again was done so I have certainly enjoyed that if you've enjoyed it please drop down below and leave a like on the video and obviously if you want to follow the series you can subscribe which I've been really grateful for but I'll see you next time when were away at Huddersfield dissertation oboulo gratuite Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.

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