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Dissertation structure kcloud

Dissertation structure kcloud free cover letter samples chicago 2018 essay prompts high school ´╗┐what's up everybody welcome back to my channel yes today we are talking about the velour liquid lipsticks and they're many and they're from my brand and I'm really really oh I'm freaking out I'm really really I'm really really really really right excited because today we are going to be unveiling and showing off the mini velour liquid lipsticks now I showed a sneak peek on Instagram a few weeks ago and the internet went nuts now I have gotten to so many requests over the last few years Geoffrey where is the mini liquid lips and I always think around holiday time like we are now three years into my brand almost November will be my three year anniversary and I'm like it's time to switch it up a little bit and let's give everyone what they want if they're asking for baby we don't give it to you so today we are going to be talking about this is a volume one of the nude collections indie mini forms now I say volume one because later I will put out volume two maybe even volume three with other shades but for now this is what the bundle looks like it comes in a beautiful this big y'all let me put this over my face you guys see how big this box is so it is large and in charge and it says open here for nudes it is soft matte touch so it feels really silky and let's open her up shall we oh alright so in the bundle you get eight shades you guys and seven of them are my top sellers that have been a staple in the Jeffrey star family and the first one right here is called skin tight and you may recognize her she was a lip ammo from the summer chrome collection which was of course in a stick formula now we have transformed it into a liquid version and you will be able to try out that formula exclusively here so we do have that shade and let's go down the line shall we we got mannequin which is what I'm actually wearing on my mouth today you guys my favorite noona ever made I think besides the next one which is a celebrity skin and then we have posh spice rose madder gem leo and last but not least androgyny now quick tea androgyny has been my number one most bought in shade second is unicorn blood third is celebrity skin so y'all love the nudes and the dark reds so of course I've had to include androgyny in this bundle so today we are going to go over how much is in here how much is in each individual item we're gonna talk about the price we're gonna talk about everything we're gonna do some swatches so let's dive into it we bundle will be retailing for $52 now a lot of you're gonna ask about the prices now here's the thing with minis it is a little less than half of what you would normally get in a velour liquid lip full-size now we all know this retails for $18 this has been the like staple in my brand and this is what really catapulted the brand to the next level is this formula so of course the minis were inevitable so let me compare at full size of course here is shade leo and here is the mini so I'm gonna hold it up so you guys can see the sizes now I know a lot of you're gonna buy a girl is there a lot of product in there that was the number one most asked question on the internet and let me explain to you guys the fill weight so this has zero point and nineteen fluid ounces in there and now the mini has 0.7 it is a little bit less than half let me explain I'm sure when you look at it in my hand you're like girl is this only it the product is actually I'm gonna show you guys and I almost want to break one apart but I'm gonna have to get a hammer for that but when you open this up okay you're gonna pull it out this is a virgin one we've never been used before and of course you have the same wand you still have the same base top as this one so it will feel the same if you are used to having a normal one and they go right on the mouth now here is what I haven't really explained before is that underneath this pink plastic the product is filled up almost to the very top of this so there is the illusion of you're only getting what you see in the clear part but there's actually product that goes almost all the way up I love these because they're so good for just being on the go you can take one or two and throw them in your purse a lot of times I like to bring three or four colors with me so if you want to throw them on your bad girl they're the perfect size for traveling this bundle will be for sale on jeffree star cosmetics dot-com and few of my other retailers will have them so if you guys also ever want to know like hey does your brand sell in my country or are there any e retailers meaning like Beauty lish calm or morphe brushes calm that also carry my brand there are also other countries that carry it so if you go in jeffree star cosmetics dot-com go on the top you guys and click the FAQ section at the bottom it will show you what websites actually carry my products I know there's a lot of counterfeits out there besides that this launches on September 30th at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time if you're watching this in the future maybe it's out so you better go cop 1 the last but not least we should swatch all eight on my hand now I have used these shades in a lot of videos throughout the last year and a half on my channel so you can find them in tutorials but I thought if you've never seen these colors or you want to see them swatched again I will swatch them on my hand you guys know I'm infamous for the damn hand swatches let's dive into it skin tight is a very peachy nude it is a very pale now I've been wearing the lip mo for a long time and on my girl we need it in a liquid lip so I'm gonna take these now you know although this is not gonna be the best swatches on the planet I'm not doing no tape no nothing I'm just showing you exactly what the color looks like so there is skin tight now if you are someone who have used my liquid lips before there's no explanation needed but if you are new my liquid lips are vegan they are cruelty free they are paraben and gluten free and they are also very full coverage they're very light on the mouth so it really feels like you're not really wearing much and of course they are long lasting if you're gonna eat oily foods I definitely recommend grabbing it and taking it with you because oil will remove most or if not all liquid lips alright next shade is mannequin of course I am wearing it on my mouth but we're still gonna swapped her on my hand real quick this is a darker shade than skin-tight of course you're about to see in a second BAM and there is I'm gonna try to make it the same width because my brain is like a little more there we go alright so there is mannequin MA next up is celebrity skin this is one of the top selling shades of all time for my brand right below and drogyny and this looks good on every single skin tone it is in the more dark family so it's a little darker than mannequin as you can see on my hand let me bring it all the way back there we go it is a shade darker so if mannequin is too light for you it definitely go up and do celebrity skin or use it with a lip liner and put some in the middle baby mmm next up is posh spice which is like a Grey's nude it has more of a grey tone to it it's kind of a little more eat the roll I love this color let's swatch it I think when I first came out with this I wore this for like a month straight could not take it off I just love the tone of this one as you can see it is darker than the previous three next up is a rose madder which you all know I've used this shade in so many videos I love it it has a different tone it's not your typical nude but it's definitely in the nude family oh girl I am obsessed and I kind of feel weird saying I'm obsessed with this color because it is my own brand but maybe I'm obsessed next up is Gemini and I know this is so many people's favorites like I see this tagged all the time this is a more of a warm tone almost like a peachy celebrity skin and I think this shade looks flawless on anyone alright now next up is Leo which of course we just mentioned and this one is such a beautiful warm terracotta nude this looks so beautiful on medium to dark skin tones and let's swatch her my hands running out of room but you guys will get the gist sorry for these swatches I know they are a little weird and unconventional but hey the hand works so as you see it is a little darker than these three and I just love the undertone last but not least is Enduro Janee this was one of my favorite shades of all time and it has been like number one ever since I put it out it doesn't matter what color I put out this is still top seller it's insane so of course we are going to swatch androgyny right here this is such a cool dark plum Mavi type of nude and you guys have made this such a hit so thank you so much for supporting androgyny so here all eight of the minis swatched I know a lot of you have these shades already and if you don't this is a perfect time to grab them and try them all so oh Allah here they are thank you guys so much for watching this video get ready for September 30th because the nudes are finally launching now also you guys I have a lot I have a lot more launches get ready because 2017 baby we are not done we have skin frost highlighter Pro pallets coming we have the star family collection with me Nathan and all my dogs and we also have holiday so saddle up because it's gonna be a good end of the year all right you guys I love you so much and I will see you on my next video fashion design dissertation titles Queens College, City University of New York.

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