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How to find a dissertation topic

How to find a dissertation topic prakrit language literature review acid base disturbances examples of thesis ´╗┐well hello everyone it's a delight for me to be here and to see all of you here and I think this is going to be a very interesting and pleasurable evening certainly will be for us so I want to start by telling you a little bit about Mars a head shot of Mars taken by the Hubble and showing in I think really wonderful detail what the place kind of looks like in the modern era when the Mariner flybys went past Mars they found some things that were really interesting deep canyons and so on that increased interest in sending a real sophisticated mission there and that resulted in the Vikings spaceships and before taking off you may recall Carl Sagan whose wonderful and incredibly talented person nonetheless wanted cameras on Viking to see the animals there was a great expectation that there was going to be not only life but like weird life big life you know cool life so when they arrived and they saw a lot of rocks what it was kind of disappointing and there was a big debate about whether or not there was any discovery of microbial life something that NASA itself has said no one of the PI's says yes it all ended in both confusion and disappointment for the most part as a result Mars funding and Mars exploration took a serious dip and it wasn't until 1997 that the next Lander came on to Mars by the way just an aside there have been six successful landings on Mars and without being nationalistic about this they're all done by NASA it's like what we do really really well putting that aside putting that aside so in 97 the Sojourner arrives and then soon after the Spirit and Opportunity the two little plucky Rovers that could arrive and they just do all kinds of things however they did not have capabilities to do anything like what curiosity can do but before we get into curiosity I want to tell you a little bit about what they were what NASA and other and scientists were generally looking for which was remember the mantra of follow the water well initially that was like looking for little gullies and and looking for you know maybe little streams of spouts that were coming out in some way or signs that there had once been large catastrophic floods and so on but when first the Mars orbiter camera went up and then later high-rise and others they began seeing images like these which sure looks like a delta to me doesn't it you know it's like that could be the Amazon that could be the Potomac dried out badly dried out bad drought and the whole notion of follow the water took on a very different meaning because it was clear that there were signs many many signs that there was significant water that had run on the surface and all of the climate modeling said that wasn't possible but yet it was the case also this picture which is not a Jackson Pollock but rather an an image of North Dallas which is one of the oldest sections of Mars and after it became clear that there were signs of water then they began looking for minerals there are classes of minerals that are formed only in water phyllosilicates which are clays sulfates some others and they began finding those so they had this orbital information now it was the time to do something called ground-truthing which is curiosity send curiosity to the ground and let's see what happens this is the heatshield leaving you may recall that curiosity and its seven minutes of Terror will you hit the atmosphere at 32,000 miles an hour had seven minutes stop 2-0 here's the sequence going down the black is indeed black sand alongside of Mount sharp which is the big mountain in the middle of the crater here the thrusters are going there about to lay on at this point it's it's largely the rover itself and the descent device and then first picture ever of an actual landing look at it that's the that's the tire right there that's a tire of curiosity about to land and it did it became clear quite quite soon that this was that they landed in a place that was very different than other landing sites previously they found pebbles that were very interesting because they seemed to suggest the presence of water at some point they found other conglomerate rocks that that did the same and then also they were there was the proximity to what appeared to be a fossil stream all of which are kind of beyond cool from the perspective of people interested in Mars uh so and and the original plan was to go directly to Mount sharp which is this huge mountain in the middle a through mile high mountain in the middle of the crater but they decided against that and decided instead to take a detour to what turned out to be named Yellowknife Bay now look at this what does that look like a dried-up lake right what do you think it was a dried-up lake you know that's kind of the conclusion that they came to probably nothing like this has ever been seen on Mars before or any other planet outside of the earth and it is an enormous breakthrough to your upper left is Mount sharp and that is where they didn't go but they will they will go yeah because that's what the program says you're supposed to go to all right now the red planet right you know Mars the red planet every story except for mine say the Red Planet I say no it's not red it has Rouge on it this this shows a rock that was run over by the rover and look what color it is inside blueish grey and it turns out that most of Mars is colors other than red that's just an iron oxide dust that kind of covers things so the Red Planet I don't think so the blue green planet maybe Curiosity has an array of instruments that are unlike anything that's gone before this was obviously taken before they took off this is the arm set a seven feet long with a turret that has drilling equipment on it that has a camera on it that has a number of other instruments on it again nothing like this has ever gone to Mars really really hard you know to make this work very heavy this is the first drill right in the middle you see the thing go down it's drilling a hole that's about half an inch wide if I remember correctly about two inches deep and what they found it was something that made clear that the redness just covered over a level of potentially interesting habitable potentially habitable environments that we didn't know about before all right how does curiosity get around it's interesting this is called driving blind where what's blind is not the people at JPL who are driving this but rather the rover which has its own autonomous abilities but here it is driving based on a program that was sent up to it Rover drivers are well known to be among the coolest people on earth but in fact they don't drive I mean they make programs right you know they're not at the wheel but it's it is nonetheless a remarkable and very very difficult job and with a lot of pressure it turns out that after a year and a half or so some serious holes came up in the wheels various punctures and rips this came from going over sharp rocks that were embedded into a sandstone as opposed to being in something that would be like sand where there wouldn't be as much force and this you know serious problem they really did a lot of work figuring out how to deal with it and they determined that it would not ultimately affect the mission that it would not shorten the mission in any way because they could drive backwards and that's what they do now they drive backwards unfortunately the autonomous part which is what makes them go really far cannot go backwards and so they have to stop going backwards then turn around and then do the autonomous part forward which is part of the reason why it's taken a long time to get to Mount sharp but in any case there you go very briefly October 19th there is a comet that is going to go past Mars initially they thought that it was going to hit Mars or it could hit Mars which considering the billions of dollars that NASA has on Mars and around Mars you know needless to say was not a happy thought but it they now believe it will go to the side enough that it won't be a serious danger though you can never tell exactly what happens the dust particles themselves although there are just dust particles are moving at something like 153 thousand miles an hour an hour which makes them basically bullets so they could go through to anything in any case this is going to be passing by Mars and it's it to me it was really an interesting reflection on where we where we are as as people there are we're now a space faring civilization we something can come close to Mars and it matters to us and we can learn in enormous amount from that this this comment will come closer to Mars than any comet has come to earth in recorded history so and and that is but we can really get a lot out of it because of having the assets that we have there now and let me just end with this image from the camera that my colleague here Ken edge it is the pi/4 you know those are little grains of sand those are little grains of dust in terms of Mars up close I mean they're getting really really up close and not just in terms of the images in terms of the geochemistry in terms of the geology in terms of understanding weather and all kinds of and radiation and the like and and that's what I think is the the great message that comes from the curiosity mission so far which is that they're learning an enormous amount because they have new tools and they're right they're really seeing stuff ford dissertation fellowship 2019 impala Wesleyan.

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