Dissertation Le Theatre Est Il Un Simple Divertissement
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Dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement

Dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement presentations on nutrition and health advantages of computer essay wikipedia [Music] [Music] welcome to the premiere of Lehigh sports central I'm Steve Decker join us every week throughout the course of this academic year as we take you inside Mountain Hawks athletics the student athletes the teams and the coaches we'll bring you the stories each and every week coming up on her first show we will talk some women's soccer and we will also learn a lot more about Lehigh wide receiver Sascha Kelsey but we kick things off literally with the start of football season this coming weekend head coach Andy Cohen here to join us as you open up with Villanova this week a top-20 matchup in FCS let's talk about how camp has been going are your guys ready to take the field on Saturday sure I surely do believe that we're ready to take the field there's no question about it our guys have had a great camp the camps have been a little different this year from other years no two-a-days none of those types of things so I think every college football coach was a little leery about what it was going to be like but I like how our camp went I like the process that we put in place and I agree our guys are ready to go but Nova is a very good team very good football team we've got a chip on our shoulder after a really tight loss against them a year ago this is your 12th season with the Mountain Hawks you're coming off your fourth patriot league title with Lehigh you're picked to win it all again this year we'll get to that in a little bit but when you look at what you have coming back especially in the offensive side of the football you have to be ready to go and really pleased with those returning guys we certainly are they're very very they're number one they're great kids through great student athletes which is what Lehigh footballs really all about but or why receiver Corps is probably as strong as anyone in the FCS or two of our guys were preseason all-american guys and that's that's hard to do when he's particularly wearing the same football team you know so I'm really pleased with where we're at right now our running game is going to be very strong Tom Bragg alone is another preseason all-american type of guy and then we've got a good group of young guys behind him so and you know what's going to be new for us and Nick chef Nick he's no longer our court back he did a great job for us last year Brad Mays stepped in and did a lot of great things for when Nick was out but Brad's had a great camp he can really spend the football and he's gonna be somebody that's gonna be reckoned with you know throughout the Patriot League let's talk about Brad Aloha because when you lose a quarterback the caliber of Nick shaft Hiskey and how many games he played for you how many games he helped you win you have a guy stepping in it's not new to him he still has some experience and he's been proven yeah absolutely you know when you look at it is you know when you first say that that's great he's done it in this game and done it in that game but this is really the first time that he's the man you know it's not only what he has to do with his arm but he's got to do a great job from a leadership perspective and I'm really pleased with Brad at how he's done that he is now the guy that owns the football team and that's real important and you need two quarterbacks to be that type of guy you also have three fifth year seniors coming back to your team this year including a couple on the offensive line we were talking earlier that's almost like a mini new recruiting class for you isn't it it really is and obviously because we're getting three very good football players back and they're all captains now and you look at Brandon short and Zach Duffy they're coming back those two guys are coming back as captains and then Jimmy Major Jimmy Mitchell it's going to be the first time as our captain but what's real important not that they're really good football players but they give great leadership to our younger players Steve and that's that's real important you know we bring in 19 or 20 recruits every year and they're young and they don't know what they're doing and they can really get a big benefit when we've got those fifth year guys helping them out as a result of all these returning guys that you have you are picked number one in the preseason to win the Patriot League title winning 11 of the 14 first-place votes all together is that something you like to be the team that's being hunted or is it the bulls and the back brings a little extra pressure well I think last year we were hunting and we did a really good job but you know I kind of like that role I think most football coaches like that role but with this football team Steve I think there with all the leadership that we have the veteran players that we have I think those guys know how to do this job so I'm excited for those guys you know they know where they're at and what the expectations for those guys are at and I think these guys are gonna do a good job just because you're number one doesn't mean it's going to come easily we always know that Fordham and Colgate who are second and third and in the rest of the league always brings their best every single Saturday no doubt Steve no doubt and one thing I've been telling our players really since the season then it's going to be harder for us to win a championship this year Steve than it was a year ago just because of all those other numbers and those other people they're chasing us let's move to the defensive side of the football and in years past they didn't have to be perfect they just didn't have to give up points every time the other team had the ball what's the situation with the defensive side this year well we kind of tweaked our defense a little bit this fall and we've got a good group of defensive linemen and then we you know as we went through spring practice and everything we really took a good look at our defense and it really should you know we probably needed to be more of a four down type of operation we've got a very good group of defensive linemen so we're gonna you know hang our head on those guys and so they're gonna do a great job at the line of scrimmage and then I'm really excited about our youthful group of guys on the secondary and they're fast and there's a bunch of guys there who are also real good leaders what they're doing Quentin Jones is gonna be back for us and that's going to be another big big thing for us coming back off a tough injury last year but he's ready to go he's had a great camp and I'll go back to the defensive line that guys up front have done a tremendous job and I think our offensive line is a really good group but boy it was great to see those guys throughout camp you've gone at each other the O line and the D line and the secondary and and the you know and the defensive backs and wide receivers it's been it's really been good to see one of your captain's that you didn't mention yet is a junior sam mccroskey one of those defensive backs he talked about he is the first junior to be named captain since 2006 what qualities in him do you like that he's gonna have to be a captain well I know right to this the first thing I would say is with the captaincy we have a vote and as you go through the vote all the seniors they're listed their names are listed Steve's if you're going to be a junior captain it's because you were chosen by your peers so that I think speaks speaks the world to me that someone was able to do that and to be captain as a junior Sam I think really from the time he was a sophomore here you could tell him he has the he has the ability to be a very very good leader and he's a very good football player and he played a lot of football for us as a sophomore and again that's kind of hard to do any Patriot League team especially our place let's take a look at what the schedule looks like this year it's always challenging for the Mountain Hawks you start with Villanova team that's ranked in the FCS just like you guys are and then you you get some Ivy League teams in there as well and I'm sure when you go to to Monmouth you're going to look for some revenge from a year ago as well what do you mean Steve well I don't think you were too happy after week one last year we were we were a lot of alumni Wharton either know we do have it I think it's outstanding schedule there's some different teams obviously we talked about mommoth it's good to get Yale back at our place and then Penn will have pen again at our place which is great to see like what's really good about our schedule this year is we have six home games including the game at Lafayette Georgetown I think is really improving as a football team I think for them if I had to take my vote without being at Lehigh I think Fordham is probably the top top team in our league and in Bucknell was a really really good team last year I mean they got right to a chance of knocking us out of having a chance to win the Patriot League championship and Holy Cross Holy Cross last year was really hurt when people Yas was injured and he missed a large part of the season for the Holy Cross guys but he's gonna be back and he's a very talented quarterback so he's going to give a lot of teams a lot of fits it'll all start on Saturday at Goodman Stadium 12:30 against Villanova a great matchup of two top 20 teams in FCS Andy thanks as always for the time we'll see you next week after week one thanks order dissertation abstracts international search Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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