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Dissertation design organique acai

Dissertation design organique acai essay contest for high schoolers sivaraman committee report I get a chance I have a I have a tale to tell Garden to spin please do tell everybody the 5 ounce American Silver Eagle are not so breo's america the beautiful' coins has been one of the most popular coins that we've that we've ever sold here at HSN I don't think there's any doubt about that there are five ounces of pure silver look at this five ounce the United States Mint $9.99 five ounces pure silverr it is just five ounces $9.99 fine silver the United States government has been making me since 2010 and then they release him and we've sold Doxil thousands of these perhaps tens of thousands of these and they started releasing them this year and then we had I think Fort Moultrie was the first one then we had the Frederick Douglass and what happened was is for whatever reason the United States government has decided that with the Frederick Douglass they decided they just weren't gonna make many of these so the Frederick Douglass I got one one shipment of them in we sold them here at our original issue price $189 for the five ounce this over quarter pound of pure silver sold the Frederick Douglass is out and folks if you bought one of those you got a bargain those have gone up 50 60 percent in the marketplace certainly from a wholesale level because the government only made like two runs of the fabric Douglass okay well here's my tale to tell so I was out and about with the with the family on vacation the Ozarks came out and as traditionally I don't buy the coin right away and so one of my suppliers called me uh one of the authorize purchases like you gonna buy smokes or give me you know give me a thousand because that's kind of normally what we sell of each coin he says okay he says I just gotta call him it we sold out our for with a little tiny shipment to start with and we sold those out almost immediately calls Rebecca says mint and then says they don't have any in they're not making any more I mean they only made one little run he says yeah I called where my other suppliers there's only like 15 of these guys right but don't have any how about you don't have any don't have any don't have any don't have any don't have any found one guy and I said he goes yeah I got him go how much he goes well you know I gotta charge you an extra premium I go how much he goes thirty forty dollars a coin extra premium on top of what we normally pay so I'd have to charge 30 or 40 bucks morning I don't know Kent Colin found one guy with four boxes leave thank you very much if you're watching them know you are you always do and he said I'll sell you all four boxes I have four hundred coins and I've got it at my original issue price I've got it at my original issue price Healy sold it to me right I'm selling it to you right I have every indication that this is going to probably end up as if not the rarest one of the two or three rarest five ounce American Silver Eagles ever done by the United States Mint I have held my price I could legitimately I could legitimately add 50 to 70 dollars to this price I could legitimately add 50 to 70 dollars to this price and I said no I have to give everybody an opportunity to own this right here right now at our original issue price I got the right price I called around I was on the verge of not even being able to sell this but it is a literally I would have to assault it as a sold out edition three weeks after it was released well folks all of you out there obviously because we got so many people getting excited about the 5 ounce america the beautiful' you've followed that you know how difficult how hard these coins are to get I've already sold 65 of these it doesn't count the 200 people on the phone here is the thing I can absolutely positively guarantee I had 400 coins that's it I can never do these coins again at $189 after these 400 coins sold out just pure and simple end of the days that's just the way it is I was lucky to get the coins that I got I kind of took my eye off the ball here and thank you once again we had someone help us out so that you didn't have to pay for my for my um you know kind of overlooking things that I shouldn't have for my in attention but you have this one opportunity we have this one we have this one try and already these are going extraordinarily extraordinarily quickly now one thing I want to show you I always put this out here this is what a regular quarter looks like okay now keep in mind let's go back to one other thing here this is an actual coin okay this isn't something and people get kind of caught up in this sometimes you have like Dave and Bill's and Joe's medallion shop where they got a big silver press in the back they're just making whatever suits they're fancy this is the United States government issue coin folks this is a United States government issue coin it is the one that was just released it is already a sold-out limited issue this is likely and and the coin to compare this to in terms of mintage and I think it may end up being rare is there any way do we have any of the hawaii's left can you check the Hawaii 5 ounce ATV if not check the acadia 5 ounce ATV I think we have some of those they're gonna have the same mintage okay okay they're gonna have that same similar mintage once again five ounces of pure silver so you're starting out with five ounces of pure silver so understand the silver value is this is a significant part of the quantity of quality and quantity of these coins that are available it's unbelievable now yeah there we go there's the Hawaii right there do we have it on that this is the Hawaii coin okay that you can see I've got the Hawaii going the Hawaii and now this one's 2012 and if we can put in there twice yeah $29 $529 we're gonna have a coin with basically the same amount of silver with about the same exact mintage except this one's brand new and I just got the opportunity I have a few of the Hawaii's by the way if anybody's interested we got maybe six or eight coins at five hundred and twenty-nine dollars that's kind of the Holy Grail this coin is an undiscovered unknown right so grab it grab it here's the thing because there are just a few hundred of you that will be able to grab it in that quantity will probably go tonight so this is one of those rare occasions where you'll be able to grab it you can see that we're offering it to you on flex pay so for under 48 dollars you've got your free ship in handling handling take advantage of it so that you don't miss it it's absolutely beautiful I want to dress something the Queen the sample that we have has has a few scratches on oh yeah that's because you know with our shows and the handling yeah so I just want everybody to know that yours yours will not look that way ours comes out of an original tube out of an original box that's never literally seen the light of day yes okay is what this is so this coin is just absolutely I mean mintage on these and people so what are you talking about mintage here so you're talking about silver eagles are rare and a hundred at a million or three million or five million the rarest the rarest Silver Eagle ever made of any type is the 1995 w can we look at that on hsn.com the 1995 W American Silver Eagle in pr70 let's bring that up there's 31,000 of those coins that were made one ounce of silver there's 31,000 of those coins made will show you that coin I believe it's $29,000 this point I suspect the mintage will not be anywhere near that as a matter of fact I think it'll be probably closer to twenty thousand coins 20 if this was an American Silver Eagle it would be a thirty thousand dollar coin but it's a 5-ounce it's it's an only I'm sorry it has five times the silver okay so sorry about that is what the situation is where remains by the way I just want to point that out to everyone because as they're listening that was out of the 400 remaining I have 200 plus people on the phone many people buying multiples on it absolutely so with that being said with seconds remaining it is time to take action I mean you really want to be serious about reserving it without a doubt these will all go tonight so if you really want it take at the end of the flex pay that's how I would order if you dip Dooney more than one there's a especially important sense of urgency because a lot of people buy more than one you can see in real-time what remains but it doesn't account for the number of people myself it's like okay here's what we got we got a hundred eighty last hundred seventy-nine left under No then sometimes they go in and in you know here's what I'm gonna do anything that's left I'm keeping anything that's left I'm keeping and it's so there's ten laughter twenty left those become part of my collection after this so this is gonna be it right here I told you the four hundreds all I could get and that's that's an absolute truism so if do me a favor I'll ask everybody do me a favor leave me ten or fifteen of them so I can add them into my collection the way it's looking that's not very likely to have but fantastic no that's no that's not it it's probably sold out I betcha we sold the coin here's in 1995 W in pr70 it was twenty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine maybe it was thirty two thousand don't it that's this coin is almost twice as rare as that coin alright there's coins almost twice for anyway so we'll keep you posted in the meantime five seven zero seven seven six dissertation subjects online State University of New York at Purchase.

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