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Do my dissertation results section online essay on tourism industry in mauritius looking for someone to make term paper on geography what's up guys and welcome back to another episode of this Southampton career mode three Premier League games remaining and we will be playing them all in today's episode so we'll know whether or not by the end we've made it into next year's Champion's League competition next up we play Manchester City and looking at the table here I don't even need to tell you how important that game is so here we go in my opinion the biggest game of our season so far we are at home we got home advantage of some areas here which could play a big factor in a game we simply must not lose and if we win it would be a massive massive three points hit is the side Fraser Forster in go Bertrand left-back chambers right back font a van die cuts and a half without Victor Wanyama today because he's picked up too many yellow so he's suspended Jordi classy and James ward-prowse big day for him will play in the holding midfield role blassie on the left the ox on the right and deli alley behind goal machine Charlie Austin this almost feels like a cup final again we simply cannot afford to lose Calum chambers find bellotti and we launch an attack here dele Alli plays it through to Charlie Austin who's beaten the offside trap can he finish we need him to has got to be a foul that's got to be a foul back to Ali we've got a forward runner I think it is Geordie classy not sure what he's doing in there I'm familiar territory for him but he plays a great ball through the ox could save Joe Hart we've got corner corner it's going to be played short here's Yannick Bolasie trying to create room for a shot instead he lays it off to Jordi classy trust a finesse one heart beats the ball away another corner this time drilled to the edge of the box where dele Alli his way in good touch feel like we need to make these chances count and he continued his run James ward-prowse has we got another corner gonna try it again because they're still backing away from Ali he helps it onto bellotti deflects thought it was in I thought it was in already classy this is a really good run from geordie classy what can you do he's got Austin peeling away he's got no support so I'm going to hit one Charlie Austin good save dele Alli can't quite get his head to it City in possession now with battery Sonia coming forward a bama yank plays it through to Selena gives it back to Fernando chance for city and have wasted it classy finds Ali touches it on good hold up play from Charlie Austin tries to roll the defender has done got space for the shot Charlie Austin again that man Joe Hart denies us there goes a half time we saw again this has got the same feel as the villa game is the Everton game we've absolutely dominated not been able to score and it's anyone's game the stack that matters is it's nil nil Selena what's he going to do with it inside tu Delft finds a bammy and tries to lift one into that top corner clever effort tipped over from Fraser Forster our good move this from City here's de Bruyne back to a banner yang Fraser Forster comes out saves moved away from Bertrand City launching in has had his fernandinho plays it down wide right Samuel with the cross good head up from a baryon good safe and forced the city look a completely different side here in the second half okay so got 15 minutes to go in this one still Neil Neil I'm not sure whether to go for it and try and get the win or just make sure that we don't lose the game it's a tricky one I want to keep five in midfield so I'm not going to push any further men forward I'm going to bring on tadich to play on the left hand side and I'm going to bring on Sergi Roberto to play in that camera'll and i think i'm also going to bring on Bertrand Traore just for fresh legs to replace Charlie Austin to see because he's a little bit quicker see if we can just make a run in behind and get an opportunity ball breaks loose too classy who finds traoré again our Bertrand Traore is lively updates intercepted it can he be a hero we might have a chance to break ourselves no we don't full timers was gone Neil Neil not the result the idea was all we were looking for but it does stop city making ground on us but Arsenal now we have to watch out for because we both dropped two points here two games to go this is how it looks we've got the superior goal difference out of ourselves Arsenal and city Arsenal and ice have played the same games now with three points ahead of them city of four points behind us with a game in hand it's going to go right down to the wire so the fixture list not being kind to us as we travel to white hart lane here to take on spurs going to be a real real tough game I've changed the side a little bit because I want to have two or three players on the bench that are capable of making a real impact that is why you see Vilna and Joel Campbell starting cuz then off the bench when players get tired we can bring on velocity and the ox with their blistering pace so it's foster in gold Bertrand trap and Cedric will be the full-backs Vontae Van Dyke at centre-half as usual Sergi Roberto victim and yama returns today in that holding midfield role vilner on the left Campbell on the right delhi ally against his former club will play in that camera Charlie Austin up from so again vital that we do not lose this game to give ourselves a chance going into the final game but a win today depending on other results may be enough to secure 450 good back heel from Harry Kane Tottenham on the attack here Christian Eriksen plays a good ball through what a goal from Eric diet we are in trouble ten minutes in we've fallen behind now that is a stunning first time finish nothing at all foster could do so free kick here Joel Campbell chance for us to get level almost immediately goes around the wall saved from Vaughn now at lamela bringing the ball forward into the area are the two defenders of collided with each other daya tries a really cheeky effort showing his confidence with the back heel luckily for us it was off target here we go approaching the halftime we still can we get ourselves level no we can't the whistle has gone at halftime we are one kneel down and we could be in trouble can we launch an attack from this he plays the ball forward his surgery Roberto not a great deal of support in the area but a good turn from Roberto he's gone back again lays it off to the edge of the box had Charlie Austin his way in our son have we not got a challenge in there the ball is stood up into the box it's fallen to Erik Lamela are what to save from forrester but it falls to Erickson we are one-nil down steal because the offside flag has gone up awful awful defending side we've got away with that half an hour to go on bringing on the dangerman velocity on the left the ox on the right let's go great bull from when Yama to find him it's the first involvement from the ox and he's gone past his man is into the box here the ops