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How many references for a 20000 dissertation

How many references for a 20000 dissertation speech writing topics for class 8 writing a recommendation example letter ´╗┐well just to follow up with what John said thank you everybody for being here today for taking the time from making the effort really looking forward to a meeting everyone as well as working for this university and you know being a member of this community everyone's been so kind during this transition getting here it's been nice to meet all the friendly folks in the city of Lexington and a lot of the members of the Big Blue Nation well one of the things that you hear about from the outside and you certainly learn you know when you get into this town and on this campus is in the Big Blue Nation that do things big so you know again it's nice to see everybody really appreciate how consumed you know this town in this state is and how supportive they are and there were love for basketball it's something that struck me a long time ago when I actually had a lot more hair and a lot less weight and I came here and spend some time with coach Hall working at his basketball camp and it's left an indelible impression on me so you know being here now is basically like a dream come true what was that well there's a basketball camp which many of you might have heard it's called a five-star basketball camp were a lot of you know great players you know I've come from the Michael Jordan Moses Malone's you know as well as a lot of good coaches God rest his soul you know Chuck Daly and you know Mike fratellos you know welcome through this camping just by chance the first week of my employment there I went in to you know check into my dorm is one of the coaches and counselors and you know who turned out to be the roommate guy by the name of John Calipari he knew we wanted to be a coach from the first day I met that's what he spoke about and it's really what's consumed them and one of the reasons why you know he's been so good at what he does he's got a very clear you know definition of what he wants to do in his life he's gone on to do that no greater place than here absolutely you know we've been friends ever since that first initial meeting well you know what you're a little bit on a young side back then we had voted me phones you know you know we would dial each other you know like this i don't even know if we had you know push button fall in fact but you know now now we probably beyond was it facebook or instagram whatever whatever you guys use now still want to go to back and move both in college you know what loving basketball you know loving sports in basketball in particular you know one of the things that sports does is you know they really no boundaries in it you know age race religion coming from a neighborhood where I grew up you know many people here since I've got the town they've asked me where you're from I said why would you ask that he said you have an accident and I said I do you didn't hit me but you know being from New York it's you know it's a melting pot and you just come across so many different people you know sports and you know even basketball you know has become an you know global game and international game just felt that it's a great way to be able to you know stay involved in a sport and 14 you know give back my background a bit will bear at home god bless you no struggle work and sacrifice the whole life you saw the impact that it had on me said that if I was able to you know help other you know achieve their dreams and do that's what I wanted to do but that's very kind of you say what one of the things you find out being a coaches the plays were great when you have great players you better find a good one that's that that's kind of the approach that you know that there's a lot of interest from the best players in the nation that have Kentucky on their on their list it's a very well we see that's what they say that have been a lot of changes with the social media and someone like myself needs to catch up with them I think going back to one of the previous questions you know it still gets down you know two people you know and it's just like you know anything even a business the contract is only as good as the people it's written between no matter what way you speak to prospect his coach his parent no it gets down to the words that I said you know not the way welp it's a place that's very dear to my heart you know went there originally with Ben Howland this program is that the coach that gets what he gave me an opportunity his director of basketball operations for few years and he elevated and put me you know my coaching role 28 players they're very you know good people having been there for quite a number of years you know even staying you know passing on an hour you know turning down other positions some of them even in just goes to show how much I of that University Kentucky Kentucky and said before he's uh he's been very kind you know it better I better take it this time it may become a time he doesn't ask anymore better take a I'm sure there's a long there's a long line of people you know that would want this and every year the line gets longer something you know very much that's a single common denominator a lot of people are looking for you know to next season and probably most importantly it seems that players are when you see them and when you speak and that's what really this whole thing is about it's about you know up you know we'll see how that unfolds you know again the best players in your program that you know they're the best recruiters you know people could say certain things about cheers and staffs and how they recruit but the best because they're the actual living pool what's you know going on and how things are being done meant to be you know you said well you know we spoke about it in the past now the opportunity really no presents itself first want to tell you well like we already stated he's known he's wanted a coach since you when we first met you know it's something you know it's kind of a similar bond you know we both were working at that camp like many other counselors and coaches that have gone flew there what we wanted to do and hope to do you know professionally not a lot of people in college you know go through and you know whether they want to work in the business sector whatever they want to do have a job handed to them when they get out of school you know so you go there the five star at the time for you know mr. Goff Finkel Howard golfing you know you paid your dues and to one day get an opportunity you know how a lot of that develop well we'll go back to Howard Garfinkel during those years at the five stop basketball camp growing up and you really didn't shoot the ball that well so the only way to you know try to stay on the court and win a game was to basically navigate your way to the basket sprinkle affectionately for me slice how it started where it started and the names kind of stuck he had a lot of people like you know at that time you know come who his camp that's what he kind of dubbed me as you're the recruiting guy here huh good recruiting you're the recruiting guy in this in this movement you probably want to have your own session if everybody else leaves up you know what I'm just still trying to get my feet on the ground you know I'm trying to find a place that has like hot Browns with Parmesan cheese on it you know so we'll get to the transfers at another time you know what a gentleman he was here's a guy that was at the top of his profession he took the time respond wrote a handwritten letter back to somebody that he didn't and said if you want a coach come down here and work and I give you and it was nice actually just to run into him my first week here you know to go back in that much off the top of my head and obviously you see there's a lot off the top of my head I couldn't I couldn't tell you but it was back in my mouth I used to have a boy yeah that's when I had a lot more here well you know what both positions are very good if you had to ask me you know what's one thing that stands out in your mind probably as an assistant coach you make suggestions as a head coach you make decisions and that would probably you know summing it up as as a member of a staff you may see things and more or less like snapshots as a head coach you have to kind of see a portrait you know is Ed's ego you know what we haven't gotten that far yet I'm actually still trying to find the place to live that's that's where I was you know right before I got here and you know the potential landlord were going over the lease and he wants to sell the place and you know asked me to vacate it you know in like 30 days like me to vacate 30 days if somebody wanted to buy and then I said well you know during a basketball season you really don't want to move not to label zero want to be playing till April so you know sometime after that just make the leash out you know after well again having come down here that initial time with coach Hall as camp you know you see the way things are done here and then as you reference pit we played here for an NCAA Tournament game at Rupp Arena in one of our regionals the results till disappoints me but we to a guy named Antonio Gates and he had you know super night one of my all-time favorite players were coached is one Lexington jeron ground so have you know having some background here even though I may be new to the city again not necessarily new the Kentucky program and you know the Lexington you know way how they feel about their basketball so you know the bar the bar is high here and it should be you know when somebody previously asked the question about John you know he sets the bar even higher you know Coach Cal yeah he likes that you know and then you go in the office and you see the pillow there crazy so you know what will let let that process play out right now just really enjoying this I've always felt good in my life fortunately that the Lord has blessed me my mom so much just want to you know live in this moment right now do whatever can you know Coach Calipari his staff in this university you feel that it would help anybody it was definitely something that sharpen my lenses a lot more you know when you have that experience you know on a daily basis for you know a good length of time it definitely brings different things you know to the forefront and hopefully that makes you better I have right now excuse me well coach phobic is another five-star guy basically know him his GA days and he's been to multiple forwards and we've got a national championship pain very excited dissertation revision service cheap ASA College.

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