Define Type B Aortic Dissection
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Define type b aortic dissection

Define type b aortic dissection sales ops cover letter flight report kspaycenter ´╗┐which came with this percentage so there's a high percentage of remembering for these participants on the other hand with sense camp participants it was actually sixty percent of the individuals that that experience knowing more so than remembering guessing and not knowing and so what I took and interpreted this as was that sense can when you're interacting with some scam data you're doing more perceptual types of recollection so a lot of the cues in luck in the sense cam data are already so rich that you're kind of explaining a lot of the things that are already available there but for X we chose a nice ride a lot of the data as you saw were pictures of screen configuration or pictures of images that were drawn so those are more abstract things that we need to infer and reflect more into understanding what was going on in our past so my hypothesis is basically that preliminary we reconstruct less when there's less less richness which suggests that less richness leads to a richer narrative and for our lab this is kind of important because we're interested in how we can help resume activities that we kind of lead to the side and we want to reconnect with in the future so that's one application for this preliminary finding but a lot more research needs to be done because after all it was only a year of research and a quarter of data collecting so a lot more could be done but now data brendan is going to be Thanks some question alright so for mine I tell my nymphet segmentation in the while I kind of used a Hutchins idea of actually analyzing things out in the real world as opposed to taking things in the lab kind of general anything from there so life is full of data we just kind of have a vast assortment of things everywhere that we can kind of life log and add to our kind of grown repertoire of everything we can access so one of the things that you have to figure with you is what to keep track of so like we have our physical objects we have our computer programs thanks running we also have our written notes things like that so in order to kind of convert all that stuff in a digital format if you do that you have a lot of data you have to figure out some way to analyze it or someone how to sort through it and get to what's important so you have the problem of with the lifelogging tools I give the sense camp now in addition to having the images that you might already been getting for a camera we have all the sensor data that's telling you how fast you were moving or what the temperature was or differences like that in addition to that so you have to figure out how to get zero they stated as well so event segmentation breaking activity into kind of meaningful chunks was an idea of a way to kind of sort through this data and the kind of story in a wood fashion it's accessible and you can use it so one of the examples that they have is someone pitching a tent so here is like one of the first step for someone will break it up so you have like the next step where they're setting out the brown cloth and then they just kind of keep going and so you have a whole activity to a segment into different portions and so there's been a bunch of research done on highly stylized activities like this and they found that people typically segment in very reliable patterns and are kind of reliable across viewers so everyone kind of does the same way and so they generalize this to be able to you can write a computer algorithm that will do this and that way you can run the program and it'll automatically segment the day collected and so it's it seems to be reliable across individuals and it could be this great solution for organizing the complex data set since a computer can do it but it's only reliable at times you have problems where if the segment ER has a different intent that another one they might have a different outcome there's been a study done that if someone is trying to segment data but they're looking at forming the like a forming up impression of the personality of the person the video they say meant much differently than someone who is watching the video and segmenting it while trying to learn the task they're doing so it might be a solution for organ is the complex data if it's dependent on the person's doing a segment that it may vary dramatically and also there has been very little studies done on actually analyzing someone who's segment in their own data and so computer can do it sometimes if it's in the correct format and everything is very like simplistic and stylized so there's been some field studies then they kind of throw a little mud on the field you have one study that has for interruptions per hour when they found with individuals which it kind of breaks up a lot of activities then and so one of the questions though is that is this are these the observers they're seeing these interruptions or is it the people that actually doing the task racism as interruptions as well so they found that sixty-four percent of these interruption for beneficial in some manner providing the first one more information on the task they were doing or just kind of bringing them back into the context of maybe being more efficient at whatever they're working on but at the same time forty percent did not resume that activity which could be seen as beneficial or not another study found it you only spend three minutes per task in a very a lake on auto I fast-paced work environment so there's a lot of interruptions there which could cause a lot of problems trying to statement respective data and so and then again I'm like I said in your intent fluences here segmentation so that call so big play in this so rational for my project was is this useful with real data as opposed these highly stylized videos and then our events really reliable across individuals with this real data and so then the individuals see this as interruptions when it's their own data or is it just when people are observing it from an outside perspective that it seemed as an interruption as opposed to just the continuous activity and then when you're segmenting your own data how different is that compared with some of its segment in your data that didn't take the data so this is an example of the sentence can presenter showing one of the activity trails and this is the example with the livescribe data and example with the sense cam data and so on the bottom you can see the little toolbar that tells you information about the segmentation so here you can see the point you are in the data and then this is an actual segment so the different colors are representing different segments that someone's done so the instructions I gave for my task or break the data up into meaningful pieces I want to be very general I don't want to bias them and give them ideas of how to break it up I wanted them to go through interfere with what they would do that would be meaningful to them so one of the strategies I found some people use is about fifty percent was they would initially look through the data and see you try to figure out what was going on when it wasn't their own data set so i guess i'm going to do it first and then it goes entire thing excite see the whole thing before I started piecing it together and I'll try to on try to fix watch out of you know p stone Ric it from the events that occurred looks like a party against at my party so I feel about table silences this is down letter V the complex because the players to the old people so this is an example where he went through and started looking for the data first to figure out kind of what's going on and before he goes back and goes through in seconds it social kind of giving an idea of possibly how to break it up so it was dependent on the person not the data set whether people would actually look through the first about fifty percent and go through the data the first time and then go back and segment and the other half would just go through and start from the beginning just trying segmented without necessarily what was going on and it I thought it was going to be dependent on how complex the data was because I thinking figure always happen right away there's no need to go through but pretty much everyone who decided they wanted to look through first to them have we said even if it was really simplistic and easy to figure out so one of the other like that Australian people used to segment the day was creating a scenario so they could create a scenario what was happening then they can kind of fit their idea what was going on in on to the data they were viewing and break it up that way now he's watching what come on just so he interpreted it's always coming out checking out what's going on and come back in and even impersonated his voice not even knowing what sounds like and so it seemed like very interesting way of coming up with segment by kind of forcing your own scenario on it and whether that proved to be accurate or not was interesting because if even if it wasn't accurate they would still kind of keep the same scenario because it already kind of worked for some of the statements so then it was about fifty percent of the event boundaries of all of my participants were from scenarios I went through and have coded everything depending on how they describe them segment and activity and so the it might be artificially high and because the people that are doing the activity obviously know what it's in there msc business dissertation examples nursing Clarkson University, Potsdam.

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