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Cookie monster phd dissertation sample

Cookie monster phd dissertation sample netadvantage reporting crack bahai marriage writings [Music] hey guys assignment we are in Siem Reap Cambodia this is our stick and last day here and I would love to give you guys some tips on the stuff that I wish I knew before we came visiting Angkor Wat and all the temples in the area right now we're sitting at bump I kadai it's a huge simple and as you can see there's no one behind me right now we're in a huge temple almost alone that's what I want to talk about because all the temples in the area are extremely crowded but there are ways that you can avoid it we thought that getting up early in the morning would guarantee that we would be alone here but everyone else get up early in the morning even when we left our hotel at 5 a.m. it was traffic on the road we got to uncle woz and it was super crowded so we figured out how to do this and I would love to share these tips with you to make your trip as good as possible because this place is absolutely magical it's one of the most incredible things I've seen in my life and when you see it the way that we experience is right now without all the clouds mind blowing first some general tips make sure that you respectful while you're at the temple you have to cover your shoulders don't wear short shorts cover your knees we're interested in taking good photos I recommend wearing a little bit brighter clothes so I wear white or something that makes you stand out all the structures are quite dark so we found that when we were wearing black clothes you would just kind of blend in with the background with us to make it that's nice another thing is we can see monks it is fine to take photos of them but make sure you're respectful and approach them do not touch the monk you can bow to them and smile and ask for permission with a photo and it can say yes you do it if the when it comes to tickets to Angkor Wat it's not compare to other things in Asia it's not cheap but I would say it's worth it and I would really recommend spreading your visit out over more days for us going later than 9:00 10:00 a.m. it's not really worth it it's super crowded it gets very hot and it's not so comfortable - this is the temple you have to wear proper clothes you have to cover your shoulders cover your knees and it gets very hot after 9:00 a.m. so I really recommend getting at least three days and then spread your visit out so you go from 6:00 in the morning till 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and do just for 5-template each day then you don't get sick of it it's not so hot and you get to visit examples when it's not so crowded if you want to get a lot of good info on temples you can rent tour guides we didn't do it but we've seen a lot of the tour guides and we've been eavesdropping every time we've been walking past and it sounds like they have a lot of cool facts when it comes to visiting the temples without a lot of people we figured out the best way was to rent a motorbike the two two drives are great because we know all the temples and know where to go they will drop you off and wait for you and each time will take you to the next one the problem is a lot of them take you on the same route as everyone else which means you're at the temple when it's the most crowded they start with our wats biggest one and then from there they will take you further to the top realms so basically you're just following the crowds the whole way we try to explain that we wanted to do it opposite but it didn't really get it if you look at the map the city of Siem Reap where you're most likely to stay it sounds out and all the samples are north of its most Tooting drivers and guys want to start the temple yourself and take you on a circus from there however we found that if we got our own motorbike and went all the way to assemble to the north then work our way back you could avoid the crowds the whole way if you don't know how to drive a motorbike yourself look at the map of the temples and set up the route so you can start in the north and then work your way south so most people starts at Angkor Wat or sunrise that means you get up at five in the morning you drive to uncle Ross you wait for about an hour and you watch the sunrise the problem with this is you will be watching the sunrise with literally a few thousand people and everyone is staying in the same spot for Washington sunrise when we were here we started walking around the temple to the backside while people are waiting for a sunrise and we got to experience aunt who was completely alone there were literally no one else there with just us so it suggests you can sleep a little bit longer go to Angkor Wat but don't sit in front of it a waste of sunrise if you're going to visit Rome which is the jungle temple where boom brighter with Angelina Jolie with film you have to be at 7:30 we went there as maybe 8:39 and it was already incredibly crowded and not too enjoyable I suggest with one of you mornings go early go to Uncle Tom and Uncle Tom the city has four gates these gates are beautiful and obviously there are no opening hours so you can go there as early as you want if you want to take a great photo start at the east gate because that's where the Sun comes up so the light is beautiful there actually is a shot at people's at the gate and into by on by on central opens at 7:30 when we went there at 7:30 was completely empty in my opinion beyond is one of the most incredible things that everything don't miss out on that one today we got up at 6:30 we took on water bugs we drove up this possum which is quite far north to compare to the other temples we were there at 7:30 when it opens and we were completely alone there we walked around we took photos were a good 15 20 minutes before the first other person showed up which was awesome when you're done at a film just drive south to star roof which is a huge temple this one appendage is open from 5:00 a.m. so also when we went after toss filming was completed from there there's also a lot of other temples in the area and you could end up here at some tyka day it is now 9:00 a.m. and still really quiet here basically my main message is if you can drive a motorbike do it it's even cheaper and inclusive and you have the freedom to get around as much do you want one good tip though keep a bill in your pocket of five or ten dollars in a pocket on your own just in case you get stopped by the police and you can say that all the money you have when you get out of that situation if you're not comfortable driving a motorbike get it took this button system green the route yourself I will put some suggested routes in the description below so that you can try to follow them if you want to go on your own and figure out your own route just make sure that you start the opposite direction start as far away from Siem Reap city as possible the whole area here whole Siem Reap area is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen in my life even though I've been wanting to Commerce words about ten years it still exceeded all my expectations and I think the reason for that is that we were smart about our visit times that already from 9 a.m. and later it started getting annoyingly crowded it's getting hot it's just muscle enjoyable so if you're going to choose what time to visit uncle Wat I recommend visiting in the dry season it's less humid and the Chile's hot we're here in the beginning of March I think it's starting to come to the end of the dry seas as we've been lucky it's been very dry while we've been here it hasn't been too hot but when it dries also incredibly dusted so I recommend getting one of these because you are basically breathing fans all day so out of all the temples of everything we've seen here I think I have to say that my favorites have been biown I think that was just mind-blowing and you have to make sure you go there early in the morning I really enjoyed the victory gate we got some great photos there and it was quiet and nice and good beautiful structure I thought possum was amazing just for that one this one plays with this beautiful tree growing up over an entrance and I think the Apple that was incredible other than that and top dome is one of the most famous temples is the one from Angelina Jolie's tomb writer however it's very crowded there and all the places where the trees are growing up on the temples there's kind of build a little structure in front of it which kind of separates you from the actual structure which I didn't find out that appealing and it was no good for taking photos English so I would say to my top three are why on the victory gate and tussle so when you finish visiting the temples at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning you have the whole day in front of you and I would just recommend either getting a bicycle or a motorbike or and just randomly go around Siem Reap we just went up and down the same street and just looked at the life and talk to people took photos and we just had a great time it's a very nice City it's you see a lot of local life it's quiet it's calm it's a great place and just make sure you take time to visit the city as well so that was all our awesome tips about Siem Reap it will really make a difference on your visit and I really hope you have a great time here for us it's been incredible if you have any comments just put it below make sure you subscribe to my channel and check out our vlogs from Cambodia and my photography tips and so this shall decide examples thesis topics economics Binghamton University.

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