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Digital the ses and dissertations

Digital the ses and dissertations cuales fueron los primeros reporteros de la historia usb hid set feature reporters ´╗┐so we've talked about Benjamin Franklin as a as a public leader we've talked about him as a businessman we've talked about him as an inventor and scientist now I think the last piece of the Benjamin Franklin puzzle is just him as for like were him his founding father yes and as a diplomat in particular because he was America's first diplomat the in about 1757 he becomes the ambassador or agent of the Pennsylvania Colony to represent Pennsylvania in London with the ministers to try to make sure that the rights of the assembly and the people of Pennsylvania were taken into account and eventually off and on over the next you know 17 or 18 years he becomes an agent for a lot of the colonies and starts representing the interests of the American colonies in London this is a really important time in American history because this is when tensions between the u.s. between the colonies and Great Britain are really coming to a head you have the French and Indian War really kind of part of a larger European war but that ends in 1763 the the British want the colonies to pay for it right that's the big deal which is the British think that the American colonies you know have to pay because Britain helped protect them in the French and Indian War and they just start putting taxes on the American colonies and the American colonies by this point are as sophisticated and as strong of an economy as Britain they don't feel that they should be dictated to by the people in London and they have their own legislatures in each of the colonies so they're saying yeah we know we have to have taxes but our legislators should do the taxes we don't want taxation without representation as became the rallying cry and so it was up to Franklin to try to talk the British Parliament out of things like the Stamp Act where every time you bought a piece of paper or a newspaper we had to pay a tax to London and to give the power to the colonial legislatures so he was really you know when we read in the history books this whole time period of you know things coming the tensions rising it was really Benjamin Franklin that was trying to negotiate communicate the anger really and he was very close to a lot of the people in London then it was part of the Enlightenment as a wonderful picture of him there in London in which says Isaac Newton looking over his shoulder and so he is part of that intellectual class of like dr. Johnson and all the people in London but unfortunately the government is still run by a very aristocratic Tory elite and Franklin has trouble convincing them to give rights to the American colonies and this breaking up I mean it does kind of paint him because as you mentioned this is the Enlightenment Benjamin Franklin is he a key figure and he did bind electricity he was a great scientist so this is this great man living in a small house in London right near the Parliament and he's very well respected by all the intellectuals but he gets treated very badly by the Parliament at one point he's called in front of what's called the cockpit which is a part of parliament and he is humiliated because they make fun of him for trying to stop the Parliament from taxing the colonies and that enrages Benjamin Franklin and that finally tips him over to being closer to the side of we may have to have a revolution and just break away from England that actually leads to family problems because his son yeah so he brought his illegitimate son William over with him and he's very close to William but William becomes quite aristocratic despite the fact or maybe because of the fact that he was illegitimate kid of a middle-class person he starts hanging around with the Dukes and the orals and he ends up being appointed by the crown basically the government in the King to be the royal governor in New Jersey so William Franklin becomes a dedicated loyalist to the crown of England just as his father Benjamin Franklin is becoming a rebel and siding with those who want a revolution and so everything eventually and we know how history went 1775 1776 hostilities begun 1775 Franklin goes back Franklin goes back he goes back unsuccessful because he had tried to stop the hostilities he gets back to Philadelphia once again at Market Street he comes off the boat and everybody in Philadelphia is kind of wondering is he loyal to the British Empire in the crown or is he truly joined the cause of revolution and he has a meeting with his son who's in the royal governor of New Jersey he tells his son he's going to become a revolutionary his son says I'm going to stay loyal to the crown they basically barely speak to each other again for the rest of their lives this is a great break and Franklin announces to the people in Philadelphia that he's going to join the cause of American independence and that's when he gets to work with Jefferson and Adams on the declaration of independence in July of 1776 and right after that in order to make the declaration a reality they realize we have to get France and on a side of the war you mentioned that the French and Indian War that the British and the French had been fighting for a century almost off and on so in order for the u.s. to win its independence in a war against Britain it would help to have the support of the French who were naturally willing to fight Britain given any opportunity and were already part of a larger global war with Britain so he becomes ambassador in Paris in order to get the French and now if you look at those two pictures that's kind of cool because there's Franklin in London you know looking like quite a gentleman in a velvet coat when he gets to France he realizes that the French people have been reading young Jean Jacques Rousseau maybe once too often about all the natural man and the forest and how the natural philosopher comes from the backwoods Franklin never lived in the backwoods he lived in Boston in Philadelphia in London his whole life but when he gets to Paris he wears a Coonskin cap and sort of a backwoodsmen coat so that he can appear to the French as sort of this wilderness natural man philosopher from the aras talking about independence and liberty and that's what he mean you know essentially most of the rest he does eventually return but he's in Paris he does convince the French to get in on a side to get on the side of the war and I mean he spends a significant amount of time there and become it becomes a grand old man in Paris first of all as a diplomat convincing the French to come in on our side of the war as a publicist eprint he makes a printing press in his house near Paris place called Posse and he prints the Declaration of Independence and all the great documents coming out of America of course he's renowned as a scientist because the French had been the first people to do his lightning rod experiments so they loved him in France and he's kind of he has you know debe readers died by this point so even as he's in his 70s he has two famous girlfriends mistresses in Paris and he writes wonderful poetry and baguette tells and stories to them so he is a great bon vivant in Paris it's a bit of a Parisian very much of a Parisian and drinks wonderful amounts of Port John Adams also has to come to Paris at a certain point john adams is very much the Puritan and even though they had worked together for many years they didn't really like each other and john adams was appalled at franklin having two girlfriends and getting up late in the morning and drinking a lot of port and brandy but it is Franklin who's able to get the French in on our side and then the triumph in Paris is called the Treaty of Paris when the war is winding down and blue and Benjamin Franklin is able to negotiate the treaty with Britain to end the American Revolution and give the u.s. its independence and it ends the war and Franklin was able to do it working with the French sometimes behind the back of the French a very wily diplomat and at that point they've kicked John Adams out because I know in like Ben Franklin's a guy who can make this complicated piece happen and electable oh yeah yeah it was definitely if you had to choose who you're going to spend the evening with in Paris you'd pick Ben Franklin over John even though we have to give John Adams our select from being a very very important patriot and just big picture this was once something that was surprising to me is that Benjamin Franklin who is you know kind of one of our larger-than-life founding fathers his role was not to pick up a musket his role was you know for the kind of second half of his life he was in Europe he was in London he was in Paris and he was really there to represent the country and to negotiate with both England as kind of an adversary or eventually an adversary and and with Paris as an ally and we would not really have won the revolution without his diplomacy because it's a French who send most of the Gunpowder we use most of the troops use its version the French foreign minister who helps send a navy so that at Yorktown when George Washington wins the battle that pretty much ends a revolution because the French Navy is there supporting him so all of these things work and finally near the end you know in 1885 I think as he's you know just about to turn 80 he comes back for the last few years of his life gets involved in the Constitutional Convention and becomes a great elder statesman fascinating dissertation proposal example education cover Grey Nuns.

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