Dissertation Philosophie Quest Ce Quun Homme Cultive
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Dissertation philosophie quest ce quun homme cultive

Dissertation philosophie quest ce quun homme cultive el reportero peliculas yonkis gratis minseln kindergarten writing ´╗┐all right so it's Alan Martin coming to you from Jubilee RV Center in Calais British Columbia today we're gonna be talking about the sports coach 405 FK this is a cross-country model from Forest River really really nice Motorhome this one has four slides I'm going to run through the details real quick here and this one has the 340 horsepower is becomes turbo diesel wheelbase is 266 inches twenty-nine thousand five hundred pounds gross vehicle weight rating 33,000 pounds gross combination weight rating that's the total you can maximum way when you're towing fuel capacity is a hundred gallons 40 41 44 total length 12 foot four high including the air conditioners 102 inches wide with the slides in 90 gallon freshwater capacity 52 gallon grey water black waters 46 and the awning size is 20 feet so lots of really cool stats there but a an amazing coach so we're just going to walk around here a first thing I'm going to note is these really forward mounted mirrors gives you really good visibility from the driver's seat and this is a one-piece windshield on this unit as well these are side cameras so when you put your indicator on these come on automatically and provide you with view down the side of your coach eliminating some of the blind spots I'm gonna open up these compartments as I go we've got just a small storage compartment here but these ones are full pass through so this is a basement model and this particular door has a slide-out function this just slides right out you'll see there's some piles on there those are some extra tiles this one has a fully tiled interior so just some extra equipment for you for later on and you'll notice the DVD player up in there and I'm gonna show you why that is there in just a second another big compartment door here this just continues all the way along and one more and he's all open to the side and the reason for that this is underneath the slide-out so it allows you that you access this more easily than having to lift those doors up you see on some coaches leather here we've got our TV you can see it's a full HD TV this is over-the-air TV but it also has two satellite dishes on this unit it has a Canadian and a US system so no matter where you go you can get a signal that will work for you this unit comes with two furnaces there - 20,000 BTU furnaces so you've got lots of heat for the whole coach as you come to the back this is going to be some of your service compartments we've got your de F fluid air you can shut off your batteries and so forth really easily and then this is your big battery compartment for your main coach batteries as well and this one also has a really nice inverter in here something else that's a really liked about this coach as it offers on-demand hot water heater so you're never gonna run out of hot water with this unit it's that's a really nice feature ladder to access the roof and the previous owner had an extra rack on here he carried an additional ladder with them so we're gonna leave that there if you want it you can have it if not we can take it off no problem at the back there's just some serviceable features here check your air filters and loyal and all that stuff's pretty normal over on this side just more service compartments that's gonna be your air filter in there and some relays on your stuff there we've got power supply this one does you is a big 50 amp connection and it does come with a 30 amp step-down depending on what connection you're at obviously more storage and your propane tank the other furnace there all your service points for you know doing your winterizing and dumping tanks and so forth again now these sideways opening doors underneath the slide here this slide is a little bit deeper this is your main port flush top floor slide and there's that big slide-out compartment on this will go either way depending on all things are you'll probably have to take it out the other side but again just a small one for smaller items again we can fuel the the unit from either side so we've got fuel tanks on both sides obviously riding on the big 22 inch wheels this is a full air ride suspension as well and then just some of your hydraulic controls and things like that up here at the front the last important I'm going to show you is the generator area pulls down and this does have the Cummins Onan 8000 quiet a thousand watt quiet generator so really great power you're never gonna run on a power with unit like this and this generator runs quite very quietly I'm just gonna fire it up so you can get a sense [Music] not a really loud unit when you're inside with all the insulation around it with his putter on the choir you can start that from inside the coach as well in two different locations all right so next we're gonna go inside we're gonna show what the slides look like when they're in and then we'll stop the video again will show what what it's like when it's out so let's go inside real quick so here we go inside slides in and the next shot we're gonna see what it looks like with everything out it's an amazing transformation alright so we're inside the 405 FK from sport coach and we're just going to talk a little bit about the front end here I'm not gonna get into too many details but this one is on the Freightliner chassis as I mentioned before this has the 340 horsepower Cummins engine is B version it does have a six-speed Allison transmission it's the bluest to 3000 series so yeah there's lots going on up here pretty straightforward setup very comfortable seats both of these suites by the way do swivel and I guess I should have shown that but we can look at it another time but we want to get really focus here on the inside of this coach earlier I showed you what it looked like with the slides in and now you can see the space it's absolutely here huge in here I'm 5 foot 9 and so obviously that's my reach of true reinvented things so you've got lots and lots of room this is a refrigerator that is basically the same as your home refrigerator it's a kitchenaid you'd see this at home earlier in here it's already nice and cold and I was we're running a generator for probably about 20 minutes before so it cools off really quickly and does have an inverter so this is running right now we do not have the engine running so you can run down the highway and have your refrigerator staying cold this does have the Frigidaire you will mode microwave so this is a convection oven as well nice big size there and the nice thing about that of course is it frees up more space so you need great big drawers that are great for pots and pans and that kind of thing lots of full extension drawers the road here lots of space nice full coverage we've got the solid surface countertops and you know really really good layout overall it does have two Haida beds so both of these beds fold up completely you can you only use one or the other just because of the layout here but this is basically a full-size clean and then you've got a double as well obviously comes with the TV there's lots of really good lighting in here I'm not sure if this is not gonna be on me just because of the wattage that we're using right now the inverter can only handle selection so if we come into the back we've got a really nice head area there it's separate from the rest of the coach it does have a little spray wand so you can mix it a little bit easier to keep the toilet clean it's a good cabinet here for things like towels and and other goodies we have a nice nice shower stall this is a really nicely finish our stall it does have a seat or a footrest so you can shave your legs ladies makes it a little bit more convenient and it does have a nice skylight in here so there's lots of natural light earlier outside I talked about the outs the the hot water heater and the hot water heater on this one you can actually control the temperature of the heat right from here so super easy to adjust and make right big sinks nice finishing on the sink and lots of room in the medicine cabinet as well into the bedroom Wow one nice layout this is a Sleep Number bed in here so you have two sides two chambers in this bed it has air inflatables inside the bed mattress and you can adjust the the firmness depending on just exactly what you prefer so there's never gonna be somebody saying geez it's not firm enough or it's too soft one way or the other another TV back here and then there's also a DVD player this unit I mentioned before it does have both satellite systems on it so it has a Canadian and a u.s. system what you need to do is simply buy the receiver that's necessary for either one of those when you open up in here you've got lots and lots of room it does come with a small vacuum cleaner there's hanging Closet in here it's very very nicely appointed and last but not least this has a stacker washer/dryer okay so the nice thing about this obviously is you're never really going to have any limitations on how much time you can spend out there take large water tanks this has you know for a long time and have clean clothes feel fresh big generator in here two air conditioners really a beautiful coach and I think something that you're gonna really appreciate go online check out the pricing there my name is Alan Martin please ask for me if you're coming in to see this you've never talked to another salesperson here I'm here to help give us a call presentation dune dissertation deconomie Helene Fuld College of Nursing.

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