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Exemple de paragraphe dissertation definition

Exemple de paragraphe dissertation definition thesis phd for balkans integration into eu zdf reporter twitter logo ´╗┐hey guys this is Amy and Curtis from real English conversations and we thought that we would take a minute and have a conversation about some of the New Years Eve traditions that we typically do in North America we're actually on our trip in Ecuador and they have some different traditions that we're going to talk about a little bit later but what are some of the traditions that we have in North America yeah well it kinda took us leaving our own country to see how different the traditions are and people are constantly asking us what do you do in Canada to celebrate New Year's so this is why we thought it would be interesting to talk to you guys about it because you probably don't live in Canada or North America and you have the same questions. So I would say the typical theme of New Years Eve is definitely to party people love to party so whether you're having a private party where... I mean a private party could be anywhere from... I don't know, last year we had a small private party of six people yeah right at our house and then I mean you could have a big party maybe a hundred people or something like that but typically you're gonna have food and people like to drink alcoholic drinks and a drink alcohol some people don't drink alcohol but most people do and how else to people celebrate New Year's sometimes they go up to nightclubs and usually DJ's are playing I know in the past I've DJ'd kinds of New Years parties in the past right because Curtis is a... well he used to be a professional now he's he just does it for fun right so... maybe we can put a link to your dj show. yeah yeah ok that would be cool okay we will do that of course people there's a big deejay they're excited they go there dancing and drinking and partying but midnight when it's changing from New Years Eve to New Years Day what we typically do we typically have the countdown from... well we usually start at 10. At 10. yeah so it's ten seconds to midnight so it's 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! everybody'd yells and shouts and there's usually champagne oh yeah, yeah before the countdown in some cases like a private party probably you would happen champagne flute and you fill it with champagne and everybody would have their class and then of course right at midnight everybody clinks their glass together and says happy new year and then they have a drink so yeah that's definitely common in what about your what do you do when you say Happy New Year to you just say it no usually if you're with a group of friends you're you're giving hugs and and saying hi or.. Happy New Year like your wishing them happy New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! you give them a hug and if you're with a partner or girlfriend boyfriend husband wife usually at midnight there's a... you kiss them you kiss them yeah there's a kiss yeah and from what I was reading online this is something that people do you to show their love you know I guess with their friends too it's not romantic love just to let them know that there are important and what else to do ok so anyway the party continues until whatever hour in the morning so the next day after the party it's time to shape up you mean a new year's resolution right it's it's yeah and we're not talking about... well sometimes we're talking about getting fit but I'm referring to more... everybody on a new years they have new year's resolutions and they're like this is going to be the year that I ______ and what are some of the common new year's resolutions that people have this is going to be the year that I'm going to lose weight or I'm going to go to the gym every day and get really really fit, like muscular have better fitness than I've ever had yeah just ignore the honking outside... this is Ecuador. It happens a lot yeah. People like to quit smoking is another New Year's resolution and of course I would say probably if they're hung over they might have a resolution that quit drinking I'm never drinking again and what else do people do? they make you know... it might be this year I'm going to maybe go to university and study for a career or I'm going to do something to better myself in some sort of way or consciousness in the way that they want to change their behavior or the way that they're thinking self-improvement yeah that sort of thing and then I would say probably you one last tradition that's really really interesting is the polar bear swim oh yeah it always happens on new year's day and people run into cold water cause usually in Canada always in Canada in January it's ice cold it's freezing it's not frozen well maybe if you're in a community that goes into a lake and there's been really really cold temperatures for example there might be a little bit of ice on the lake but the ocean is definitely cold and yeah people run in and run out and run out and why do they do this? do you know? I have no idea okay so i don't know I couldn't confirm this by doing any research but what made me think about it was I was reading about New Year's traditions and it came up and it is in this one article it was said that it's for good luck but nothing else that I read verified that so I'm not really sure but a lot of times people do this for a fundraiser oh ok so charity yeah they have the polar bear dip or plunge some places call it a plunge so what you do is you basically tell people that you're going to do this polar bear dip or this plunge or the Polar Bear Swim and people donate maybe $20 to you for being crazy enough to go out and jump into freezing cold water for the sake of a charity and this is what I was reading in in Canada how it started was I think it was 1920 and there is this guy that thought Hey I want to do the I wanna go swim in the ocean and I'm going to invite some of my friends to do it and how he rewarded them or I guess convinced them to do it was he would give them free lunch from his restaurant afterwards and this was a town near Vancouver like a suburb of Vancouver and now that tradition has carried on almost a hundred years in that area and they typically have two thousand registered participants in this polar bear swimming this particular area it's grown so much from 1920 to now yeah it's it's become like annual tradition and everybody you know some people do it just one time I don't know if I'd ever do it I don't like cold water I don't think I would do it I'll do a polar bear swim here in Ecuador where the water is like tropical but some people do it just one time and some people do it every single year so and give to their charity or favorite cause of their choice so let's talk just really quickly about some of the traditions here in Ecuador I'll go get our our little thing here while Curtis talks about it hang on so there there are plenty of different things that they do in Ecuador and South America they eat 12 grapes which is kind of their way of of having a countdown but it's it's for good luck as well so they'll eat 12 grapes until midnight right the 12 grapes thing is a very popular thing so we do a 10 second countdown for them they do a 12 second countdown it's one grape per month of the year to have good luck and you have to eat one great per second and as you can imagine within 12 seconds eating 12 grapes you'd probably be like choking on grapes or something you would have a mouth full of grapes yeah and a another thing that's right after that happens and you know happy new years they do the same thing they have these little paper mache things like ours yeah this is what we we have this is our paper mache cow yeah this is our paper mache cow trying to get the whole thing in here and she has firecrackers inside of her and we have to light her on fire tonight at midnight and this is basically to get rid of all of the bad luck that that we had last year so that moving forward we have better luck better luck yeah and she just might explode I hope she's full of firecrackers there's there's another tradition too and it's something to do with underwear different colored underwear yes so if you want to have more money you're supposed to buy a brand new pair of yellow underwear and you have to wear them yellow underwear and if you want love of course you buy red underwear I should buy some yellow underwear I want some yellow underwear too but and I don't think they sell them here in the small town where we're at and then there's one more tradition which is taking an empty suitcase and running around the outside of your house and that's supposed to be for good luck if you would like to travel so that you find the money or you have the opportunity to be able to do that so anyway those are some of the New Year's traditions said we can talk about from Canada and from here in latin america in Ecuador I wonder what some of your New Year's traditions are yeah leave a comment for us in this section below and let us know what the most common New Year's tradition is in your country and hopefully we can make this an interesting conversation make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel follow us on Facebook all of that good stuff if you're not a free member at our website already just come to our website and sign up we've got a bunch of free conversations with transcriptions and phrasal verb stuff and 31 different sounds and all that kind of stuff that native speakers use tons of information and resources for people for free right at our website at realenglishconversations.com so happy new year everyone type 2 dissecting aortic aneurysm St. Francis College.

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