Dissertation Ordonnances Article 38 Of The Constitution
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Dissertation ordonnances article 38 of the constitution

Dissertation ordonnances article 38 of the constitution wonders of science essay wikipedia shqip farm2fleet truckers report news ´╗┐Jerris today we are going to do something amazing today we're gonna do the unthinkable we are going to launch Minecrafts first-ever nuclear missile are you excited ha no why not charis I know you don't trust me but trust me this is going to be fine look we're a military base today so it doesn't matter if anything gets broken because none of it's ours we can just get out of here as soon as possible if things go wrong okay ah such a bore right I just need to get some equipment should just be right in here right we've got ourselves arrows Alex head pigs chainmail breads smiley emoji tea villager head butter ah yes missile parts perfect ah look at this beautiful everything we need to create loads of different missiles leading up to the biggest one the nuclear missile right let me grab the stuff and I'm back in a second okay tres I've got all the things are you sure you're not excited about this Wow okay fine I'll do this one by myself right guys we have got ourselves redstone and an arrow and this is going to be the way we control this as much as we can because these are targets that allow the missile to fall or aim for wherever we like so first off we need a missile and we're gonna go for this one right here first this is the cracking missile it's going to be beautiful and we are gonna make it land I guess over here we don't know what's in here Bay it can't be anything important right so we are gonna place down the cracking missile right here and look at that it's not one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen look he really is not interested Wow fine chairs fine fine I didn't want you to see this anyway right okay guys we're gonna have fun ignore that guy look at him with a party pooper so we're gonna need a flint and steel we just need to light the bottom of this and whoa ha ha Livan is dang oh that is crazy loud and crazy ants Oh where's it gone miss oh hello oh wait wait is that it is that it right there I think it is oh my goodness here comes here comes gonna land right there yes yes yes that was awesome look at this so what happens if this one is it lands and then the land starts cracking around it so as you can see this bit kind of created itself upwards look the land is cracking before our very eyes this was awesome guys let's launch another missile okay what's the next one we have ourselves a water missile see this can't cause much damage surely let's place this one let's be real risky and put it right here and then we're gonna launch it from here look at this so nice logic and off it goes ah so beautiful zero second of missile see you in a second let's see weapons if we stand right on the marker it should be fine right I can't hear anything missile oh wait wait is that it yes oh I think I I think I just blocked the missile whoops fly my pretty go again I wrecked the last one here he comes here he 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convinced that this is safe yeah that's true actually but um oh well I've done some damage oh no look okay that's a problem all my supplies all their supplies this isn't my military base okay I'm in big trouble well things can't get too much worse let's fire off this one the tele missile 2.0 that sounds pretty high-tech actually right plain this is the last of your days let's plop that down here let's put down the tele missile right here and be gone destined to be the best rocket you could ever be here we go I have no idea what's gonna happen but this plane again isn't mine is going to disappear there we go oh oh that's awesome it's taken most of the plane and teleported it to higher up that's that's really cool look at this door literally leads to nowhere that's my favorite wasn't so far like that right next we only got two left let's try this one this one is going to be super missile yes hmm where to put this one I think we should go for this a tiny building here so if we put that down left for down the super missile I'm a little bit scared for this one so I'm gonna launch it from here and three two one away look at the TNT on the top of it oh I have a feeling this one is going to be crazy I forgot where it's landing Gomer is landing let's fly over the water are here okay this is going to be mad here it comes super-duper missile boom what how comes it doesn't work on this place this is a pretty well protected military base jeez five looking out the breach the walls super missile don't let me down but I've had a bomb but I'd be the best missed though you could be here we go Bab wait what that wasn't very super was it really what is it not destroying everything super missile God I want to see explosions destruction all of the above and I still got a nuclear missile to set up right here land right here and explode this time what okay I'm gonna skip the super missile and see if this new one the nether star nuclear wait a second let's see if this works now here we go guys I've broken it I have broken the machine charis wherever you are you're doing your soul course you've actually got past that bit that's impressive I'm sure so we need to get out of here because I broken the big machine and their military base is a massive mess let's go quick go okay trace are we good Joris what are you doing here what's wrong what's why yes this might be a stupid idea but I am full of stupid ideas you should know that by now so we have some targets and we have what we need to create our brand new missiles we've got the super missile the we can try again I mean we also have enough before our other one which is the big nuclear atomic missile that you guys have been waiting for right I am gonna set this to go on top of this pig right here I think he knows my plan okay I'm just gonna put it here I'm gonna grab the super missile and I'm gonna launch this bad boy was it alike it's got the TNT on top we know that already let's see if it works this time because last time it just didn't it's just up wait patiently all no it better not blow that up that's important there's only one way to find out 3 2 1 ah did it work it worked or did the Machine survive I think it survived by literally one block lickle this is literally only destroyed the outer edge was lucky but check out the super missiles damage that is insane but you know it's gonna be even more insane the atomic missile do not further adue away from Charis because he's probably gonna get even more mad at me I'm gonna place down my targets right here and they're gonna place the atomic missile right here OOP look at it look at it it's it's beautiful and I am gonna light it three two one go yes so excited look at it it's taking ages to the Lord because it's so packed full of TNT this one takes 10 TNT instead of 4 up it goes and bad things are about to happen pigs are you watching bad things are about to happen where is it oh I can see it I can see it right there it's on its way doubt it takes longer to fool than the other rockets but here we go here we go ah whoa whoa okay okay what's happening we're having a meltdown over here the world is exploding I have no idea what's happening I'm down a hole help help me we good are we good I think we're good but the world definitely is not and I've got myself some hunger I've got radiation fantastic never play with nuclear missiles guys even in Minecraft you get sick wow it's even broken the world it's insane look at this that is crazy I'm so glad we didn't do this at the military base otherwise we would be in massive trouble actually they'll probably be after us any second now for launching nuclear weapons did I just hear Travis moaning I think I did whoa this is insane look at these guys it's crazy hey you know what I think that's a great way to end the video the nuclear missile was insane if you want to try the nuclear missile for yourself check the description below I'll have all the information where you can get this it's all in vanilla minecraft which is even more insane to go ahead launch nuclear warfare on your friends your enemies and your squids right over there yeah I probably know guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please a big fat thumbs up that we greatly appreciated and it deserves to be the first with you see my many pleased students it is subscribing to toy team TDM staple daily gameplay videos part of my guys stay awesome I hope you have an amazing day and why don't you check out another video by me right here I think you just might enjoy it it has hundred percent less nuclear weapons 200 percent more fun go ahead check it out scott ortman dissertation examples Cayuga Community College.

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