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Comment introduire une question dans une dissertation

Comment introduire une question dans une dissertation formal acceptance letter for graduate school fcmb annual report 2018 toyota I think overall I have to say the defense really even on Saturday was really a pretty impressive day obviously very very negative from an offensive point of view they got one day on Saturday when I first have passed they got by 10 11 turnovers fumbles interceptions in those kind of thing again that's 101 you know so with just all 11 on 11 stuff but but they had a fantastic day I like to where they were moving around running around and and all that they lined up correctly and getting to the ball they were running with some speed and an offensively obvious is not what you want but overall I just like the way we're what trying some things on all things we're trying some different things on defense and but I just thought the defense really did some good things as for just overall they really wouldn't necessarily just one guy with just multiple people making place you mentioned try some things care to share what some of those might be oh I'm going to whole lot of details but we're experimenting things on offense here and gentlemen just trying to see what we can do in the running game certain pass concepts we're trying to experiment with defensively we're just trying to have a few guys try some different places and just trying to experiment with whether spring ball is is experimenting not only from our personnel standpoint but also scheme and different techniques and different things you want to try special teams wise and doing a lot of those things there are two is for doing some different drills I'm trying to experiment on some things that make us better you mention your update last week about wanting to not getting out of the huddle quicker but exploit some things offensively how do you work on that here in 15 practices you have well I think offensively we're just trying to be a little bit more faster and more efficient trying to say you when I be gaining four yards on every plate and just trying to get more plays in in a faster time but also won't be more efficient again we got new people at certain position but we're trying not to use that an excuse you run out the back so again I think it's just trying to fine-tune things what can we do you know that's at the end in a 15 practice we're going to find something what we can do and also you find something what you can't do so that's the whole purpose of and so we're gonna check it all out in every face some of the changes you have not specifically personnel-wise but is the 15 practices enough to tell k in the fall come August this change we made the offseason will work how long does it take to analyze that well I don't think we're gonna know the whole answer but i think is eliminating what we want to do what we think we can do I think that's probably the biggest thing in the 15 practice you can get some ideas as far as focusing on certain things for 15 straight practices and not the 15 practices you can know somewhat to what you can do and what you can't do in a certain thing that you're trying to offense defensive where the scheme wise or it may be personnel wise or whatever so you can get some answers may not be totally all the answers but you can also get some answers entering the second season on the new offense with Joe Daly as the office coordinator and obviously buckshot going in his first full offseason here in the program have you seen a lot of improvement on that side of Odyssey it a lot of turnovers you said on Saturday but just overall you knowing the system knowing the offense well I think there's definitely been some improvement on home buckshot again they got a lot of things he needs to improve on too but I think just overall understanding what we try to do it has a little better understanding of the why you know our last season he didn't know the why I mean you're just letting the talent kind of take over and we kind of kept it in check in some areas just to make sure that he can no cause he would learn on the run you know he didn't have a whole full year of understanding the why and I think now he's going to understand the why alot better and can be able to see it from a more of a coach's perspective and then being able to execute it like a player again he had a fantastic year and I'm not take away what he did do one of those circumstances but again he's a leader he's talking a little bit more and understanding things a little bit better so I think that's always a plus how hard you go in peds especially with so many players listed it out in so few positions with only one deep yeah we won't do a whole lot of live tackling you know alive going with a if horse running backs receivers and tackling all from that perspective the o-line d-line you know we won't do a lot of cut blockings you know somewhat the offensive line D line now that they go fully live but you kind of have to go almost eighty nine if you're simply an o-lineman d-linemen just because of you you made execute what you need to do so the offense or defense can can do what they suppose to do so I think the main thing is we just won't do a whole lot of really a full scrimmage live and we'll do some of that we just want to do a whole lot of it to midyear enrollees Tristan Schultz and then Cunningham at quarterback I have those two guys new adjust it to college game in the first week of practice well Mason got a ways to go which is somewhat expected and Tristan does to a Mason a quarterback is just a whole lot of things you got to learn and terminology and just learn about how do things the way we want to be done so everything's a little bit late on just getting into line of scrimmage just some simple things and just getting the plays executing the proper way Tristan definitely shoulder he has talent but again technique it's a little bit way off in certain things that we want them to do is doing some things to it you've done the path which is understandable but all we want to see out all those guys are rid of the two guys you mentioned areas for its animation every day you get better every day you make a little improvement in certain areas and so we'll see that here we only had three practice so hopefully here in the next two or so out the five practices hopefully you see a little bit more improvement in a certain area whether that just be technique or they just know no other plays know where they line up Knobloch there I know what you reads on and so on and so forth any kind of spot resist upon monster he's still working with him at running back he's been all that running back he probably gonna stay there at this point in time we just feel like that's probably the best position for him to have a chance to to be productive that say that that may change it could but I think we're going to probably stay with him therefore for the most part lesson things happen injuries or whatever may cause that but I think he's you know get into the fold again you don't want to move him a whole lot because he needs to learn a whole new position to so well just see I works where be seen on Spencer Jenna's wide receiver after last year being the third string emergency quarterback a lot of special teams have you seen him adjust on the offensive side well I think Spencer going to be a pretty good receiver for us he's definitely primarily playing receiver playing the outside receiver he could go a little bit in the slot but remain acute him when the outside receiver he's shown some good progress had a good day there yesterday excuse me on Saturday and so I think he's doing some good things he's making progress every day he's still learning to run some routes on certain things we're looking at but I'm pleased as far as what he's done so far in the first three days spend the reception so far the changes to the coaching staff and elevating Kyle up I think I've been a smooth transition I think it's been a good move for for everybody the complete off of the side particular coaching staff and piecing things together and the way I see it's going to materialize here over the next few months as we get ready to go there in august-september I see that's a good thing goes round going the planner going two running backs and coaching that side of it it's got down and going to tight end and all that just seemed like a better mesh on communication in our meeting rooms on the football field all that and but there are still a couple things we just continue to improve on us for just the staff again we are trying some different things but I like the communication I like the weather doing things at this point in time in comparison to your first few years here on obviously moving FBS too since any you know change the guys further energy level or anything like that as far as his first week of spring practice getting prepared to make that move to FBS I know they're excited about it all that but they still go out and execute no matter where you FBS FCS or whatever it is and so I think our guys are focused on what's going on our coaches are bringing some good energy and they staying focused on what the task are trying to get done but I know our players are just trying to do what they're capable doing that is every player and every day you need to come out again you don't get so many opportunities in life only get so many opportunity to play a football game and so you got to prepare yourself like it is your last day that you're going to be out here and so we just talked about that mentality ba geography dissertation Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

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