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Exemple methode dissertation philo

Exemple methode dissertation philo final exam 6th grade social studies ilfracombe incident reports [Music] [Music] yo what's up guys what's happening what's going on welcome back to the channel welcome back to the blog and more importantly welcome to another now Before we jump into today's big log I like to think today's sponsor Dramamine all-day non-drowsy motion sickness relief Dramamine it was promo code I hope I don't throw up today I checkout to get 10% off your next purchase of Dramamine all day motion sickness relief not drowsy just kidding guys Dramamine is actually not a sponsor of this video but regardless I hope to the good folks at Dramamine see this video and hopefully send some money my way for that free plug that I gave them all jokes aside guys today I am DJing a boat party wow this is the first time by DJ boat party and well let's just say that the last couple of times I've done both parties it hasn't been a pretty sight oh my god my insides are on progress so that's the reason that I'm packing some motion sickness pills today to hopefully avoid that and I'm nervous for today because this is actually my first time doing a private boat party so this time around there aren't going to be any other DJs to cover me if I get sick I should have took that into consideration before I agree to do it but I agree to do it as a challenge to myself I want to see if these motion sickness pills actually do the job and well I actually wanted to DJ a boat party now one thing that I am looking forward to is seeing the boat and the beautiful view that we are going to have today because the boat is departing from Hoboken New Jersey Hoboken New Jersey exactly right across the river from New York City so we're going to get beautiful views of New York City and on fact Hoboken is the home the birthplace of one of my favorites of all time the legendary Frank Sinatra gonna make a plaster you start of it [Music] not sure how many of you guys have ever DJed on a boat but if you have you know that it gets cold out at sea so I'm packing a hoodie protip you ever dude you on a boat be sure to bring a hoodie let me know the minute you guys have ever DJ Don a bow have you guys ever done a boat party do you get motion sickness let me know down in the comments below one more thing I don't know if you guys remember but the other day this company lost text sent me a blood line it is IP rated so I figured today since it's looking like it's going to rain today and we're also on a boat I figured it'd be the perfect time to try out the loft X lunge line look at this thing this thing is RGB I'll leave an Amazon link to this bloodline it's actually very inexpensive this thing only costs 50 bucks fairly cheap considering that it's waterproof and it's a flood legs very inexpensive now it's not be a Mexico so you will have to control it with a remote that is provided and you guys make it out RGB W it's also got some color macros down here it's got orange lawn Navy coral aqua purple gold tie an orchard yellow indigo and pink so I'm going to bring this bad boy out and see how it performs tonight loft X love life [Music] arrived we made it welcome to Hoboken New Jersey we out here very windy so don't mind a wish I had the part of like two blocks now there's just no parking it's a big city so I don't know how I'm going to do it I'm going to go ask the people who work on the boat to let me know where I could possibly park so that I can load everything in that's one of things about working on boats that sucks is that the loading load outs very difficult but look at this view can you guys put on a little fun fact like two weeks ago Lenny and myself and Linda Carla we all came out here to Hoboken to hang out we were hanging out right by one of these balconies right in front of the water and I take my pono and literally as I think my phone out Linda bumps me and I dropped my photo I ended up having to get a new phone now I have the iPhone 7 I was waiting for the new phones to come out now unfortunately I had to upgrade early it was a bit of a bummer for Garland at least I got myself a new fold courtesy of Linda she had to buy for me because she threw it in the water I was an accident but whatever now my phone is somewhere inside of the Hudson River by the way this right here that's what we're going to be party today yeah whoa hello I how are you um how are you I'm supposed to be the DJ for today the party to look on for space there's a table right there all right you got it here she is this both super wobbly Oh what did I get myself into so the guy in the boat he was very nonchalant about the parking he just said hey man you just got to go find somewhere to park this is going to suck his knife look for somewhere where I can pull up and park hopefully close to the boat we're gonna have to haul my equipment around the middle of the city in the middle of the street so I get to the boat bomb parking yep but he's relatively close not too far from the boat a little bit far from the boat small setup I should be able to do it in one or two turns just two speakers facade and that's pretty much it I am bringing a couple of light I'm just bringing my Parrs my American eject bars and then I'll also have the floodlights see how that works out going to be no night guys really long I am a little pessimistic today thinking's I got to be such a good idea to bring up the tripod I know you guys probably can't tell but it's very very windy and we're on the tail end of the boat I'm not going to use tripods I'm going to leave the speaker's on the floor it's way too risky dispose shaking a lot and this is where I'm positioned right here back here there's a window right behind me and then to my right is overboard so all it takes is the boat to shake a little bit and hit either go through that window or goes in the water so just for safety reasons I am NOT going to put the speakers on a tripod not happy about that but it's terrific [Music] okay so this is the setup final setup not my ideal setup as you guys can see it is super windy so that's going to be blowing all night I couldn't use facade or my tripod it was way too risky so I decided to bail on them it's just not starting out the view by night but alright hopefully that is the last of our issues I am all set up in there you guys ever come out to New York City as a tourist or on vacation or something like that I highly recommend that you take the ferry across to Hoboken where you can get beautiful panoramic views of the city as you guys can see here it is beautiful here in Hoboken last week I'd like to walk you aboard did you find a higher bar view [Music] welcome to target a home got me feeling some time [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] everybody [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ha [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] one more time make some time to take care [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh my buddy right got the bird for dominance I was so good to go alright [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what time is opening [Music] [Music] and just like that guys party is over what can i really say about this party guys going in I was a bit pessimistic I didn't think it was going to be a very good party but whoa boy was I wrong that party was it was incredible guys the party was awesome we ended up staying an extra hour and a half because the party was too pumped up they danced to everything I was throwing out there and those are the kind of crowds that I loved that was incredible I would have paid to have done something like that we went up and down the Hudson River we party right next to the Statue of Liberty we partied downtown we parted under the Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Bridge it was incredible guys that was so much fun I can't stress it enough I had a blast I really needed this just because I was so down and out on all the parties that I have been doing lately I really needed to pick up a win and we finally did it we finally knocked it out of the park as far as lighting the lighting was roomed that was beautiful that floodlight that I brought did a beautiful job of basically flooding the dance floor with light it did a great job the captain of the boat was actually really impressed by the lights that he's going to buy like six of them because he actually owns those two boats back there you guys see also on my table I put the American DJ Megatron profile plus this to give a little bit of a sheen you know to throw some extra color in there the incredible night guys I'm doing this party Quarry 200 your bars out of five it was a blast guys and I can't say enough anybody questions comments and concerns down below let me know if you've ever been to New York City let me know if you've ever DJ the boat party and let me know how it went let me know if you got seasick please like this video if you like this subscribe if you're new around here and don't forget to turn on dab bear don't forget it is the summer of gay clogs we're posting gig logs every single week and the only way you'll stay up to date with all the gig logs is by following me on snapchat and Instagram and subscribing to my channel and turning on that Bell thank you guys for watching this video you guys are freaking awesome signing up from New York City slash Hoboken New Jersey DJ barn thank you guys for being awesome stay awesome I'll catch you guys in my next one goodnight [Music] kcl dissertation search St. Lawrence University, Canton.

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