Dissertation Causes Objectives Dirresponsabilite Penale
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Dissertation causes objectives dirresponsabilite penale

Dissertation causes objectives dirresponsabilite penale need someone to write my personal statement on minors now pro circuit r304 shorty review of literature ´╗┐you juice myself i'm logan martin city administrator here for the city of a part I think I've had a chance to say hi and and know most of you but just wanted to say hello once again and thanks for coming we've got a few folks going to give speeches then we'll be able to go on tours after the speeches are over will call up a few sets of individuals for photos before we cut the ribbon with the comically oversized scissors and then we'll go inside and now there'll be a firefighter stationed throughout the building ready to answer any questions that you might have about the the capacity and the features of the building so without further ado I'd like to call on the team of leo a daly and not Jesse baldry and Cindy McCleary to come on up and say a few words hello I'm Jesse Vaudrey designer with the OA daily um on behalf of leo a daly at several of my colleagues are here i just wanted to say that we're really excited to be here celebrate the new fire station with everyone over the last couple years I've gotten to know quite a few of you quite well and I know sometimes it seems like an eternity passes from one a project starts and when we're finally here cutting the ribbon but that's because it takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people to make something like this happen and I just wanted to say thank you to a few of them um thank you to the City Council and of course Logan Josh and the rest of the building committee Gary and Mike from cows Anderson and the rest of the fire department I hope you guys really enjoy your building and I know Josh won't be deleting my phone number anytime soon so in case anything happens um also over the last couple years I've had a chance to realize that you guys have a really wonderful community here and we're just really proud to have been able to contribute to it so thank you and I promised I would not have the rest of the team say anything but I didn't promise that I wouldn't have them come up so members of leo a daly and krause anderson and family of Karl Sanderson come on up please and participate in this if you will thank you so so well they're coming up we wanted to share with you my name is Sydney McCleary I'm a vice president with leo a daly where the architecture firm we feel absolutely and truly blessed to have partnered with krause anderson and you all on this project and what we wanted to share is over the course of our career we have the opportunity to meet all sorts of people but having the opportunity to work with emergency responders public safety fire and EMS is beyond any other type of project type any other type of person that we've had the chance to meet these folks give their lives they they give their passions they give their energy they give their volunteer time and for us to be a part of a project and have that level of commitment provided to us and to to your community in return is is a true blessing and as the rest of us run away from the flames they run to them and so it's with gratitude and thanks that the leo a daly team and the crowd sanderson team wanted to give to you all a dedication plaque to commemorate both the building and in this particular day of you all coming together as a community but also in particular to shore gratitude and our thanks to the the firefighters to the volunteer firefighters to the ems and to all of you that help support allowing them to serve your community so we are gifting you this dedication plaque which someday we'll be in the vestibule and with that again we want to thank you for the opportunity to be here with you today we are also very honored to have congresswoman Betty McCollum with us today the congresswoman was instrumental in recommending the idea of working with the state legislature our representatives Kathy Loma and Carn Housley to get this land dedicated for free and so it was her wonderful idea to do that from her time in the state legislature so uh congresswoman will call them please come up and say a few words well congratulations to everybody into the firefighters in as the Sheriff's Department all the Public Safety people here it's our job in elective office I've been I've had the honor to serve on the City Council of the state level and now at the federal level it's our job to put the pieces together to give you a building where you can train where you can put your equipment where you know at the end of the day your shift or when you come back home safely to this beautiful building that that you are appreciated because as it was pointed out you to put your lives on the line so congratulations to all the communities working together because Fire doesn't you know respect rain doesn't respect cold weather it when it happens it happens and when you have to do mutual aid the afternoon mutual aid so I really want to congratulate all the communities here in the st. Croix Valley for coming together for working together for making public safety a top priority and your honor let us know what size like you like inside or outside we're going to fly one over the United States Capitol in honor of this great community which you represent with your council so thank you hey chefs everybody mara seniors would love to step up and say a few words as well before we get to the photo opportunities so Mara seen ours so well on welcome everyone thank you for coming out and on behalf of the bay port city council including Connie Carlson dan goldston Michelle Hansen and Patrick began the Bayport fire department led by fire chief Alan eisinger and assistant Chiefs Mike gala wits and Jason Severson and a city staff led by administrator logan martin i'd like to thank you for joining us today as we celebrate the grand opening of the new fire hall which will proudly serve the communities of west lakeland township baytown township oak park heights and Bayport this new fire hall has been pursued by the fire department and city leaders for many years and I'm so honored and pleased to see it come to fruition this building was born out of necessity and pursued by the passion of our fire department it was their vision that led us to this historic event it took support and partnership from many agencies and individuals to accomplish this project and I want to take a moment to recognize their contributions with the guidance and support and cooperation of the Department of Corrections particularly Corrections Commissioner tomboy and wardens Michelle Smith and Steve Hammer as well as county commissioner Gary kriesel US Representative Betty McCollum US senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar state representative Cathy Loma and state senator Caron Housley with their help we were able to receive this sir the surplus prison land from the state no cost and not only did it save us over 300,000 dollars in acquisition fees but it also provided us with a central location from which we can better serve all of our communities we would also like to thank Xcel Energy and click Cloete Urich for their assistance in elevating the overhead utility lines near the site to provide access to the fire department's oversized equipment and vehicles and Bayport could not construct this building a building of this magnitude on its own and without the leadership and commitment shown our partner communities add 2 to enter into a long-term service agreement including an agreement to partially share building construction costs we would not be here today so I want to think I recognize board chair dan croll o of west lakeland Board Chair John Hall of baytown and Mayor Mary Macumber of oak park heights for their leadership and partnership in this project I'd also like to recognize retired fire chief mark Swenson who couldn't put in a large majority of the initial work getting the project started before his retirement and we would not be here today without his leadership and passion this collaboration demonstrated across federal state county and local government aid entities has earned praise as an outstanding example of how government can and should work together to serve its constituents and we'd also like to thank the Anderson corporate foundation represented by cloete Haley and Susan Raider the Fred C and Catherine b anderson foundations represented by mary gill strim and peter clemons and the h a huge a anderson foundation represented by brad cruz and sarah anderson who have supported Bayport so faithfully in the past and continue to do so on this project with generous grants in the amount of 1.2 million dollars we are so excited for you to all tore the state of arts of the art facility in just a few moments as it is something we are very proud of and we know that you will be too to that end we recognize the fine work of the entire construction team including the fire department building committee led by captain Josh eisinger the architectural firm Leo daily led by Cindy McCleary and designer Jesse baldry Gary's iffco and Mike mayor from cows Anderson and this team has worked tirelessly over the last year to ensure the Bayport received a top-notch building that will serve our region for decades to come while also ending on time and on budget thank you all for being here today to celebrate this truly historic event and for playing such a key role in getting this project pleated so at this time I'd like to invite the council and coordinating communities and the fire department together to cut the ribbon on this beautiful new building alright hello let's all count down 3 2 dissertation fondement du commerce international au Bethel Seminary of the East.

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