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Composition 1ere guerre mondiale 1ere es

Composition 1ere guerre mondiale 1ere es police reports austin mn weather write report on education [Music] what's going to my name is Timmy Taylor I'm a rising sophomore attending the illustrious Florida Agricultural and Campbell University also MS and you [Music] this video is going to be ten tips in half father reach for college students yes honey if you attend a college or university this video screen let's be right into the video for one so I have my handy-dandy notebook right your notebook right here with all tips number one be confident get out of your comfort zone and try new things be confident because you don't want anyone walking over you while you are away from home honey yet alone the parents aren't there to save you from anything you may get into your sister your brother may not be there for you so just you against the world how can you call for a world that you're afraid of it will work that going to be confident in yourself try some new things now it's all things we to follow huge partying drinking smoking Aza that's up to you I'm not condoning any of that but what I'm saying honey is just try new things because at the end of the day you're not going to grow if you don't try to continue that maybe joining an organization they never thought you would join that may be finding new friends and places you never thought you find friends that may be picking up a book you never thought you breathe high healthy positive really don't be afraid to explore your city the city that your campus is on if you're staying on campus or you're living nearby your campus and it's not your hometown I encourage you to explore your surroundings I know for me my freshman year I had no idea what was in Tallahassee that's when I so located by the way so happy for us I had no idea what was in Tallahassee besides the state capitol and FSU bring but along the way I found out there were a lot of cool restaurants there's a lot of cool coffee places there's a lot of cool playgrounds cars there's things to do in Tallahassee is just you never know if you don't get out okay this is but you can find something to do if you pour mmm and I'm pretty sure wherever you are you can definitely explore and just find things to do because it really gets boring going to and from class and not doing anything else even if you're working to and from class then going work then go home like you want to be able to go to movies finding a cool retro vintage shop whatever kidding what did you get out encourage you to not be afraid to fail I know there were several times in my freshman year where I was tripping like I was real little tripping over the smaller things whether it was not having dope completed or maybe even sleeping through all my classes just the fear of feeling not soon enough that can honestly take a toll on you and you want to do that because you don't want to be contemplating some new stripper or committing suicide nothing up in drastic planning will keep positive vibes right but I always a positive leave her lessons that we aren't afraid to fail do not be afraid to do because honestly your GPA can't make or break you it bends it determines Martin Locke just keep motivating yourself by having positive people around you keeping a journal maybe having a mentor will help too don't be afraid colleges I'll disappear because it really each look don't be afraid of don't be fearful so the tip is to communicate with your roommate if you're having issues with them don't be afraid to talk about it I was a bio standards to the situation basically they're released to my roommates right and one of the guys love to have their girlfriends over and the other guy had a girlfriend but his girlfriend was at home so instead of me speaking to the guy and say a bro I get it you got a girlfriend but is it okay if there isn't some story short the roommate was annoyed by the guy having his girlfriend over he ends up going to an already rent and the RA and just busting the guy and the girl in the room and it was after curfew ever so there are a threat to trying both doggerel and it was really like too much unnecessary and the fact that he's finish let me just call it don't be is me how long do no not well on plan tips but since it came up let me just say right now do not be a snitch especially if you're attending nation to you you will get your behind what - don't do it I don't care who you are where you came from nobody cares about that okay when you're in college don't nobody care about where you bank everybody's worried about where they're going again keep pausing people rounds are coming they're too big so yeah that and just make sure you talk to your roommate my next tip for you college students would be okay on the type of person where I'm not going to believe anything almost seen it myself or I'm doing the research on it right so I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos that had tips advice suffered publishing and especially fam uses a little bold on this one all right 9 out of 10 videos that I've seen all say the same things don't do relationships in college and if you wish to college with a boyfriend or girlfriend you're going to lose them just don't do it don't here's my advice my advice to you is to not only disregard those messages but to think more of where you're at in your life think about how mature you are how emotionally stable you are and think about where you see yourself in five years you came to college for a full purpose just to get that degree now if a relationship is going to help your growth and we need you for that hold by all means go for it because honey I'm in a relationship right now is lasted all freshmen New York we're going for our family you're together so it's possible don't let anyone tell you that relationships and courage are impossible they are possible you just have to be smart and you have to do ensure can't be immature you can't be naive and you can't be desperate I've seen way too many people in desperate situations where they feel like oh I need them in oh I need a girl allow them to bloom over there like it's not that didi you got your whole life to find somebody and that's another thing too don't go looking for somebody and I think that's what these youtubers are trying to say put any video that relationships and knowledge just don't do it I think what they're trying to say is that just violence broke don't push up on anyone don't look for relationships just like if it happen and you're mature and you're ready for it but all means I'm telling you to go for it don't let nobody so you can't have a relationship go for it well now we're going to get into the hack hack number one if it's the last 30 seconds of your class and you need to ask your professor something please wait until the class is awkward and approach them then frustrating not digital don't be that kid don't do that if you need to speak to your professors you can see them during your office hours or talk to them after class that ruins being abolition by asking questions if you're ever feeling nervous for a presentation or advance I advise you to choose some gum oh yes I say always have going here the reason for this is because you trick your brain into thinking that your environment is safe because why would you be eating if you're in danger the best way to study or again is to ask your professor how they would studied for their own exams think about it if you're taking an English test and you're like what the frickin sit you've never seen a sub structured like this before it's happening so you're like highlight taste it the best we do is just for your professors office hours and we'll be asked them how would you study for your exam and they will tell you it's magic 3a famously Olivia Jane remember when I told you to get out meet new people have fun tribe using well this also applies to the classroom as any let's say you have a classmate and you forgot their name and you feel embarrassing you don't really want to hurt your classmates feelings well all I have to do is go up to your classmates master hey what's your name and yes this may add some awkward tension they will probably respond to you in and annoyed way but when they tell you their name you'll be like no I met your last name now they look scary that's a girl or bro he's in vision and guess what you just made a new friend all right and my last hat is for my money savers automato college students or broke and be nice to save some of our coins especially if fighting for a degree is very true but anyway this one is not only for how many favors but for my pizza lovers rinsing it tap the like button if you love people do it do it now thank you no but seriously if you are a piece of fanatic or you just like pizza and you're trying to take the bus all you have to do is go to and when you order the pizza that you want type in the promo code play five off and you will automatically get 25% off your order thank me later and if you like that you should just get the West Indies stuffing in some ways phonetically you guys I hope this video was helpful to not only my family my babies that are coming to the hill welcome by the way welcome to the hill family 21 not only do I wish I helped out by standing 21 baby but it for any college student looking for any positive encouragement helped mother college I hope this view did its job if that being said I'm closing out this video with lots of go space nature which is book thank you for watching and please subscribe bernhard weidinger dissertation defense York College, City University of New York.

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