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Competing values framework dissertation leadership education and development

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out yeah and you don't see any cerebus faces on either side of the net but BYU got Hawaiian to trouble quite often with their serving pushed it to flex on the whistle comes looks like if you while you went to MIT that's the third time tonight in it but I think they call the I think Ben went under is what happened maybe they made it but yeah you could tell that was a tight low set and then just could not get there to it what another line and out like mister here you'll see here this is a bit where we're been sirs trying to catch up to it yeah he went under that's what the call was it wasn't in that violation most definitely Taylor sander Baxter for BYU those neon shoes KP marks my sander marks up in the left side now instead of right outside honey talking tight and the triple block made it tough Michael hatch into the game by the way returned missionary freshmen in the front row for BYU replacing either young girl of Iona - one cook those hats I got I think that was young six eight freshmen Xander goes after it list it just misses wide and look like a tough toss to catch up to and he got on top of it but just missed it wide 7th certain Seraphin be oriented 2nd for Santa - 2 yes that's what near us saved in and sander goes curler over-the-top Jacey Olson triple dachshund patch right there I'll six-foot a double oh here for Olson to go on that one do this triple block even cuts a low ceiling right there and just to reiterate what we talked about which was the rule change last year you can you can touch the bottom of the net as you saw patch kind of falls it's the top they have to react that white tape a long time rusty Lanaya BYU now is four and a half blocks they have two and a half in the first set of two of their first four points in the second and blocks that's sweet Russ a little bit late getting over there just taking his spot and clamping that ball into the back row he's the man at not getting the first touch him and that little extra region you know he's so disciplined to I've been watching him and a lot of times setters will do lots of stuff to kind of mix things up and fool the blocker but and his discipline Davis Holt with the kill six foot nine sophomore from Honolulu normally 18 wearing 24 tonight he serves sander from the back row time for a match I was six with patch it's almost like having four front row attackers with that guy is that that set is almost identical to a firmer set they could just guys see if bank can get the first pace of the night here with patch and sander in the back row you can set pretty much wherever you are but some led by Reyes Reyes with three digs in the first patch off hands dough coming back well my dark ovitch triple blocked it up in the cache had come in hard his footwork didn't put him in a position to pop that one up he was getting low looking for that pancake just over the block put the block got a piece of it tipped it right over his head five for BYU up one set to none that one at 25 18 if you're just joining us JP marks sophomore from Germany but on the junior colleague of the basketball team with four kills in his first career start yeah that was kind of a trippy swing right there it was like slow motion and then a whip that's a nice sweet guy was like delayed change em pukes will serve Pixies dad played back at BYU in the late 80s tradition in the family Olsson off the block of points out boys almost got the solo on that one now for BYU in the last few years you've used primarily Kali akuno at that Center who is six five it's now a little different having boys who's who six one changes the dynamic to the blocking it does it does he does get up though who leverages the moustache Jase awesome services 7:5 BYU creates lift what I've been told this little drag problem now its wispy voice in practice she's always he seems like the leader of the team very fiery so I think the transition to starting and being the guy won't be would be a big deal for him this year rusty Lou Maya so this era do I use it l'viyah during the summer was busy he got not only did he get married he was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints as one Wow as a full summer a monumental year for him heels to cap it with a national title Nick West 6-8 judicial Orange California and both teams trading services you and I see you and I could go eight-six you can do better than that I can roast it up and then the stands get the people get you know get the fans involved it'll be goat as we call them a little irrational Baxter Olson pushed outside two marks nothing to the right side they're moving him about sander down the line popped up by marks hunted taka Olson Tufts approach Reyes sander and Taylor sander match high seven and they're still getting it done out there let the MPSF in points first set and kills percent last year at 4.8 Mark's antenna 10-6 seems like Marx is certain to feel the pressure of the weight of the load that's been placed upon his shoulders tonight the one guy that has been fairly consistent voicethread at the Libero can I talk it Clark a bitch down the line got touched seven dark a bitch it is third kill I must has got a tip of Ben's finger one set to none Fuchs that's why the watch seven kills for patch and look at that you have Sachin sander on the pins this is if impact can deliver on his talent he's get it this is gonna be a crazy fun year and I think we've already seen tonight that that's exactly what he's gonna do he's just gonna get better and better so far this set BYU is a hundred percent up signing out whose arkovich Sandra's a nice patch dug up we've got the Olson off the block and patch it out it bends a decent blocker now but Carl McGowan is considered probably the best blocking coach in the world and so a couple years with that kind of tutelage he is going to be just a well-rounded an incredible player for the national team push to patch elevated kept in free ball coming from what some catch again back row that nation Fuchs right there and that's it also did that but still got it to go 1110 Wow some great hustle there from BYU but they're not rewarded if you expand Olson bouncing back very strong after a tough Vercetti has 4 kills already in the second set hit the negative in the first pukes dark kovitch passes that cross-court pass to Olson touched it out the night hitting air of the night for she's a temp to the air for Hawaii 1210 michael hash this first serve as a cougar served a mission in New York now one of the middle blockers they're milking Olson and sander with a direct hit a little too hot to handle and seven kills for Olson seven kills six hitting errors in the dig in a block as well marks and Olson relied upon right now Devin molt Baxter for Hawaii here in set two might be a good thing for Hawaii Fuchs is right there there's nothing getting Doug on an Internet Fuchs is late in getting there that didn't get up on the block 12:12 forth kill safety marks it's good for marks that Olson has kind of heated up a little bit because it takes pressure off him for him to relax to settle in and do what he does best so it's gonna be a good thing for Hawaii oops made the great hustle plan that was too much to get up to it service they're there for Devin Holt for in the second set 7 for the match for Hawaii's Charlie Wade looks on 13:12 BYU up and set to been patch freshmen from Provo Utah has watched mini matches in this gym waiting for this day oh yeah pulse it down the line but out with you are you antenna it's a good choice though Bryant voice was a little late getting out there for that block but they just got the antenna patch will serve again on the top there with first pass Olson with soft voice of the handle there for this myth kill delegating here is 4/5 that's far I'm out on the court you are you leaving it one set to none up three and set to Hawaii tried to battle back set to 1512 boy you up eh we matched one set to none as we mentioned last year for Hawaii to do this was very uncharacteristic to trying to bounce back from this but finished with an at eight match losing streak finished in last place in the MPSF missed the MPSF tournament for the first time under Charlie Wade and finished unranked for the first time the 26th season Hawaii always a always a hotbed of volleyball looking to return to that this year yeah that's that's not a good year for most programs especially one as celebrated as Hawaii so they got nowhere to go but up that's the good thing is that Topanga I see over there yeah yeah service care for bed bath interesting dissertation topics history New York University, West Village, Manhattan.

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