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Dissertation abstract distance learning

Dissertation abstract distance learning thank you letter to guest speaker samples anglo essay history in saxon ´╗┐yes this is a long way to draw my life tag everybody's been asking for it so here we go so first off we have the beginning my father Jett Rick's who had amazing hair just so you know and my mother Robin Rick's who had also equally amazing hair they're both the same height which I always thought was really really funny but they fell in love and had four beautiful children my brother Jett Sam my sister Avery me the fairest and most awesome of them all and then Harper are a little shrinky dink over there add my mom my dad back and we have a perfectly rounded little family we all lived in a beautiful little home in Arkansas which is of course the natural state and also I drew that horribly I think I even got it backwards anyway there you go there's that so back to me the important part I was a curly blond haired little girl who was obsessed with the musical Cats at the time so I had this costume that I wore that was a cat costume and I think it kind of just started my love of cats so there's fun stuff like that I also wore a Tinkerbell swimsuit every single day because I thought I looked awesome in it and yeah I didn't even really like Peter Pan that much I just liked my bathing suit random fact about me that you should know by now but I'm a lefty and I think that really helped me with all my creativity I think that's where it really comes from I left painting I love dancing I love music all those kind of fun things I also loved acting I was a great liar as a child and I had an extraordinary imagination so I would say things like oh yeah I have this snake and it's totally like my boyfriend and like you can see us all the time like walk around me my snake boyfriend pretty cool or whatever so yeah that was the cast of I lied about was good so as you guys know my first name is art and my second name is rose so my grandmother used to call me was garden hose and I thought that was pretty adorable yeah okay so now I'm moving on I wanted to do everything as a child that's still high and today I'm obsessive but I've always wanted to be that person that could do sports and sing and dance and own a billion cats and everything sadly I was also the kid that really liked to be alone so I couldn't really participate in that many group activities because I was constantly like I want to be on my own separated by everyone and they were always like what's up with her and like I'm just cool reading over in the corner because I loved books I was that kid who was like guess what guys we get to read books and everyone else is like oh crap they are reading gross and I'm like yay books another thing that I really really loved was a Gamecube and video gaming and in 64 and anything like that and that was mainly because of my brother anything he did I wanted to do I looked up to him immensely and I still do and so I became a lover of all things video games so some of the few games that I loved as a child were Animal Crossing Super Smash Bros Donkey Kong 64 banjo kazooie and banjo tooie I also really really loved Pokemon and Pokemon trading cards which kind of became a problem when there was this guy in my kindergarten class named Zach and basically I really wanted his dark Charizard Pokemon card so what happened was he said that if I kissed him I could have this card so me being a little prostitute that I am accepted and yeah we made the deal final holla for my first kiss being about pokemon cards so anyways as I grew up I became older that's normal girls kind of scared me I liked boy things I was not one of those girls that was like I want to do girly things I wanted to be a tomboy and I was still a tomboy as all the other girls became like obsessed with hair and makeup and all those kind of fun things I stayed tomboy II which I kind of appreciate now but sadly one can only withstand so much peer pressure and I was striving to fit in at a certain point this is probably middle school era but I started hanging out with girls that really were obsessed with their weight we're obsessed what they look like and didn't really care about anything else other than their physical appearance which was kind of sad because I wanted to read books they didn't really like books I want to play video games and they just didn't really like video games and it made me sad it also made me very anxious and stressed and so the way I coped with it was trichotillomania and I've talked about it before but basically it was just my coping mechanism and not a very good one at that luckily though I mean a new friend named Kennedy and I still love Kennedy to this day but Kennedy introduced me to YouTube she showed me all these beauty gurus and we used to sit in a room and watch it's Judi time Michelle Phan and just be like oh my god we love that stuff so much eventually Kimmy made her own channel and me being the jealous little B I am I was like I wanting my own so I made one and I think my first video was a Mac haul oddly enough but that was how Abra's won 8-6 actually came about and a rose is kind of a combination of my name and some numbers it don't really make sense sadly at this point Kennedy moved away and it made me really really sad and it made me not focus on youtube as much because I didn't have her to kind of support me in that she moved and I stayed and I had to deal with all these girls that I didn't really relate to and who didn't understand YouTube or anything like that but they wanted me to be a real girl and so I became conflicted I want to do all the fun things that Kennedy let me do and let me be myself and do YouTube and fun things but over here these girls wanted me to do makeup and be popular and you know being cool and boys and stuff that's like that and so I was conflicted and I eventually became one of the crowd once again I didn't have Kennedy so I was this alone in a crowd type of person eventually though these girls really kind of them talked bad about me called me things like that fun times and I decided I was kind of fed up I didn't want to deal with them anymore so although they dumped me as a friend I also dumped them as friends so there we go so that was the summer of me being incredibly sad and crying all the time and staying in bed until five o'clock at night and really only getting out of bed to kind of like eat and stuff but I also fell in love with YouTube all over again because YouTube was kind of like my only friend and all my friends were on YouTube and so anytime that I got a new subscriber kind of made me feel like I had friends again and so I had confidence so anytime I went to school I was always sad seeing people hanging out with each other and having fun but I could think and I would think about all the fun stuff that I would do when I got home on YouTube and it made me happy again so fast-forward a couple years and we come into the Nikolaus era Oh fun times so basically Nicolas and I shared a class and we were like caddy corner with each other sitting there so he could look at me but I couldn't really look at him so I guess that was good for him I guess whenever I'm hot anyways so I was sitting there one day just blabbermouth off as always and I was talking about Kingdom Hearts it's one of my favorite game and Nicolas was sitting over there and he overheard me I was like wait a second Kingdom Hearts I must date this girl she is awesome so that's kind of how our love affair started we started talking about video games and I think that's awesome that's how our relationship started but um basically what happened was I was like I don't really want to date you and he was friend zoned for a very short amount of time he'll complain about it but it wasn't that serious anyways eventually I broke down and we started dating and it was great and that was kind of the summer of Nicolas and it was probably my favorite summer I've ever had but basically Nicolas moved off to college um and I've never been in a long-distance relationship before that and so him leaving me was hard and it was hard to stay connected and we broke up but there was this magical time called Christmas break and when Nicolas came back I was like I can't resist you you're adorable you're back we're gonna date again and we did and we're still dating now taking this a little bit more recent I'm about to graduate and I'm not ready for that I don't really know what I want to do and I don't know where I'm gonna go in the back of my mind I always knew I would need to choose college or YouTube but in my mouth I was like we're gonna do both then that wasn't gonna happen so through some unforeseen circumstances college has become kind of a difficult thing for me to do right now right now planning on moving to California the land of YouTube to meet more of you guys and I might even be starting a new channel called Arden Games not really sure how that's gonna go but I'm excited to try that out YouTube took me for my lowest place to my highest place and it's continued to take me there and I would definitely credit you guys for that anytime I was a low point and I was stressed or lonely or down I go on YouTube and I would see you guys in all your comments and it just made me so happy to know that you guys were supporting me even if it was far away so thank you thank you so much for realz a lot of things are unsure in my life but I know that you guys will always be there to support me and I will always have YouTube so thank you and that's about it see you guys next time bye popular music dissertation ideas Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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