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Documentary photography dissertation ideas for hr

Documentary photography dissertation ideas for hr rush movie review hindi flyer presentation mock up psd ´╗┐welcome to the real news network we're in Chicago at the people's summit and now we're going to talk to someone who to a large extent became an activist out of the black lives matter movement and then moved into campaigning for Bernie Sanders Kendrick Simpson thanks for joining us Kendrick is an actor best known for his appearances on The Vampire Diaries and how to get away with murder and as I said he's been on the hustings with the Sanders campaign so last time I interviewed you the Sanders campaign was still hoping for a California miracle and you were out day almost every day out campaigning and you think you were going even door-to-door and things so how do you feel about where things are at I mean I'm still one of the dreamers I I guess I would say you know I'm always an optimist I'm like anything can happen you know we're still still waiting for unfortunately there's like two - over 2 million uncounted ballots so I'm like we're still hoping for a California miracle you know there's a road up to the convention if anything to influence the platform and make it the most progressive platform that we've ever had the Democratic Party or the Republican has ever had so and we want to push that agenda no matter what happens if there is any path for him to become president of course then you would have an amazing progressive agenda if not then we need to influence the DNC as much as possible and push them to represent our interest and then interest of the many the the disenfranchised in the marginalize there's there's going to be a fight about that at the convention yeah and we'll see how it goes it could be even a lot of Clinton delegates even will support some of the Sanders policy objectives but when all is said and done without something you know hard to imagine happens Hillary's going to be the nominee and she'll probably run whatever campaign she pleases so what what do you do next in terms of the development of this movement at this conference what a emphasis on keeping this movement going especially focusing on down ticket races but on the other hand there's gonna be a lot of pressure to defeat Trump just somehow gonna mean a vote for Clinton and a lot of people here saying they don't want to vote for Clinton under any circumstance what's your feeling about that I mean a lot of people he brought a lot of people in Bernie bobert brought a lot of people in who would not ever vote period so it's not really like they're gonna be missing out on those votes it's just that these people really believed in something they really had a passion about something a lot of them are activists who lost faith in the system a long time ago and were reintroduced into it and now we have united under this umbrella of the Bernie campaign this progressive movement and seeing that we could in we can influence politics that we can influence policy and so we the movement is and has always been about inspiring people to get involved right now he's moved he created a portion of his website or dedicated a portion of his website I think it's Bernie Sanders calm slash win to educating people to run for office how to run a run for office local offices school boards and things like that so think at all levels from Congress state legislature Congress on down to very small offices and how to be you know there are other I think workshops here and organizations that teach you how to be a community organizer and and how to influence politics and that's what the movement is about is is creating a world of equality for all that starts from the people and then moves up not from the top down it's not a change that comes from the president it because the change that comes from the people the one of the things that's being debated over the weekend out in the hallway is not so much on the panels is as this ideas how much effort should be put into trying to change or reform the Democratic Party and is it reform a bull I mean the the leadership the machine its kind of controlled by a section of the billionaire's that Bernie has been attacking what's your take on that the way I see it whether we actually had a discussion about it last night a bunch of activists whether you stand for it or not whether you are willing to reform the DNC or not whether you are not going to vote and want to have some act of civil disobedience to make a statement to the DNC ultimately what it does is influence the platform because they see these people they see that they do not want to vote for Hillary and that they are against the DNC and they want to want to bring them in so ultimately I think it's beneficial either way I think if the objective is to make enough noise that they hear us and change their agenda to reflect the policies that we want to see and stated anti-fracking policies and attacks on carbon emission and criminal justice reform and demilitarizing the police and those types of things $15 minimum wage if we can influence the platform to to pick those those progressive ideals up and champion those powers championing those policies then it would be amazing and and we would have to hold them accountable that would be the most important thing and everybody who would vote for that platform or would not will hold them accountable so I think it's positive either way and what about yourself in terms your own activism this call to run or to fight for people who are running is that something you're gonna get involved with yeah yeah I I plan to find as many you know what we call Bernie Kratz you know progressive politicians as possible and help them in any way that I can without obviously spreading myself so thin that my help does not count but make sure that I do my best to get involved in some of these programs that educate people how to run for office on how to run for office and be the anti voter suppression movement and continue it continue with of course black lives matter and Ally with you know things like Josh Fox's movement of anti-fracking and making the Native American reservations better the conditions on those reservations better and you know quality for all immigration reform making sure that I'm partnering with these people and a big thing of mine has always been to fight negative stereotypes for Islamic people black people Latino people asian-american you know all walks of life especially Native Americans and and I and on continuing that with regardless of what happens with the movement I was doing it before and I will continue doing one of the questions that's been raised that people were talking to at the conference is that there's been very little about foreign policy towstee Gabbard spoke about it but but really almost the only plenary speaker and there wasn't much there's I think one panel what do you think of that I think and I'm probably butcher it I can't remember who said it may have been Sean somebody was saying that you know the most important thing is that we I believe that we get money out of politics so that our views are reflected and that's a domestic thing I think that is most important so that when we do protest something like you know the Iraq war it doesn't happen you know that our voices are our are heard you know this the this regime change in Syria is a serious issue you know the no flight zone that has been proposed it can be very detrimental because my security of by Clinton could be detrimental to the security of America and we don't want to I just we're already spread too thin involved in too many wars and especially black and brown people are the first people to go to join the military and to be on the front lines and to die I don't want to see more of my brothers and sisters no matter what color race they are I don't want to see them dying I don't you know so I think that is most important and then I've you know I'm in strong support of her of her petition to to stop the regime change stop the u.s. involvement of the regime change in Syria and just finally when when it when it got gets to push and shove you have to make a decision where are you at some people here are saying they just don't want to vote for Clinton under any circumstances others are saying well you vote for Clinton and you keep building the movement but you do have to resoundingly defeat Trump and that they say you can't do without voting for Clinton no where are you where do you come down right now according to the DNC rules neither one of them has secured the nomination so I'm still in strong support of Bernie whether he's going to be the nominee or not I support what he's doing I mean his planned to tour around this country and get people involved in local politics I'm I'm a hundred percent of involved in that and dedicated to doing those things when it when I when we get to the general election I will make my decision based on what I whether I've been convinced or if there's another viable option whatever it is I you know we have months and months and as we've seen every single day it there's a radical change in this this this campaign season so I have no idea what's gonna happen before November but for right now I'm dedicated to the lives of the disenfranchised and marginalized in this country and I'm continuing my movement with Bernie Sanders all right that's great thanks very much for joining us absolutely thank you family and thank you for joining us on the real news network you write for me uk dissertation New York School of Urban Ministry.

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