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Do my dissertation consultant cheap salesperson call reports for credit city of frisco tx police reports ´╗┐on October 30th just prior to midnight John Brown and his brother been captured thermal footage of something on their property they couldn't explain many believe that this shows the head shoulders and chest area of a large Bigfoot others do not my hope is to examine and make an attempt to explain the findings I think the first thing would be to get a better understanding as to the lay of the land and the scene the property in question is quite rural with forested areas that nearly circle the large tract of land the nearest neighbor is about a half mile away and a large farm lays behind the property over steep Bluff now the day prior to the reveal of this footage by Derek Randle's at the Sasquatch summit in Ocean Shores I was met by Sarah Brown and researcher David Ellis of the Olympic project I was provided with the first run copy from the original along with some reconstruction establishing shots made by David this is my copy of that footage in watching I was immediately struck by its appearance it looked at first blush to be the upper half the large person broad at the shoulders it was described as being on steep hillside and standing or crouching about three or four feet down over the embankment also shown to me were photos of video and a cast made of tracks found in the area that measured just over 16 inches in length the cast was still dampened had yet to be cleaned so it demonstrated the substrate where it came from quite well this was later shown to dr. Meldrum I believe for further analysis now the one thing I do know about this thermal is that it's of something that is hotter than the surrounding area and seems to indicate body heat the shape of it is something that's been questioned so if we were to remove the ridgeline could see the shape of something other than a person or a Bigfoot because of the apparent mass of the subject I felt that a deer could easily be ruled out several people have commented that this could be a cow laying down and in fact partway through the video we see a cow wandering past and attempting to make some kind of comparison I used many silhouettes of cows in different degrees of poses to resolve the question I was unable to make any match at all a real concern was with the ears a cow's ears will show up on thermal very easily and they seem to be absent from what we could only surmise as the head area of the subject using a bear for comparison wasn't any better and it was reported that there are no bears known to be in the area but that doesn't exclude the possibility of it being a person but before we look at that possibility let's have a look at the image quality the footage was shot with a borrowed FLIR model BTS XR pro with an attached 65 millimeter lens that was set to 2 x zoom John and Ben had zero experience with this camera or any other FLIR camera for that matter so it was no wonder that the subject was out of focus a part way through the video a cow walks past it looks to be far closer than the subject does it also looks InFocus the outer focusing ring on the lens could have easily corrected the problem but this wasn't known at the time another problem occurred when the camera unexpectedly shut off the first attempt at size comparisons was done by David Ellis based upon the spot that John reported recording and the location of where the prints were found David set up to measure height and width that would become apparent when an overlay of him was placed over the thermal imaging however after this was done it was noticed that the framework of trees and bushes did not match that of the original footage as it turns out the point of view and David's location was too far to the west it would have to be redone and it was going back to the location height and width was made again in the proper location and it was found that although it was a different spot it still followed the same ridgeline from west to east so the actual size didn't change for distance using the scale Pole the image was determined to be around four feet wide and seven feet tall daytime photos were taken by Derek Randle's from the spot of where the footage was taken his wife Tori is standing in she stood further up on the hill to get a better idea for scale not height but scale you can see that the ridge line cuts her at about the hip she's a little hard to see because she's wearing a tan colored coat when fading to the thermal image we can see that there is quite a bit of difference in the mass and girth of the subject to get a better understanding as to its location we need to see where it is in relation to the surrounding area my visit to the property found Derek and Tory busy working on mapping relevant locations for distance along the field of view the results is this chart on the off chance that the subject was not over the ridge but on top and nearer to the camera had been considered the camera lay at the bottom of the chart 28 feet north the cameras where the cow passed by at just over 64 feet north is where the low-hanging branch cuts across the scene and this is now outside the depth of field for the camera and begins to lose focus just beyond that point is a bushy area that has some scraggly low blackberries and because of its distance and focus it became clear that this short Bush is what caused the diffusion in the heat source on the subjects left side the subject was indicated as being just beyond the ridge and presumably standing on a narrow well used footpath that paralleled the upper Ridge and joined up to the lower part of the Cal trail to the west the Cal trail coming from the lower pasture is a bit steep but not too steep that the cattle can't climb it and it's certainly wide enough this is the estimated angle of the Cal trial showing a Bigfoot in the location where the tracks were found and cast but the location of the thermal image is a different story a short drop to narrow paths and then a sweeping steep drop beyond the path to the pasture that lays about 40 feet below so now the thermal location makes more sense what we are seeing is something hot that is beyond the ridge we know this because the ridge line matches exactly from Tori to the subject if it was something this side of the ridge line sitting on the ground then the image would be lower in the frame and not match the line but cover it the comparison between Tori standing further up on the hill showing herself from the waist up and the subject that looks like it is showing from about the chest area up is astounding but even at that I had to question the location how do we know that there was anything standing near the ridge line and not far beyond it if nothing was blocking our view our line of sight would continue on my question was without someone standing there where would my line of sight end up instead of one massive creature what if we were looking at a herd of cattle bedded down in the pasture below so at the scene I followed the line from the original point of view out to the ridge line and even before I got to the overhanging branch at sixty-four feet I realized the what was visible was an area beyond the section of pasture below the ridge what could be seen was blackberry bushes swamp and trees in checking on Google Earth this area was fenced off so there could not have been any cows in that area at all the image itself looks as one solid subject only broken by the branches and bushes even as out-of-focus as it is it's difficult to think we could match up several people to deliberately form this shape and hold it for any real length of time I doubt if two deer or any other animal would be huddled together just over the ridge and stay for more than just a few seconds even if they did I stress to find any way that they could possibly make up the shape and it doesn't seem to have any separation points to indicate more than one subject anyway what is also important is what led up to this event the Browns have been experiencing activity around the area for some time and this was also confirmed by neighbors to be something that's fairly common calls and other noises could be heard sometimes nightly and it was a series of knocks that caused John and Ben to grab the thermal camera and record that night during all of this I found the Browns to be open and forthcoming with any and all information regarding the activity and events in the area sarah was nothing but sincere and indicated only that what was happening there be fully and honestly documented and shared to that end cameras and an audio tent have been set up to record whatever they can Derek Randle's and his team will keep the communication lines open with the Brown family for any future discoveries but that still leaves the nagging question as to what the thermal image is showing well since the video is essentially black and white a use of color filters can help to increase the gradient without causing the problems associated with too much contrast or brightness looking at this knowing what I know about the subject in that it is a live subject quite large that is not several people or animals huddled together and certainly not a cow nor is it a herd of cows in the lower pasture since the pasture can't be seen from that vantage point so what is it what options are left for us I will leave you with those questions along with some of the audio recordings captured on the property thanks for watching exemple de dissertation juridique droit civil CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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