Concours Bce 2013 Sujets De Dissertation
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Concours bce 2013 sujets de dissertation

Concours bce 2013 sujets de dissertation thank you letter for job letter research proposal template tut ´╗┐so what's up guys I decided to do a full tour of my dorm and right now this is what it looks like when you first walk in the front door this is our living room and my roommate has her piano right there it came with two couches this table bed table actually came out of her room we have my little kitchen area and this TV stand here is where we keep our TV there's the printer we keep some drinks under there and then we have their mini fridge microwave and pantry space in here was she took this little table I don't think it's her nightstand she took it out of her room and we just keep the dish rack on top with some drinks under or whatever snacks what I'll put into there so yeah this is just the pantry and if you guys want to see you there [Music] see ya that's just the pantry so I decided to do a full tour of my complete dorm it's a two-person suite so only two of us live here this is our shared bathroom she has two sinks two medicine cabinets and then a separate door that walks into the shower area which is where the shower and there are shoes and it also comes and another set of cabinets we also have cabinets down here when we keep things like napkins and toilet paper and so laundry laundry detergent and cleaning stuff down there and inside my medicine cabinet I have some waxing some hair stuff and some vitamins and then we leave the bathroom you see my roommates room and then my room my room guys so when you walk in [Music] when you first walk in you see this huge bar chair take my tags up all the time and I keep my bag here I don't have a backpack all I have is a purse and then the next thing you see is my desk so I start at the top so on the very top I have some paintings that I painted I keep my glasses up there that I never clear and I should and my backpack purse the small shoe backpack I keep my file folder my sketchbook that's my tripod and my tiny first aid kit and a random came out I think I keep clean every shirt on this next shelf I had my Instax camera I have these little books that I got for poem and then I have some jewelry these are this is a little bag that I keep missing my earrings in I just a necklace is in there old camera I have my diploma hanging and then over here this is the little box that I keep on my belly rings in a random terrible picture of myself in front of my very pretty fake plant that's a hard drive and have my book one of my favorite books you guys is really good luck you should think about reading some bookmarks on top of some scantrons that you will need if you're planning on going to college they make you buy your own scantrons so this is a pretty realistic tour of my room so one of my bras actually broke while what tour while I was watching it so instead of buying a new bra I'm just gonna slow it back together which is why I have it sitting on my desk because I was sewing it back together because I'm a broke college student I and here I have a terrible stack of papers that I need to put away just papers but I haven't put away yet so I'm just gonna go ahead and do a full tour of my desk so here we have my laptop which has been struggling lately I need a new laptop and here is my pencil pen holder it holds a little bit and I really like it because I could put literally all my little writing utensils here from sticking those filler pencils pins some glue if I needed then behind that I have my makeup bag and behind that I have today which and then my stack of papers and then on this side I have this ceramic cups that I actually made back in high school here I have my lamp my Pixar lamp and this lamp actually came with like little compartments and I put some of these little beads that I have for my hair that's a lotion I'm not really sure and this is an eyeshadow palette I have my foundation box right there some deodorant that I was using um somebody made that I was drinking my keys and I actually just bought this plant look how cute it is I just bought this guy and this is my root plant and then I also just bought this cactus so I was so disappointed to realize that this flower is not real you did not grow from this character but that's okay still a cute cactus they're new to the family I hope I could keep them along as when I sleep and then right here I have some sticky notes and then behind my laptop is my medals I have art medal into track medals and then in my office chair and my pretty pink fluffy pillow in some clothes that I haven't put away yet which I should and then at the bottom I just have the sleeve for my computer and extension cord and they're right beside my desk I have my calendar it's pretty bland I don't have much things to do ignore that guys I'm sorry but I'm Friday they'll have classes but January calendar looks very plain because I just got back from we had a break and so it's not really and then my desk used to be over here so that's Sephora bag used to be hanging like under in this area of my desk but since I'm trying to move my desk this way and I didn't move the back in the end my window with my curtains and then right in front my window is my bed and under my bed is my dresser it was actually both these guys stacked on top of each other but I broke them down and I put them under my bed for more space in the room and I think I have like four different pillows just and then my throw blanket which actually all sleep under my cover I sleep on top of it and I sleep under this blanket and I'm I forgot why I got these like a friend but it's really big it's really big I should have folded it but you know I didn't so whatever and then right right here I have some random pajama fans in my suitcase that I brought most of my clothes in I keep it right here instead sorry if you heard that loud noise it was my chair hitting the side of my desk just to be really loud so yeah that's my bed that's how I make it I'm usually I have pink sheets but I took my pinkies off you're gonna see what they're in a second and then so this wall is very plain the only thing I have over here is my little nightstand which I don't keep next to I don't keep next to my bags I thought it would be pretty random Oh am i pretty fluffy white red which I showed me Stephanie because I just watched it but over here I have my little nice thing where I just keep pretty much stuff that I use every day on top I made this flower and I decided to put it here because it's not finished yet I don't know if you could tell but it's nothing yet and I just set it right there but here I have my coconut oil some lotion some perfume some oil for my hair this is my speaker this is the remote for my LED lights which I have going and this is our roommate got me for Christmas and then below this is where I actually keep all of my feminine hygiene products which is really out and open but I don't care because I need easy access it's the old jar that I've been mean to me it's a jar of coconut oil I need to clean up and this is where I keep my hygiene products and so yeah that's that and then this mirror it's a double mirror is actually my closet as well and I know I spelled bloom wrong guys please don't come for me you're spelling that wrong but so this is my closet which is again the mirrors I just slide them open and I have my clothes in there for mirrors by the way which I freaking love it so in my closet I have really jeans and dresses and Jack is hanging up most of my clothes I keep them in their drawers but yeah and then at the on the very top shelf I have my pink sheets they're clean I just haven't jumbled up like that because I haven't get it I honestly I never fold the sheets I just clean them and put them up there and that's extra pack of sheets those are the containers that I brought my clothes inside of so when I pack up and get ready to leave this is what I'm gonna pack all my things inside of and then down below I have my dirty clothes bag my trash can I keep it in my closet cuz I mean really I just know paper and stuff in there and some duffel bags so whenever I decide to leave for the weekend or whatever to go visit family this is what I take random hat and then actually behind all these jackets and stuff sorry guys there's no light in here so but I have this rack which I keep my shoes and stuff on it and this rack came with the dorm came with the closet so I did not buy this is built-in which I thought was great and down there you see I have some toilet tissue I keep my shoes on this rack up here I had my prom dress the guys don't bring your prom dress to college you won't need it and then here I have a basket my cube random miscellaneous things so yeah right next to my closet I have this really cute hook which i hook my towel my shower cap and when I'm going on at first I will hook jackets on here but I will put way too many jackets and then it would just it would just fall off but it's really cute and before I in the video I think I'll just go ahead and show you guys my drawers so this drawer here at the bottom is a drawer my shirt drawer so I just keep all my shirts in here and then this joy is out shooting an individual underwear socks bras and this time joy is all my bottoms that are not jeans I skirts you name it it's in here if it's not jeans that is my jumpsuit and this bottom joy is literally full of miscellaneous that's like anything I have extra register so extra razors good old tabloid medicine whatever or whatever [Music] yachmenev dissertation Globe Institute of Technology, Manhattan.

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