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Dissertations on co teaching

Dissertations on co teaching how to do a good interview presentation espn reporter hotel room ´╗┐today I'm going to show you how to bulk cook all of your chicken so that meal planning is a breeze for you if you are in my healthy eating challenge you're going to want to stay tuned because the bonus challenge for a week 3 is at the end of the video it's going to be super easy to make your meal so you're going to know exactly what you're putting in your body and your food is gonna taste good because you take the time to make it great the first time you make a ton of it and you don't have to cook it again for a while you're gonna find a lot of different ways to use this chicken in my meal plan so if you haven't yet purchase my meal plans at a discount before the price goes up and you're gonna find that meal planning is super easy and you're not going to be eating out anymore let me show you everything I use to cook all of my chicken in bulk the first is chicken breasts but usually I'll buy a 10 pound bag of chicken and then cook it all at once one thing to note about chicken is that if you just buy it from the store you want to make sure that it's thawed if you start cooking or baking frozen chicken it turns out super chewy and it's not good at all so that's something you want to think about if you're doing a lot of chicken just make sure that it's thawed in the refrigerator or just purchased from the store because you don't want chewy chicken next I use Montreal chicken seasoning and this is nice because it has the garlic and onion in it already so I like to use that also I buy it in bulk because I cook all my chicken and bulk and so it makes it easier next avocado oil if you remember from my fajita video how the coil makes everything tastes better and this keeps my chicken nice and moist so I like to add that last is lemon juice and we just like the flavor of the lemon juice because we're used to in a lot of Persian and Iranian dishes that we make I have this big cookie sheet and the first thing I'm going to do is just open the chicken and then put all the seasonings on so let's do that make sure you heated up your oven to 350 degrees before you do anything heat up your oven so it's ready to go after that I will start with lemon juice you want to follow your seasonings on because if you put your juice on after it's just gonna make all the seasonings are off next I'll use just a little bit of avocado oil you don't want to drench it because you are adding calories to it but it also has a healthy fat because chicken is just going to give you mealy protein there like I said it makes it taste real good so we have that and then I like seasoning and I'll just force them on I need chicken breasts and if you have more chicken breast cooked I would definitely do it on the same pan I found that the more you cooked together it keeps their early moist it doesn't longer to cook in the oven but you just have to decide what you're out you want to go so I have these covered and I'm just gonna stick them in the oven for 20 minutes it cooks for 20 minutes I'm gonna flip them now you can see that the chicken still has to cook quite a while and while I have the pan out I like to add more seasoning I'm gonna set the timer for 20 more minutes and it's cooked for another 20 minutes the most important thing you want to make sure when cooking chicken is that it cooks all the way so I have a food thermometer and it needs to be cooked to 165 degrees good and chicken will continue to cook and it'll rise another 5 to 10 degrees after it's been taken out so take it out of the oven and then just let it cool while you're eating for your chicken to cool it you're gonna need a cutting board which I got down here a knife bags to store your chicken or containers Tupperware containers if you want to do it that way and a food skill if you have it if you don't have a food skill that's okay you'll remember that I said that this was almost four pounds of chicken based on the label on the food and they have four chicken breasts so a pound apiece so if you want one serving four ounces you'll split it up into pieces since I used most of my chicken to make a meal for my family I usually put one chicken breast in a bag and that's enough rest it depends on what you want to do but that's why we have our food scale so we can know how much chicken we're actually using in our recipe there are all different sizes the first one I'm just going to cube this one I'm get a slice and when you slice your chicken breasts you want to make sure that you go with direction of the meat so that it stays in slices it doesn't just crumble hey there's my sliced press next this one I'm gonna shred and I like to use my KitchenAid for this so I'll show you how I do it the shredded chicken I just use my dough book because I don't want the chicken to turn really really mushy I just want to break it up and if you don't have a mixer anything or you don't want to use it another option is to just stick the breasts right in the bag and use your fingers to press it up but this is a lot faster here's my shredded chicken I'm the middle plan you'll see that there is one chicken breast is just put into the bag by it so I don't find myself using an entire chicken breast at once I always like to cut it up or shred it because I find that it thaws a lot faster for what I need I'm going to slice this one because that's what we use the most I have my bags and I have my chicken cut up all the different ways that I like it I have shredded and I have sliced and I have cubed this is where we're gonna need our food skill serving size of chicken is four ounces so I'm gonna measure out my bags into serving sizes of four ounces and I'm gonna use the food scale to do that if you have never used to food scum before it is very very simple you will need some type of dish or something to put a lot of chicken in because it won't fit on the scale easily I have my food scale here and this is a very simple one this will cost you less than $10 at Walmart so I encourage you to buy one if you don't have one anytime that you're using a dish you'll put the dish on empty first and you'll see that that that weighs an ounce and then all you're gonna do is just hit the power button and it resets it to zero so when I start to put my chicken in there that's you can see that's four ounces right there so that's how much chicken is four ounces the more you measure the less you're gonna have to do this because you're gonna get familiar with what a serving is and so that's pretty close right there if I wanted to be picky I can make sure it was right at four ounces but that's good so I'm gonna go ahead and bag that all right let's say that I am cooking for my family and there are six people my family four of those are small children so I would just do four servings so that is 16 ounces so you put that in and we'll see that it's about a chicken breast because we bought a four pound package of meat 1583 perfect okay so that's how much it is it's about a chicken breast a little bit more so if you're feeding a family you can easily just put an entire chicken breast in a bag cut it up how you'd like it and then it's it's ready for you to go when you're cooking so go ahead and package all of your meat in the serving sizes that you'd like I've showed you how to make this is gonna be so easy when you take the time at the beginning of the week or whatever day works for you when you take the time to bulk prep all of your meat it's gonna be so easy to eat you're never gonna have a reason to go out or a need to go out you're gonna know exactly where you're eating ahead of time which means healthier you and a half of your family here's the bonus challenge for week three if you're in a healthy eating challenge group here's what it is I want you to prepare some food ahead of time I need you to make three meals in advance and it doesn't have to be difficult you can make the same meal and just make more of it and then you're gonna put it away in Tupperware containers or bags so you can refrigerate or freeze it so that it's ready I just want you to find some way to prepare some food ahead of time so that the chances of you going out or eating crap goes down this is all for you and remember the bonus challenges are to help you get your fitness and your health commitment up to the next level this seriously is going to be so easy and you're going to enjoy cooking food because it's going to happen and half the time because you've already done all the work for seven points for this bonus challenge you're going to prepare a meal that can be stored and then you can have them later in the week and then you're going to post the picture to our Facebook group our private Facebook group and you've got to do that by Saturday at midnight to get your points so one more time you're going to use a meal plan or recipe or what you just learned in this video and you're gonna prepare some food for at least three different meals that can be saved and you can eat later you can take them on the go you can pop them out of the refrigerator or the freezer and they're going to be ready to eat you can do this if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask I'm here for you every step of the way and if you have any mail class already you're going to find that this is so easy because a lot of those can just be made ahead of time and a lot of those can also be made in bulk so you can freeze or refrigerate for laters I will see you there you're doing so great dissertation in New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

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