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Dissertation writing in practice by linda cooley

Dissertation writing in practice by linda cooley good college essay prompts for texas aristotle nicomachean ethics summary [Music] [Music] whoa hey guys I'm a vlogger now this is like my first time actually holding the camera and like recording with it was so weird so hey guys welcome to my new vlog channel I am going to be doing vlogs now I'm so excited I got a new camera for an early Christmas present and I wanted this camera for a long while and I'm really awkward I don't know what to do this is my first ever vlog that's going to be on my channel I've uploaded some other random stuff which I probably will continue to upload some random clips but I also will be uploading vlogs on this channel oh my goodness I'm so happy and excited I'm not gonna be a daily vlogger but whenever I'm doing something exciting I want to vlog it and have the memory of it but if I'm having like a day just at home and I'm not doing anything I probably probably won't vlog but I do upload every Tuesday on my main channel but wow this is so cool and my arm hurts so today is Saturday December 10th not sure when I'm gonna upload this vlog I might be a few days later it might be tomorrow I don't know um I am so happy cuz I put up my Christmas trees like two days ago and I'm kind of running a little late on the decorating but here's my tree I'm very very proud of it it's super cute I did that bow by myself and I'm so proud I usually have a lot more on it but I think less is more and I have some really pretty ornaments on it like a few of roses these little beads there's my Christmas tree so yeah this is like my first time ever vlogging and I'm really nervous and excited to document kind of like my life or like come along with me vlogs so I really want to start doing like a little a tradition on or in my vlogs is that I tell you guys a Bible verse every single vlog so I'm super started let's check out the bow the Bible verse of the day and I hope this motivates you or helps you in any way so the Bible verse of the day is isaiah 3217 do what is right and will bring you peace and rest when my people do that they will stay calm and trust in the Lord forever so yeah that's the first Bible verse of the day I will be doing that every vlog so yeah I hope that helped you in any way well look who it is what are you doing I'm vlogging bro Wow say hi to my son Chinese he solo another day huh you salty rabbit you do beans green beans - riddles - riddles yeah so this is my first clip with my new tripod hi well this is really cool I just hope it stays and I don't want my camera flying off in the mall that would not be cute No thank you not today Satan no look who's got a game today hi Bobby baby okay hope I win currently H in H&M what I mean oh gosh guess what I'm getting how much though yep I'm getting it [Music] yes okay I just got my purchase got just Weaver shirt and it's really cute white lace sure I'll show you guys later in the vlog but currently looking for Ryan she's taking forever so Ryan if you're watching this hurry up I'm super excited we go shopping okay so here's OTD don't know where I got this jacket from it's like a baby pink it's really bright on camera then I have this crop top from H&M super Q winner got my headband from Hot Topic as I said and then high-waisted skater skirt then I got high knee socks boots well we just found her dress that's at that quick okay I was like that's a cute color and then I saw there's pearls on it and I was like oh she's sheer tall so gorgeous is it like some stores and you wanna get Starbucks or friend is currently in Hot Topic gonna find a few things for her friends [Music] success it got like two things about it focus on me okay hello okay we're in Claire's so we got we did some damage we went to Bath and Body Works now we're in Claire's it's JV stuff okay I gotta go chokers okay if you ever want to get me something get me freakin the sorry hat any hat I'm JV I want yeah okay so we got some food I got this strawberry lemonade it's all it's really lit it's a really flattering angle it okay we're going into Francesca's right now I love this store she's never been in here so China yeah it's really I recently found this story amazing some have really really cute stuff yeah I'm YouTube channel it's called a baguette sunshine Abigail sunshine that's okay hi you'll be my blog put your name hang me from Francesca's okay she rather who bandanas if y'all know Ryan being dated or everyday this hard to have all right that's her thing so we're here in Victoria's Secret look how cute guys have this in my room please like look how adorable [Music] so currently now home got a new Christmas tree look how beautiful her earrings are I wonder who gave you those we're in the dance competition like all these I think they're Cheerilee I'm glad the feels lousy Christmas party you mean like a pickup festival so mama so we have like us like a but a guy that we go to to get my office helping me this way Oh ornaments wrong with the names and we found it when I'm so happy to play tennis on it okay we got what we were looking for okay hold on wait focus those white yeah they look the lights are killing my vibes hey papa your book man is boxes full of crap do something for the wall I don't know I don't want to do that I know one did but it's fine that was my plan things out [Music] [Music] [Music] back at it again getting some more fun is so rude though you're playing JV you're playing JV e we must stop let's all stop and say it's JP what that's my father all round us my mother I say that every time people are like oh that's nice it's like a very casual thing [Music] [Music] all right yeah we're back home fam watching some there we go you haven't decorated it yet just got it [Music] so right now we are back in the car heading out to I think Target Walmart Walgreens and I like that happy and healthy at Walgreens gingersnap cookies cookies cookies cooking over there can we try yeah just to be opposite of but I'm off its gonna sit in oh that's cute hold on update we're still here at 11 o'clock and night are developing pictures for my frame and really cute [Music] mommy where did we end up he's so good it won't walk love then we have awful house 11:34 you know she put chocolate chips on my waffle okay so now we're him Oh okay guys so I have a quick question what should I name my vlogging camera because my filming main channel camera that I used to film for my main channel its name is Cameron Cameron the Canon camera leave a comment down below so we're shopping around we need to get some or a meal no for dinner I don't like the reward me alone it's a dinner it's a meal hi guys oh so it's currently 114 so I promised you guys a little haul when I got home so I'm gonna show you a few things I wanted to show you what I got for myself only got two things today cuz I really wanted to focus on getting a few gifts for my friends so I got this H&M shirt and it's really really pretty it's like this lace really pretty lace off the shoulder kind of shirt I'm pretty sure it's off the shoulder and white I know you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day but I mean it's really cute and I thought it was really wintery the next thing that I purchased I would really scream do you guys saw it in the vlog um but I got this Justin Bieber shirt and this is an extra small like what I was hoping to be tighter but like it's not it's Jamie it's my everything how long this is amazing so I'm so happy this is for my cousin Alexis so Alexis if you're watching this can you please skip because I don't want you seeing this but I got her her favorite bath and Bodyworks sent a little gift thing this is so cute I would want the gift set anyway the next thing that I buy is for a friend I I don't really want to tell a friend yeah but hopefully she doesn't see this but I got this lavender foot lotion and I know like people like you feet with one it comes with socks and like they're really really soft in there lavender and you guys know me lavenders my favorite color so I really wanted to get this for her and it's really cute because I would want to try it for my mom and I kind of know this is like a little joke because like she likes massages and stuff oh my god her hot and cold stone massage therapy rocks and I was like oh my gosh this is hilarious I got this for her as like a funny joke but also serious stuff um so that's all that I got and I also got this cute little letters Abby you've made it super special this year at K kids you're always ready to serve whether playing with the kids or fixing snack we thank you thanks so much that's so sweet so shout out to Mike a kids fan I love you off I'll see you on Sunday I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog oh this is my first days logging so give me some pointers in the comments I'm still new to this I hope you guys will enjoy my new vlog Channel and all these awesome adventures that we'll get to share together and go on and I get to share my life with you guys and I'm super happy I mean I'm able to do this so I can be able to connect with you guys I just hope my channel will be something encouraging in a place where you can go and just make you feel happy and positive want to tell you that I love you guys so much and thank you for letting me be able to vlog and I'm super excited thank you for watching if you are I appreciate you and I love you so much I'll be back with another vlog here soon always remember to be kind of caring and I love you to the Sun him back [Music] thanks for watching thesis defense powerpoint outline University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo).

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