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Dokumentvorlage dissertation word 2003

Dokumentvorlage dissertation word 2003 energylinx reporting identity gao verify reporting ´╗┐become Liverpool is that what your son Virgil milah be V D I don't care what anyone says listen shut your mouth ever and you won't winning this game we are Liverpool it's my luck Matt it's the football by the show you never talk alone listen let's do this people whoa I'm as excited I hate when I know why VVT 75 mil showed what you get a rolls-royce rumor of a play obviously my yeah DVD what a debut man you don't get better than that but anyway whoo let me just start this real ting now so obviously Virgil Van Dyke made his debut there's no speculation that he might not play but he was gonna play like I think it would have been even worse if he maybe started I don't know against Matt just to see do you I'm saying so I fitness is probably the best game from to actually come into you believe it or not so yeah I think it was a it was a it was a good decision by a club to play him I think with Virgil van Dijk coming in and being the command center back it's best to get me now integrate him in to a to a back line which i think is probably our best background at the moment robertson obviously Van Dyck mattock and Gomez which eyeful overall they did a right I think Virgil van Dyck was out sorry and Robertson Robertson was amazing today but we'll get on to that anyway but let's start with the events of today so obviously it was a my side Darby tempers were like guy through the roof in the first say couple of minutes it was a madness for challenges were flying everywhere everyone were trying to kill us Wayne Rooney haha Shrek are to his usual tricks again China you know foul people trying to get people sent off now have enough of people having a go at the Ref wavery knee was ineffective passion he had a lot of passion but no quality l40 today if you're never found way ruin his head which is gone I think after he got booked as well you can see Sam Allardyce took him off and he had to because way Brunner was gonna do some but anyway I think obviously in the first half now I'd say he lost his head is his whole gate or shouldn't call him Colgate who cares what his name is obvious our nose hole gateway yeah this guy now Yeti transit lalana but it was a soft bunny I can't lie cuz if it was against us sorry yeah if you're sorry if it was a ass now like the whole lovren thing we would have been gone mad G I'm saying so even this one I would say it was a very it was very soft it was soft but at the same time I pony's a penny in it like we can't change these decisions as much as we'd like to sometimes and sometimes you come off with the bat worst worst part in it and happened if you were never fine less you and obviously there was only one person was gonna take the pony Cuttino I'm gonna take it obviously James Milner stepped up and dispatched it certainly goalkeeper the wrong way great penny for Mona I know she does one no gun into the to the second half and to be fair the first half there wasn't a lot of quality it was a lot of huffing apart from the people getting people's faces and it was a derby g-got I'm saying like it did like a little bit of quality specially in the first half as I said tempers flared up but but yeah also how can I forget a major incident sorry just before the sound of my mouth so a lot of people trying to eat you know I just it's that's me no I'm not serious sorry BAE anyway yeah tempers flared because Holgate pushed for menial into the crowd that's right for you people that haven't seen it rewind it or go see the highlights or what not for me no basically nicks the ball of whole game and hold that end decides to push for me near as a retaliation of him losing the ball and pushing for me no to the crowd now Firmino loses his rag if it wasn't for I think it was lalana mill not holding him back he probably would not hold get out cuz it was dangerous play man proper dangerous but you can't be doing that in my opinion that guy he didn't even get a book and that's nothing he did even get a book him now I'll arguably say that was such dangerous play it wouldn't even surprise me mr. Rickett if the ref gave them I read somebody probably thinking night Matt you're gonna over the top but no seriously he pushed him straight into the crowd why was he flat Firmino broke his leg or god forbid like something else could happen that could have been worse you got a member this was off the pitch you know now pushed him off the pitch into the crowd could even hurt someone from the crowd as warlike sometimes we got look at these things of common sense and for me that was just dangerous and I hope they even look at that and review there because they that needs to get looked at because that was a major major flashpoint in the first half so I don't know Harlan you forgot out crazy but yeah second half now half tire came and man got was it going miss yeah Gomez missed a very very good chance from a corner from oxlade-chamberlain swung a ball in he headed it and he didn't make weight he made a slight connection to missed it and you know our bombers man great end of the day you know what we're like in it we like to concede and obviously when you know we don't score more than one goal you know what could happen and Van Dyck had the same opportunity I never corner came in Van Dyke free head on straight that back at the goalkeeper yeah that oh man this is what we put him in for in it like and the thing is it wasn't even a hard time sin my opinion it wasn't hard it should have been it should have buried if I'm being honest with you and that should have buried that chance I'm probably gonna should have buried his as well but they didn't score so what happened there was another corner and they countered they did what we did or shall say what we'd normally do they counted us and when I say the infuriation because everyone in this game at all you know obviously they they were there were little points where they were like sort of like flashing and trying to show a bit of quality especially on it but I see just come back from an injury he was trying to get his legs back underneath him which he did at some point he gave Robertson a good match but I thought that Robertson played very very well like Robertson for me one of his best games if I'm being honest the himma nimma blasphemer Conoco and I and I are gonna be saying there wasn't a winner because there were times Yannick Blasi like was running down the flank and got his crosses him by at the same time Robertson wasn't always there maybe because he would forever at the pitch that's not it's full or whether someone was filling in that Milner but there's also times when Robertson needed to defend and also attack and he done that very very well and I thought is one of our best players so shy Robertson a lot of our best players today but yeah Evan Scott from the corner and they grew in confidence they really did and you just fought yourself night Evan I'm not winning this man lad they're not so what happen by mister vvd steps up 75 mil that's what it gives you I'm telling you listen corner came in oxidation when again Van Dyck obviously heads it into the net and you wanna know song obviously I was gas with a goal but you know what I was more guest with the performance if you watched Van Dyck carefully he was communicating the whole game something I don't see our defenders do I'm talking that he was Ross in man telling mal what positions to be in missus debut did like to have that type of confidence like do you know to be able to his action he was acting like a captain if I'm being honest with you something which will probably talk about later on but he showed me already in his first game and I'm not getting gassed he has attributes of a captain it's that simple he does so yeah Henderson move over but yeah definitely attributes massive his debut Virgil Van Dyke's so happy for the guy and I'm happy for you guys as well because people say are we spent all this money on van die who cares who cares how much money we spend on him the guy has a quality Center back he will actually score goals as well as you as you lot saw today and he's gonna defend ball and helped it help the defense so all you know I'm happy with her performance today vertifight that obviously scoring on his debut was massive you know she's hopefully that were overshadowed alatna Cuttino saga which we'll get into I'm sure Albert more or less a couple of days because that dude looks like is you know going through a fortunately which you'll know but yeah overall I'm happy with today winner arts really for a better sort of what's the word so uplifting from the whole Cuttino saga was uplifting we needed this victory man to show that their togetherness she got I'm saying even MMH an he's gonna trying it obviously looks like it so we needed this win today just to show like you know even without these two players there's life you know we've Liverpool off these two players you got I'm saying if you're that stop I feel etymology but I think I might said it wrong you know I'm saying there's life after these two yeah you go I'm saying it we write em two players we can still do this thing trust me we can but anyway it's my luck Matt football banished so leave comments below lemon a think of the game who was who was man in the match of poking save van Dijk let me know you think about yet the incident regarding whole gay and Firmino anyway I'm out you never talk alone these people dissertation de philosophie sur le langage Columbia University, Morningside Heights.

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