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Do my writing a dissertation abstract online need someone to type my research proposal on pornography asap neilsoft pune review of literature ´╗┐welcome back still on the campuses of Florida Panhandle Technical College here today talking about the nursing program just got done talking to Charlie Morris the director of that program here right now with Tanya Parker one of the students one of the brand new students in the nursing program when we come back we're going to talk to Tanya about the program thus far maybe some of the challenges maybe even at this early date some of the things she finds the most rewarding overall giving you an idea of the nursing program here on the campuses of the Technical College and giving you just one more insight into the over 35 degree in certification programs offered right here at Florida Panhandle Technical College we'll be right back welcome back as mentioned today we're here with Tonya Parker one of the brand new students in the nursing program here at the Technical College when we say brand new school just started a couple weeks ago August well August 12 so here we are on the 20 25th so yeah literally just within the last couple of weeks is it overwhelming or is that a stupid question super question is very overwhelming very everyone and first day of school we had to test so we have up to of we had three tests the next day there's lot of study you have no life no what we interviewed not too long ago Scala Carter who is in your class I think graduating in February and she used just about those same words she said many nights she cried herself to sleep when she woke up she was laying on her textbook that was where she fell asleep decided she would not have a boyfriend for the next year or so why did you get into nursing is it something you've always been interested in is it catcher your ID were you just looking for a well-paid job how did that happen I always been interested in nursing I found my neck with hospice and I can do everything they are with us as making them comfortable but I can't take away the pain and that's something you know I'd love to do would love to be hospice nurse now have you worked as a volunteer in hospice no I'm actually um hospice aid right now oh well within makoto game across hospice so yeah well interestingly last week they were here as a guest on our show we talked about Hospice in general but talked about Emerald Coast hospice that is something that it takes a special kind of person now recognizing that it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse to start with when you deal with hospice you're dealing with a definitely defined part of that market of those people and thank you for what you do because that's that that's a calling in itself above and beyond even just general nursing in my opinion so far what are your impressions of the program I is it everything you thought it would be and more is it fun is it challenging is it all the it's all the above very challenging we try to make it fun because if not I'd be very boring he has a lot of interaction with the nurses and with the students aren't in different skills so it's it's not everything I thought is actually more it's more intense than I thought just a few minutes ago we were in one of your classrooms and miss Morris was observing you taking vital signs of another student and we're showing some footage of that right now as a matter of fact that is a very basic skill but one without which you can't progress further it's obviously a diagnostic situation in a triage situation or or a diagnostic coming in with a brand new patient until you get to that stage you can't go any further looking at the syllabus looking at the program in your books that you've been able to see so far would it be fair to say that it's a building process you learn one skill at a time one you can't learn without the one previous but then at the end of that year's program it all comes together building block yes there are mean you start with just like a greeting you know with the patients and then you go to your you know battle signs as far as blood pressure tent poles respiration and when you go through that then you'll go through another skill just basics until you get to the more difficult ones I see by your your elbow that you gave blood as well as I did today interesting of phenomenon the whole blood need the bloodmobile concept speaking to those people today and we shot a little bit of footage and get a lot of photos on the bus today we always need blood and if you want to draw the analogy we always need nurses and how hand-in-hand that goes both are necessary for our well-being and for emergency situations what do you see yourself doing in nursing I know you mentioned hospice is is that what you would like to concentrate on yes yes and have a and my boss was the one I actually talked me into going into the nursing field and she just said that I had seemed to have that knack that personality and and that would be good at that so but the others is everywhere hospitals nursing homes everywhere needs nurses so it's not Hospice did you have a career or some sort of a life prior to nursing school or have you come right from school I mean I'm married I have no children but yeah I had a little velocity I mean I worked full time with hospice and whenever I had the opportunity to come to nursing school I took it and my job works with me and supports me and it's working ok right now Danya I know that you're not necessarily in your comfort zone doing this thing with lights and camera but thank you because I think that the biggest value that you as a student coming on this show can do is to demonstrate to other people who are out there who may be trying to retool their lives you know when the bubble burst here 10 12 years ago there were a lot of people that lost their jobs the Technical College has seen a lot of those people come through here 30 and 40 and 50 year old people who found that their careers went away because their jobs went away and they've come here to work and to train as welders or chefs or or cyber security or nurses and it's pretty amazing how many people found themselves in that situation the cool thing about the Technical College in my estimation one of the really neat things is they offer dual enrollment high school students at no cost to them can come and actually get a career in many cases graduate from technical college before they graduate from high school now nursing doesn't offer that nor do they offer the the opportunity to start the program in open enrollment at any time for obvious reasons you as a group need to stay together but there are so many things and so many reasons that people should look at this this technical college it hasn't been that long that nursing went from a two-year degree to a four-year degree when I say not that many years 20 25 years maybe because I know my first wife went to a junior college and came out with an RN after two years and I know they went to a four-year here coming out with that licensed practical nursing certificate being able to sit for your state boards in that year that's so strong because to me it gives you an opportunity to sample what it is to be a nurse before you commit to that longer commitment should you want to go on to RN have you ever thought about the potential for in the future going on to the registered nurse yes yes I have can be care managers with hospice and that would be something I would want to do it's they have a transition program and that usually lasts is another year what you know and plus your prerequisites right thing but yes that would be something I would look forward to do it well it's delightful to talk to you I'm I'm thrilled that that when I see your enthusiasm and and you know a couple of times you've teared up and I respect that this obviously means a lot to you did you have opportunity to take advantage of hospice services in your in your family is that how you got involved with hospice yes my grandfather he had a liver liver cancer and when I was 16 and they came in and took care of him and so that just you know added to my you know wanting to be I wanted to help those people that were having to struggle through the life of somebody with cancer and give them that education and that knowledge of what they can do and so it's it just hospice is so appreciative of everything and it just will add this nursing career over just adds more my knowledge and what I can give to to them as knowledge I dare say there will be few families that won't be touched by hospice by cancer and the other diseases that require those long-term health care solutions at the end of life the cool thing about hospice and what I find out more about all the time especially like I say whether mocos being here is that you're adding life to their days you're actually allowing them the opportunity to live despite the fact that they've got a terminal diagnosis and what was really interesting is that ten percent of the people who enter hospice end up getting discharged from hospice because you as a hospice nurse helped regulate their their medications and and many times I would imagine it's just their spirit in just their heart have you seen salvation Elliot the socialization most most families or patients do not have any family around and so for us just to come in there and talk to him give them that big smile you know for them to small back at you that means more to them than anything Danya thank you for taking the time today that says it all we'll be right back you interview transcript example dissertation posters Old Westbury campus.

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