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Dissertation mondialisation pdf

Dissertation mondialisation pdf literature review in research format definition current topics for argumentative essays ´╗┐our children remodel and since 1972 you said that the first integral kids came to the world and then they are a psychic children in Mexico in China and Russia there are other kids that are different in these last years that they appearing how can you tell some of the children well I do believe the truth these new children began in 1972 but scientifically speaking China can only bring it back to 1974 and but in the first child in China was discovered in 74 who could see with his ears you can see with those ears just is just as well as you can see with your eyes and then more these children begin to emerge they can see with their the tip of their nose their mouth the tip of their tongue their armpits their hair her hands or feet different parts of their body and I mean you can absolutely seal their eyes off but they could see just as well without it that was just the beginning and that was really the tip of an iceberg because now scientifically the world has been they able to experiment with these kids and really they can do anything they can think of even if it breaks the laws of the known physics and and so all it is is life this new connection to the new Christ consciousness grid is beginning to emerge and is it's emerging through the children first it's always been this way its first the children than the females then the men we're always the slowest ones and and the children always are first what emerged were two uniquely different type of children one was the indigo kids have been given that name those children are found wherever there are a lot of computers the higher the density of computers per capita the more you see the indigo kids and they have a relationship with computers that is hard to understand by even through the scientific mind because they my daughter one of them was a one she could look at a computer and run program so it would always know whatever the computer was going to do before it did it and and was always right she was never wrong and and that's how these the their relationship with computers is quite extraordinary if you really truly understand what a computer is which most people don't they think it's a physical thing it's just an object and it's just calculates means etc but can what what computers are are crystals and they are just an arrangement of crystals and then without that arrangement of crystals there would be no computers it is the heart of a computer is a crystal and specifically quartz crystals so they can use other kinds of crystals depending on how they're using the electrical energy and crystals or computers are on one way of looking at it alive scientifically alive because you see in the periodic table of elements the carbon is considered the basis of organic chemistry and for a long time carbon was thought that that was the only that own only that you had to have carbon inside of your body in order for there to be considered an organic living thing and but in the 50s they discovered that silicon which is one octave above and directly below carbon also exhibits the principles of life equally not more or less but equally with carbon and so from a pure scientific point of view silicon is a living atom and they and they speculated that there may be in other worlds the silicon life-forms that didn't have any carbon in them but of now as of this day have discovered pure silicon life-forms on earth that have no carbon in them in are alive and they move they live they breathe well they don't breathe but they live and they reproduce and everything else and they found sponges for example down deep inside the oceans and they're beautiful they're living forms but there's no carbon there only silicon when you understand that you can see that the computer is another way of that humans or conscious spirit can function through and so the children where carbon have found a way to link between the carbon and the silicon which we call computers and and it is a it is a new way that humanity is is able to express itself and so these kids which we call silk indigo kids are quite amazing in all kinds of ways their intelligence is usually in the genius level at least in in very specific areas relative to one of these indigo kids in other words what it really is whatever they really like they excel with in what they don't like they don't care about so you see a lot of these kids who get either a plus plus plus in a certain subject and then another sub they get an F because they don't care and and so and now the they have divided themselves into other specific kinds of levels like the crystal kids etc and everything else but there is another kind of child that's been merging on earth which we are calling super psychic kids and these kids are functioning very much in the way that Jesus did Jesus was doing all kinds of psychic phenomena walking on water you know bringing people back from the dead turning water into wine on and on and on and all these kinds of things and those are that is what the second phenomena but it's psychic phenomena that is done in a very specific kind of way that can only be done from the heart and not from the mind because it doesn't have that polar polarization and there are children now I'm urging all over the world that can do anything whatsoever that they think in outrageous as it sounds in China and this has been recorded in the scientific manual journals like nature journal and everything it's in the earth but they've got three kids that can actually walk right through solid walls and they scientifically recorded this they don't have a doughnut but they know that it's real and so so the higher levels of consciousness are already beginning to emerge on earth but it is taking place almost exclusively through children and and so at this point all from what we have been able to determine from all of this is that almost all of the children that on earth right now are either one of these categories and they really are not human and they are really not human even scientifically because they are changing their DNA their DNA has been altered and and they are changing parts of their bodies inside their liver is different than most human beings and we don't know specifically all the other changes that are occurring within them we have determined a science has determined that the number of codons in the in the human DNA is different than what it is in human beings and so there is a very rapid evolution taking place on a DNA level within humanity at this moment and and that's science saying this not just me or just making up a bunch of stuff so you just say all the kids that are being born in this moment are different I can't say 100% and it's a lot I would say probably at least 99% hey they would roll on they we became models so we would be able to clean your hands raise her people human race is evolving and it is changing at this moment the old way of being in the old way of living life and interpreting what life is is about to go away and die the and that is the part of us that creates war and conflict with each other that cares only about our self and not about others the higher life-forms can't do that because they know that there is only one spirit that moves through all life everywhere there's really one it's an illusion to think that there that there that it is that it's different and there's different people on things it's not really the truth there's only one and all the higher life-forms know this and so there's really nothing to do but besides have fun and enjoy life but to help each other to love each other and so that part of us that doesn't care about other people is dying the part of us that really does care about other people and loves life that is being born and so in this cycle and the procession in your arms is the moment when the death of the old way will take place at least this is what most of the indigenous prophecies are so the the governments that that are especially the governments that are led like would Bush and a lot of other people who are only caring about their own government and their own things and money and oil and all this stuff that part in humanity is is is in the midst of a death process but the part that is in people everywhere on the jungles in the cities of everywhere the people that are ordinary ordinary people that there is something that is about to come out of them that is it's ancient it's has always been there it has been there since the beginning of the creation and that's that's what's about to come out and so the way human beings interact with each other is about to completely change and and it is this new part of consciousness that is the part that will not only change the world and change the environment and change how human beings relate to each other but it is from that point that new possibilities that mankind has long long long forgotten it is these new possibilities that are about to become real and where people actually walk around on earth and it will be every single last person on earth will be involved in this there will not be anyone who is not so this is this is a beautiful thing that is about to occur I know there are people that are afraid of these kind of changes in the way it looks but really the safest thing you can do is just be like a little kid and have fun and and just be excited about what's coming because it is in the most truest way God is about to walk on her jacqueline ross toefl dissertation award Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange).

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