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Dissertation la technique libere t elle lhomme

Dissertation la technique libere t elle lhomme peter nguyen essays reddit news beauty works gold weft review of literature hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is very exciting and not only because christmas is just around the corner I can't believe it where has the time gone but this video is also in collaboration with Moroccan oil which is really special to me because Moroccan oil products have a special place in my heart because I used to always buy them in high school and in college and still to this day and I can't believe I'm working with them so I'm really excited about that but if you guys want to learn some festive and fun hairstyles for the holiday season then and just keep on watching ok so the first tire style is definitely the easiest but I think it is super cute and definitely has a brigitte bardot kind of vibe to it so all you need is a hair brush or comb because we are gonna tease the top of our head and also a fun bow this is definitely optional you don't need it you can just use bobby pins but if you want to add kind of a fun accessory which i think is really fun for the holiday season all of the hairstyles have an accessory you can get this at Claire's for like a couple of pounds or you can just make one if you have ribbon at home so that's totally up to you but I'm gonna be using this for the first hairstyle alrighty so I want a lot of volume at the top of our head so I'm gonna section off the back part right here and really really tease that so that it's nice and high alright so that looks a little crazy but it we're gonna save that I'm gonna just do some more sections around here so that it's nice and even oh my goodness imagine I just kept it like this I'm gonna leave this front section and untouched just because I really want it to kind of flow into the back of our hair so I'm not going to tease that I'm just gonna go right until my bangs all ready so we definitely have a volume I'm just gonna smooth that all out so that it looks more perfected not so ridiculous especially that back piece I've got really big there but by all means if you want it bigger than this then go for it next you're gonna take some bobby pins or a hair elastic if you want to and I'm gonna take half of my hair and pin it up I'm just gonna really stick to these front pieces because I want all this volume and thickness coming down so leaving my bangs out twist it and pin it so you're gonna see a little bit of volume right here but it's nice and smooth at the side with our bangs falling out you don't have to have any pieces falling out but I just want something to frame my face now you're going to do the exact same thing on this side [Music] now taking this really cute oversized bow we're just gonna pin this at the top section to cover the bobby pins and it's just gonna add a really nice elegant touch to the look now Moroccan oil has a variety of products they also have some really great travel kits obviously they're great for traveling or just putting in your handbag so I'm gonna take one of the products in this one which comes with a mini shampoo and conditioner a luminous hairspray and then a mini Moroccan oil treatment I love this treatment is definitely my favorite and I've used it for so long but for this hairstyle I'm gonna use the hairspray just because I want to make sure that it holds all night and that my little bump doesn't deflate so this is hair style wine it's super easy I know that the bow is definitely being made focused on the look it definitely amps it up and makes it really festive but get creative and try out different accessories if you want but yeah let's go on to hairstyle number two okay for a hairstyle number two we are gonna use some more accessories but it definitely looks amazing without the accessories as well so I'm gonna go ahead and give myself a side part and bring all of my hair to one side now for this hairstyle if you have extensions go ahead and use them because you're gonna want a lot of volume and length but if you have naturally long hair then you are already set once our hair is all over I'm gonna take a hair elastic and secure it is if I was just doing a regular ponytail so I'm gonna loop it twice and then just pull it down a little bit and then create a little bit of a hole at the back and flip my hair through it we're gonna just tighten that a little bit but then really loosen it up so I'm just taking some random pieces from that and just making it a lot fuller now I'm gonna take my bangs just because they're gonna follow it naturally anyways so I'm just gonna pull that out so that it creates a little bit of definition to the front of our face so I picked up these little bobby pins from Claire's they just have some cute gems or jewels on them which i thought was really cute for the holiday season so I'm just going to take these out and what we're gonna do is kind of create a design right here and it's gonna push in this section just to give definition to our head but then also make this hairstyle really stand out so what we're gonna do is one in looks like this and then with the other one that I'm gonna go downwards now I'm gonna do that all the way from this ear to the other year so now that our bobby pins are in I want to cover this elastic because I don't think it really suits the look so I'm just gonna take a piece of hair from the back and wrap it around then I just take a bobby pin and secure it from behind now I want my hair to look smooth and luscious and have a nice shine to it so I'm gonna take the Moroccan oil treatment which is definitely an OG product of mine I think it was the very first more luxurious hair product that I bought in high school also I have to say the scent of Moroccan oil products is probably one of my favorite cents of all hair products but this is one of my life savers it really does Norrish your hair and all Moroccan oil products are enriched with antioxidant rich argan oil so I'm just gonna take a pump it's nice and thick and just really rub it in my hands and just smooth at the bottom section of my hair here so it looks a lot shinier and healthier just like goes on like silk it's so nice also this section right here because I got some frizz ease and then also just at the top there make it look nice and tamed so this hairstyle is definitely a little bit more effort but it is really cool you can leave out the embellished bobby pins if you want but I think it's a great way to jazz up the hairstyle a little bit quickly before the third hairstyle I just wanted to show you that obviously you can purchase the Moroccan oil treatment on its own but if you wanted to get a gift for someone this holiday season but you wanted to get more than one product rock and oil has some really great gift sets at the moment this one is the astonish gift set it comes with the moisture repair shampoo and the moisture repair conditioner and it also comes with a deluxe mini size of the Moroccan oil treatment which is my personal favorite but this is just a great little gift idea for Christmas or even a big stocking stuffer you get more than one product and all the Moroccan oil products if you've tried them then you already know that they're amazing and they really do work plus they leave your hair smelling really good so this is just a great little gift idea for this upcoming holiday season okay finally onto the third hairstyle this one is going to be an updo and for this hairstyle just like the other two I do have an accessory I just think the holiday season is a great time to experiment with accessories but like I said with all of the other hairstyles don't feel like you need to but they're super cheap at Claire's so why not I picked up this gold one that's a double banded and has little like jewel embellishments on it so I thought it was really cute and subtle so I'm just gonna put this on the mid section of my head about leaving out two sections of hair at either side of my face okay now parting my hair in the back I'm gonna create two really messy buns and take your time with this because this is just gonna be a really low messy bun kind of look also don't forget to use some bobby pins to pin some pieces that might not be following the way you want or tide the way you want so take your time with this step but again it's supposed to look effortless and I promise you every time you try and do this look it will look a little bit different [Music] okay with the front two pieces that we left out I still want some wispy pieces to fray my face but with a majority evident we're just gonna pin it back and I'm gonna use those embellished bobby pins we used and look number two and just lightly twist and just pin it right above the bun to finish off the look I'm gonna take the Moroccan oil hairspray and just spray that all over so it is in place this is a very wispy kind of messy undone look so don't worry too much about perfecting it so that is it for look number three definitely its suitable for a little bit more of a posh Christmas party or if you just want your hair up and out of your face I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to check out Moroccan oil and all the great gift ideas that you can give to someone especially if they're into hair because it is such a great gift idea or even a stocking stuffer so don't forget to Like share and subscribe and press the notification bell so that you don't miss any of my future uploads I hope you guys all have a wonderful day and I'll see you guys soon bye choosing a dissertation topic english Missouri Synod.

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