Composition Histoire Premiere S Regimes Totalitaires
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Composition histoire premiere s regimes totalitaires

Composition histoire premiere s regimes totalitaires mla format bibliography multiple authors hmie report 2018 ford [Music] from the moment I looked back into his eyes I knew he wasn't going to make it I held out the clipboard and tried to break the bad news I pointed directly to the problem confused he asked me to explain it a second time this was the most heartbreaking voter-registration experience of my life the day was October 11th exactly one month before the 2016 presidential election move San Antonio's staff fellows interns and volunteers were spread thin throughout the city rushing to register as many new young voters in bare County before the midnight deadline these were our final hours all hands on deck even if executive director I filled a shift at northeast Lakeview college a commuter campus at the edge of the city are you registered to vote I yelled across the busy Plaza today is your last chance to register to vote for the 2016 presidential election students stopped mid-step young people flocked to our table rushing to rushing to register to vote and grabbing a copy of our popular move San Antonio voter guide the line was ten people deep throughout the afternoon by the time he made it to the front I could feel his excitement surrounded by his friends he jerked the clipboard away from me and began filling out the form before I could even finish explaining it to him first name last name address where you live County that's where it all went wrong instead of marking B for Bay I watched this pin in slow-motion mark h4 haze I stopped him and took the clipboard what city do you live in I asked seeing the words San Marcos fall from his mouth I felt helpless he lived thirty minutes from his college but two counties away Texas has the most strict voting laws in the United States citizens like me who register voters are required to take a state-mandated class pledge and oath and follow a very rigid set of rules I can only register voters who live in the county where I live I must obtain written permission from each county election official to register voters in adjacent counties and I can't register Texans outside of my home county and Jason counties I couldn't help James he lived two counties away pointing at the clipboard I tried to explain the law and I handed him a mail-in voter registration application because of the 30-day deadline at midnight James would have to fill out the form put a stamp on it and drop it in the mail all by 5:00 p.m. today the time was 337 he had to be at work in less than 30 minutes James took the mail-in application and slid it into his backpack as his smile faded he walked off across the plaza we both knew he wouldn't vote that year democracy lost a voice according to the Annette Strauss Institute at Civic for civic life at the University of Texas at Austin there are two reasons why young Texans don't vote one voting my vote doesn't matter and two voting is too hard restricted voting laws create barriers to civic participation and it's working in November of 2014 our statewide voter turnout rate bottomed out when only 35% of our neighbors made their voices heard in this year's city of San Antonio election 13% of us cast a vote for mayor and city council the only age demographic to grow Millennials the under 34 year olds increased 300% to just over 10% of the total turnout something is wrong here and we have to fix it you deserve a better ballot box Texas you deserve a more fair more accessible more secure more reliable democracy technology can give us a 21st century voting system right now but only if you demand it now is the time for democracy 2.0 there are two innovations which will change the way you cast your vote automatic voter registration and blockchain based virtual voting will revolutionize our elections Texas makes voter registration more difficult than any other state in the nation want to register to vote online just go to the Secretary of State's website and fill out the form right not so fast after you fill out the form you have to print it you have to sign it in black or blue ink you have to put in an envelope put a stamp on it and drop in the mail oh and James don't forget the deadline the most effective voter registration in Texas is done in person face to face by hand the same way dr. Martin Luther King registered voters in this right there but there is a better way in 2015 Oregon became the first state to pass automatic voter registration a V are revolutionising there's their state civic health this common-sense law implemented through a robust interagency database registered 300,000 people in its first year and the results are astonishing in 2016 95 percent of those who registered by by AVR and voted in the 2016 election were first-time voters a VR increased the age racial and economic diversity of Oregon's entire voting population tripling the number of 18 to 29 year olds since then a VR spread to 11 other states red states like Illinois blue states like Colorado registering millions and millions and millions of voters along the way here's how it works imagine you're a young mother living in Colorado going to the women infants and children's office for a checkup when you arrive they ask you to verify your information you've moved since your last visit so you give them your new address you see your baby's nutritionist then go about your way in a couple of weeks you'll receive a postcard in the mail notifying you that you've been automatically registered to vote because of Colorado's a VR system they've already checked your identity and they've they've verified your citizenship don't want to be registered to vote check the opt-out box on the postcard and drop it in the mail no postage required it's that easy a VR is available right now we have that technology all you have to do is ask for it Texas is not a red state or a blue state Texas is a non-voting state in 2016 over half of Texans eligible to vote didn't even cast a ballot and 69% of them were registered to vote there are other barriers to voting in Texas and the next one technology must disrupt is the ballot box itself why do we insist on restricting participation in our elections by time place and location would you still use Facebook if we told you that you had to go to a kiosk at your public library between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to post pictures of your cat I didn't think so from paper ballots to punch button machines to hanging chads our election technology has evolved slowly many of our key of our County's voting machines are so outdated that they're basically like first generation iPads strapped onto Ataris some County election officials actually buy replacement parts off of ebay so when you voted last week for the Texas constitutional amendment election you did vote last week right you had to go to your assigned polling location between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. find parking wait in line maybe you didn't have to wait in line remember your voter ID sign and cast your vote and go about your day imagine if you could log into a virtual voting system from your living room in September and cast your vote and you log out change your mind about a candidate or a ballot initiative log back in via your cell phone in October change your vote review your voting history and log back out then at 7 p.m. and one second on Election Day the system verifies your voter registration check your voter ID on file authenticate your password count your votes and announces the winner all within minutes you get an email to your inbox that verifies your vote and this can all happen because of the blockchain the blockchain is an automated distributed ledger system it's the brains behind Bitcoin and etherium so if you're new to blotching here's a little bit about it when you cast your vote your your vote becomes protected like a mosquito trapped in amber that is a block as more votes come in your blocks stack on front of it and in layers then every few minutes the the system prêt compresses into one new block so if you want to hack the system and go change my vote you have to change it you have to hack into every single block before mine to get to my vote before the next compression happens and few minutes if you if you miss the timeline the system catches you quarantined the files and Flags it for human road review watching voting is already happening in Estonia and being tested in Great Britain with a burgeoning tech industry and cybersecurity city USA San Antonio should be leading the charge on blockchain democracy we can still have polling places for all of you out there that like to go stand in line on Election Day but for our generation for our generation this this is the new ballot box technology has changed the way we get around our city and communicate with our friends but technology has not changed the way we select our representatives yet now is the time to innovate our elections move San Antonio is doing this work every single day join us if our state actually had automatic voter registration I probably would have never met James last year I'll never forget the look on his face as I was explaining our outdated photo registration law but we all know a James James might be our classmate our co-worker our friend you might be James so while we fight for automatic voter registration and block chain voting and suffrage for 16 and other election reforms go find your James help James register to vote get James to the polls because James democracy 2.0 depends on you you before you hand in your dissertation traduction Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (graduate only), Upper East Side, Manhattan.

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