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English literature phd thesis topics

English literature phd thesis topics spring mvc error handling annotation ben ali reportages ´╗┐all right we said so I am Mike herb met most of you captain with borescope police department and the department Pio with me as Detective Sergeant Mike Hall he heads our detective unit a member of the major crimes team and was the lead on the major crimes team call-out on this incident and to my right is detective Matt Smith who was the co-lead in the investigation the other lead a sign in this case was Detective Casey Jones with the Hillsboro Police Department and she is part of the Washington County crash reconstruction analysis team so I'll read the statement here and it's in the statement but I'll point out before we begin that the investigation is still ongoing as you know the arrests occurred just tonight and we will be limited in what kind of details obviously we can we can offer and will be limited in what we answer and I know you're been through that before so well begin on this date at 6:32 p.m. detectives arrested the driver and a passenger of the vehicle that struck and killed two girls while they were playing in the leaves Sunday evening in the 1700 block of Main Street near their home these arrests follow a very intensive investigation by detectives with the four-stroke Police Department members of the Washington County Major Crimes team members of the crash analysis reconstruction team in the Washington County District Attorney's Office members on the multi-agency law enforcement teams included investigators from Washington County Sheriff's Office the Forest Grove Beaverton Hillsboro Tualatin and Cornelius police departments we profoundly thank each of these agencies for their invaluable assistance to our agency this investigation heated up Monday morning following a citizen tip the citizen initiated contact with authorities after seeing local news coverage of the incident detectives followed up on the tip throughout Monday and Tuesday interviewing multiple people and subsequently located the vehicle Monday afternoon the alleged driver and two passengers were identified Monday and interviewed they were arrested this evening after completion of further investigation and again that arrest was at 6:32 p.m. the alleged driver of the vehicle 18 year-old Cynthia Garcia Cisneros the forest Grove was charged with two counts of failure to perform duties of a driver to injured persons that's a felony that alleged passenger in the vehicle 18 year old Mario Esav area of Cornelius was charged with evidence tampering a misdemeanor and hindering prosecution a felony the charges against echeverria stemmed from his alleged actions after the crash to conceal the crime in to aid and assist Garcia Cisneros and avoiding prosecution the forest crow Police Department would like to place emphasis on the fact that this investigation is ongoing that we will be limited to the specific these specific details that led to these charges this case will likely be referred to a Washington County grand jury later this week this incident deeply impacted many of our police fire and medical first responders we are all members of what has often been referred to as a tight-knit community and while this allows us a closer connection with our community it also makes it all the more difficult in the face of a tragedy the force Co Police Department wants to offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and to our broader community so affected and so impacted by this horrible tragedy two very young children have been lost while these arrests only offer very minimal comfort there will be much healing that only time and faith will heal we should point out that beyond whatever sanctions result from these arrests the lives of two young adults have also been forever altered the focus by members of our community should now be on the support of those who have experienced this overwhelming loss the public is still asked to contact police with any information they feel may be helpful and I've shown a picture of the vehicle and I will send digital copies to you upon request and I have copies of this release and copies of our rather business cards of mine if anybody by chance doesn't have my email address the reason for showing a picture of this vehicle is we'd like to hear from anybody on who on Sunday evening you know between eight maybe 7:45 8 on to the time of this incident call time of 8 24 then they have seen this vehicle on the roadway driving in any such manner that they feel the information to us would be helpful I also Chad Chad to me is also here and he is a representative and liaison for the family so if you have any questions relative to the fund that's been set up for the family or any questions related more to non investigative issues Chad's here to answer whatever he feels would be appropriate to answer the information we have is that the children the two girls were playing in the leaves outside of their home these leaves were in a pile partially on the Greenway and then over the curb into the street the father of one of the girls was out taking pictures and ran inside we believe maybe to place the camera in the residence and heard the noise of the vehicle and heard it occur and came back out to find the girls and made the 911 call we don't we don't have that information yet yeah I'm not going to go into any of the comments made any of the or any or speculate state of mind by either one of these individuals obviously we gathered enough information to make those arrests tonight and as is the case with a hit and run crime that kind of arrests stems from the actions if not the crash itself but the actions that follow that crash well you know look as the call came in that evening we have two two kids hit and a car that's left the scene well we call that a hit and run but certainly there are elements required to to meet that statute and it it became a possibility or at least we considered the possibility that somebody conceivably could have ran over this pile of leaves and maybe realize they hit something but didn't realize that they had they'd hit two children and if that were the case we we certainly wanted to encourage that individual to come forward and if that individual came forward we very likely would be in different circumstances that we are today with two people in custody that that didn't happen it indeed does the driver was charged with it I'm sorry the the conclusion of hit and run was determined by the investigative details learned about the actions of both the driver and the passenger after the crash failure to perform duties of a driver is the standard by which hit-and-run is defined the grand jury will the grand jury will commence in this case and they could decide to you know to indict on these charges they could add charges they may decide to not charge one not charge any that's what we have the grand jury for probably the wrong person to ask the vehicle belonged to a it belonged to a parent of one of the passengers we do believe they're in a relationship yes correct at this time they are not being charged based on the citizen tip and that that gets into kind of some of the more finer details that I think we should leave for a grand jury to consider well two days after the incident I don't I don't think that the results of those tests would be something we could count on for investigator of prosecution purposes so we do there's details in the investigation that suggests there was some movement to and from the residence on the night of the crash yes initially they were not truthful about their involvement the motor vehicle crash and upon interviewing them further we determined their involvement no it was not the third person in the vehicle yeah they were related to one of the two occupants yes it's been an emotional rollercoaster over the last couple days of all the detectives that were out there that night which there were many many of us our fathers we have some mothers out there many of us have children within the age range of these two children so it took a lot to you know compartmentalize some some emotions and continue with the investigation but that was the goal and that's what we kept reiterating between us was we had to push through to the end of this for the two little girls yeah I don't think I want to disclose that right now I think I think we need to leave that detail also for grand jury to review yes it is yeah in this case involving injured persons and not returning to the scene makes that a felony well again if it goes into what we believe their state of mind was or specifically any statements made I think we need to hold off and allow the grand jury to consider that information before we talk about that further those are some of the calculations yet to be made by the crash reconstruction analysis team they feel like there is some speeding back you know I I think that probably any neighbor on any street in any town would tell you that cars may travel too fast on their Road are we aware of this particular area being a hotbed of speeding vehicle complaints I would say no this is a I think I've also heard residents who have been interviewed say that this is a quiet residential street in a quiet residential neighborhood and I I would I think that's more consistent in describing this area at this time at this time just these two individuals are being charged I don't know that I didn't I probably would be information we would hold off on as well all right thank you guys very much pay someone to do my dissertation uk Cayuga County Community College.

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