can he put it on a plate for Delia Erik Lamela is lost out here to Ryan Bertrand 15 minutes to go can we get ourselves level Bertrand what is the defender doing he's just run off chance here for Bertrand puts it on a plate for Austin what's happened I don't know but we've scored I think it got wedged between the goalkeeper and the defender but Charlie Austin bulled fell back to his feet and he rolls it into that empty net we've got 12 13 minutes left of normal time see if we can grab a winner great play from Bertrand not sure what the Spurs defense was doing the first effort was blocked by Kyle Walker Vaughn was on the floor and Austin rolls it in so we've made another change Bertrand Traore comes on for Delhi Ali who had a massive off day maybe the occasion of coming back to White Hart Lane was getting to him but yeah try hora comes on we've changed to a 442 looking to get that winner need to just keep them away from goal are they've done very well Harry canes in here how is he miss what a let off so literally two minutes now remain in surgery Berto spreads play looking for the lassi he's got Carl Walker for company our great footwork to be in this would be amazing if we could steal 3-pointer Yannick Bolasie oh my god he's done it he has done it Yannick Bolasie the substitute the plan has worked to bring him on when players got tired he used a great bit of skill to get past Kyle Walker there had absolutely no right to beat him had so much to do he's just put his left foot through it and it's flown past form into the back of the net and that may be the goal that secures a Champions League football next season top them now just throwing everybody forward all we have to do is defend for a second and there goes to the full time whistle but lassie the hero we've got out of jail with 30 minutes to go we were behind in this game somehow we've managed to pick up the win so just looking at the fixtures to see what's happened since we played city that you can see there traveled to Stamford Bridge and drew with Chelsea and then they played arsenal and took two point well took a point from that game meaning that we have qualified for the Champions League comfortably so there is the table confirming our fourth-place finish thanks to City and Arsenal dropping a few points here and there playing each other as well we can't come third we can't catch Everton Manchester United look as though they may have wrapped up the title but it will go down to the wire if Chelsea can win their game in hand but next up we have the final game of the season and i'm going to play the kid and relax so here we go final game of the season against crystal palace completely changed the team around it's almost unrecognizable part from a target because we haven't got another left back but Kelvin Davis will play in goal will be his last game for the club Matty target left-back Martina comes in at right-back gaga's on your sheet up will be the centre-back pairing are your Romeo and Harrison read with the two holding midfielders and then the three youth players that we've signed barrows Veera and ward will be the three players playing behind Shane Long who gets to lead the line today obviously all of these players staking a claim that I need to stay with the team next year but also to possibly for the likes of you know Shane Long Yoshida and that maybe put themselves into consideration for the squad for the FA Cup final target read on to remote he picks out Ward James Ward on his left foot fires wide positive start ramaiya this is really good stuff from these youngsters Eugenio vera on the overlap is James Ward cuts back into the area goes down penalty kick James Ward the man who won it is going to be the man to take it here up against Speroni can he lift it into that top court water pen away whandall up here on the final day real celebration here at sent mary's celebrating our successes this season the good young players that we've signed and being whandall up of course you can see steps up Speroni doing his best to put him off but he sends in the wrong way and picks out the top corner so there goes to half time we're so so far so good we've actually paid some really good stuff with these are youth players going in at the break one luck nice to finish the season with a win if we can is Eugenio Vera bringing the ball forward he's gone past two or three players finds romão touches it on James Ward could be a way down this right-hand side here the youngster I'm going to go for goal on his own right footed powerful hit save by Speroni so 15 minutes left of our league season another change to be made I'm going to bring on Juan me and he's going to apply in place avira who's had a very very good game gonna bring on villain that in place of barrows another youngster of course and I'm actually gonna bring on Ryan Gauld will play them up top ah long ball forward has found Jay Rodriguez here can he score against stuffs save Davis but I think the refs pulled it back for a free kick anyway Scott dan apparently fancies this one we're positioning the wall they've laid it off shore there's the hit it deflects and it's found its way into the back of their heart rate for these youngsters but to be honest it really doesn't matter it's not going to affect anything Oh such bad luck it would just smash towards go let's come off your Tschida and gone in here is your feeder can he do plays it inside the gourd good turn on his left foot Ryan Gauld to win it off the bar what an end to the Premier League season that would have been at a really nice moment for him ball is cleared deep into stoppage time here Harrison read swings in the corner Speroni will claim that and that will bring our Premier League season to a close huge success in terms of our league performance grabbing that fourth and final champions league spot the youngsters of impressed as well today and of course we still have the small matter of the FA Cup final still to come and look at that we've got a lovely little bit of transfer budget 13 million for coming in the top 4 here with Southampton get your transfer suggestions in so this is how the Premier League table finished up Manchester United winning it on the final day be in Chelsea to the title by one point Everton in third we've finished in fourth position three points ahead of fifth place Arsenal City didn't finish in the top five down at the bottom it was Norwich Bournemouth and Watford the three clubs that went down Sunderland and Swansea just managing to survive will do a full season wrap up in the next episode where we will also be playing the FA Cup final will have a look at some stats and to see if we can grab our hands on a trophy but I think you'll all agree this season the first season at Southampton here has been a huge success so thank you very much for watching subscribe to the channel so you don't miss the cup final drop a like on this video if you enjoyed and we'll see you next time demystifying the dissertation New York State College of Ceramics.

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