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Dissertation conclusion pdf

Dissertation conclusion pdf short thank you letter for my best friend writing good tests ´╗┐hi my name is no Mahankali Moses with healthy black woman calm and this is my good friend shaquita Graham with loving the black man calm and attack ho kaam how you doing today shaquita I'm doing great Noma nice to get to talk to you again I actually wanted to discuss the story that you kind of brought up about those stories that financial Juneteenth calm and the title is ushered Jermaine Dupri killer Mike support black owned bank by opening bank accounts at the Sun at this black owned bank and just 2 i'm gonna read a quote from killer Mike that he says killer Mike wanted people to know what that it makes a difference when you that when you bank black in his words were banking small banking local banking black and capital letters small because they're here and they're personable local because you can get to your money quickly and black because that's what we are I'm and then at the end of the article the the bloggers kind of also alludes to another story and he says this draws this is a shop I guess in contrast to the events of last month when a rapper black youngsters real name is Sam Benson allegedly withdrew 200 thousand of his 1.3 million from a wells fargo account in Atlanta when he exited the bank the police threw him to the ground and cuffed him while he wasn't officially charged with banking wild black Benson said of the incident they come bum rushing me at the car put me on the ground Putin guns to my head so I'm like what I do a lady was like I'm not supposed to have 200,000 on me I'm like I'm a millionaire how can I not have 200,000 on me they couldn't believe I was young black handsome as hail and they couldn't believe I was getting 200,000 out i had my role rolex on and with all the timings in it all my rich stuff today so what's your reaction to that well alright I was moved by the whole story and I actually recorded a video about this on loving the black man calm I love the story because I basically came to the same conclusions as a killer Mike Jermaine Dupri usher who are all involved in going to citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta and opening a new account I recently not even a month ago did the same thing because I think it's so important that in the black community we realize that we need to number one practice group for group economics and number two no one is going to treat us the way that we deserve to be treated but one another so we should be doing business with one another we should be supporting black business and we should be doing whatever we can to be on the offensive and being proactive as opposed to being on the offense that me on the defensive and being constantly offended by others who don't give us the respect that we feel we deserve so I love what they were doing and I did the same thing right I'm and I thought it was interesting between the two stories that I'm with this rapper black youngster I don't really know who he is but I read the story when it when it broke I was the back when they didn't even know who he was um and they they said he doesn't even have an account here and I wonder what you know there's so much confusion I'm and that's because that should alert you that somebody doesn't really want nor need your business when they don't even know who you are and you have millions in your in their cat in their bank and they don't know who you are and they're saying no he doesn't even bank here so this the story does say alleged Lee but this was a real story that broke out that the police did come get him after he withdrew 200 thousand dollars I'm how true everything that was said in the story is you know we can't know because we're only reading the news reports but I thought it was interesting I'm and then the other end of the spectrum is I'm you see I sure and jermaine dupri and killer Mike in a picture I think they were in a picture with the mayor of atlanta so everybody knows who they are everybody knows that they're banking here and of course they're getting the law of the respect and the appreciation because they're putting the money where their mouth is and the other thing that I wanted to bring up was um it's interesting that they didn't dumb they didn't just talk about it they actually took concrete actions and went in open bank accounts and they talked about the fact that you know you don't have to put all your money and then maybe just one account or you can put all of it or whatever it is but just do something tangible other than talk or you know yeah other than just talk about let's support each other let's support each other I'm and actually doing it and I thought that was very impressive um it also brings to my mind you know the other story that was going on about um the oscars and how will and jada um you know kind of start up this whole talking of boycotting um I don't want to get into too much about my views about the whole story but i do think again it's a sharp contrast where you're talking and complaining about something after the fact but you didn't actually do something tangible and say to people this is what I'm doing this is what I encourage you to do this is how you support black businesses or you know in their case black movies or whatever it is you become proactive so that when the time comes for you to say to people let's boycott or this is not right don't stand right behind you because they saw you doing something tangible that they can say yeah I know she or he or they have always been supporting and working to have other people support black businesses a thing absolutely and the video that I did on this subject i titled it waking the giants because i love to see black men and i know people say this term is over youth but black kings you know throughout the history of this planet they have done so much and to see them being the giants that they are in this move and I'll talk about some other black men who are doing similar things like a former NBA player Debbie on George he partnered with the architect friend of his and created 47 unit apartment homes along with the grocery co op in the community so yes we need to group our finances together and we need to create communities where we can be safe and we need to follow and support our black men as they take the lead and things like this and I just encourage everyone to google a black bang you know Google a list of black banks and find a black bank at your air in your area because to piggyback on what you said about Wells Fargo I saw an immediate difference when I went to citizens Trust Bank I mean usually when you go in the bank I mean you know we know the type of experiences we have when we patronize the businesses of other people but when I went to citizens Trust Bank I automatically got a very welcoming just a peaceful feel like I was in a place where i was accepted where i was value where i was respected and that's what we should expect and therefore we should create and leave everything else alone whether it's an education system whether it's in the business sector every institution that we can possibly withdraw from i believe that the black community should and we should create our own institutions i totally agree i think that and i think i've said it in as many videos as I can remember I'm tired of asking people to accept me and love me and include me and all this stuff and I think that if you have the opportunity to prick patronize your own then you should and if you have the opportunity and you don't we really don't want to hear it when you whine about the bad treatment that you got because you neglected to you know for instance open a bank account in your own community in a black owned bank and then you're crying about somebody was cheating you should they mistreat you absolutely not okay I'm not saying it's okay to go and be that somebody gets mistreated and I know there's going to be somebody who misinterprets what I said and says that's what I'm saying but I'm not saying it's okay to be mistreated and I think if you are mistreated you should make a lot of noise about it however I think that if you have the opportunity to support your own thing you should and then maybe you won't have as many issues with other people mistreating you because they don't feel like you don't belong but I just want to close out our session by again letting our audience know that this is chiquita gram of attack on which is a black business and worship PETA has done is she has started her own business which she deliberately created a platform for black kids and you can jump in and explain better than me if you want chapito I'm and what I love about attack or calm because I've been there I have kids of my own that I'm homeschooling is you immediately you're met by little black boy when you arrive at the page the characters the kids and everything in the educational programs they look like us and that's so refreshing and that's one of the things that i love about what she's doing and I love about patronizing black businesses I'm so against Rick Peter Graham with a taco calm and loving the black man calm which is actually why she brought up the story I'm she saw three black men doing something positive and she wanted us to talk about it and I'm normal I'm Sally Moses with healthy black woman calm and this has been a segment of your black women will black women keep it real thank you for watching thank you thank you should clean up brian may phd dissertation defense The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

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