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How to write analysis section of dissertation sample

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biotics at the amber Institute is the truth no needles no nonsense mama knows best you ought to me keep your body clean think then clean you good the personal power institute presents the black perspective hi my name is brother Christopher X my co-host assistant freedom Maya fattah el and we'd like to start off the show by reading our beautiful black brothers and sisters a Christian community the Muslim community Nash this community the Latino Mexican arrived a traumatic community in agreeing words of peace we said in that beautiful poetic language of the Arabic totem assalamualaikum but it simply means peace be unto you and in Kimberly's MAF otep and it sells means peace those who are watching a black perspective for the first time the black perspective comes on every tuesday from 430 to five o'clock on channel 28 and what we do is debating discuss the issues that played the black community and come up with viable solutions and answers to our many problems today on our show me and sister freedom we have a special guest brother engage from New York City Minister inca in New York City but before we get started our brothers and sisters I'd like to congratulate sister freedom for her successful event on March the 24th at the Christian a culture center she had a fabulous event and also I would like to thank her for allowing me to get the interview with brother Omar Johnson that's what she brought in town on march to 24 so I'm hoping that a sister freedom continues her working on community and she's very successful that a lot of lessons heard with much success but sister freedom sister freedom senza brother inkay is going to be at the house of ram tomorrow can you go ahead and introduce brother in game and let him tell our listening audience something about ourselves this is Minister inky and he also has the book the black jeans ethics pressing that and you can contact I'll be short and finish all of the information is to you before this is over with and he specializes in genetics DNA history information quite a few things so i guess as we're talking you will hear when you get the offers you let them know what what time he's will be down sorry yes no beer the house of ram is 602 grand your ab you were to be from six to nine and that's Wednesday the seventeenth that's is 17th so you might want to contact me as soon as possible my number is 30 2 669 58 60 all right mr. inking let's say some toilet story before we get started um yeah come on out bring your family we're going to have an awesome class and we're going to talk about health some common issues that are plaguing the community as far as what we need to know to protect ourselves and to uh just project that potential and longevity that we up and studying come on out it's gonna be awesome setting is come bring us some plans and some ideas and there's just certain things that we can't seem to get over the hump with is because we're not addressing this biology issue okay this is why Europeans no longer have to kick in your door they don't have to tie niggas up and burn them out in front and all that it's the covert now because they can control you from a distance by what they put into your body and they have you on autopilot to continue to brainwash yourself because you are going to the supermarket and purchasing the poison that is killing yourself you are going to the supermarket purchasing the poison that is causing your body your brain to no longer be able to connect with the people that make up your we extended family which is other black people you no longer can tie yourself into the electromagnetic spectrum which makes you a part of everything that is a part of the old so you feel disconnected and this is why we have the black on black crime because of what we put in our body we have no longer connected in that way and there's certain rituals that we do certain rituals that take place just before certain types of acts of violence so we still ritualistic people okay it's always gonna be some smoking it's always gonna be some music it's always gonna be you know we got to get drunk you got to get our mind and right we put on a certain type of music and then you go and hit the street and we bang out that's a ritual and what we don't understand is that we're changing the chemistry in our brains to induce the propensity to violence it's biological and as parents we are supplying our children with the tools that they need to go out and kill each other so it's not about reaching out to the children it's about reaching out to the parents to deal with black on black crime and most of us can't do it because we're insane because our bodies are loaded up with nitrogen our bodies are loaded up with state flow and pizza and Taco Bell Islam and microwave food and milk and dairy and fish and beans that's right brother auto loan right all those things fish is high so if some of the things that we think this this is a big problem and this is why we started the whole are you sure you vegan movement because a lot of the things that we come to think are things that we should be eating are things that are actually still detrimental to our health and our mental well-being um foods like broccoli right that beast that stings people every time I put them on a diet plan or type start dealing with a nutrition and I'm like yeah no rocket who well outside of the hybrid because what I like to deal with is nitrogen yes I high high high in nitrogen vegetable yeah well yams have some stuff in it that counteracts it so you have certain you have certain vitamins and minerals that can counteract the effects of nitrogen in the mobile unit system in particularly vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E and magnesium vitamin C vitamin e magnesium and also selenium which is at the core of your melanin right but selenium but selenium is no longer in any of the fool okay is no longer in the soil a very popular misconception and for those of you who will be trying to transition it's vegetarians and vegans and fruitarians and getting off to me this is going to be a popular question that your family members / hater right figure that / haters the people that want to keep you eating the meat along with them misery loves company if you drink alcohol the toughest thing you're going do in your process to quit drinking alcohol is finding new friends if you smoke weed the toughest thing you're going to do and your real quest is quick that drum or whatever it is it's finding new friends because if you keep hanging around those friends you're going to keep indulging in that because you're not only have to fight against your will power but you gotta fight against a with power too so with the meat thing when you go vegetarian the main thing is is where let me give my protein from gotta meet you get protein in a healthy black body right wheel in a healthy black body you don't have to eat none of that stuff to get protein me show you how this stuff works out people get confused because we then we don't get this science and the science and is very important and I know you're not used to guys and jeans and sneakers doing science but must react to next year 2013 alright so what is the most important thing to life right we got to have right oxygen okay what else we got to have water right nice you alright it's just a key so we know it isn't them that is alright so we got o is oxygen you got h plus old is water right hydrogen plus oxygen is water then we have to but we want to see in them we're going to get ya c + h + 0 which is the next most important thing full body right yeah it is carbon oh yes but we view down the line its carbon and we need carbohydrates fruits vegetables all things natural for humans to eat a carbohydrates all right but there's just three elements right so we start with the most basic we had hydrogen and oxygen we have water we add carbon to the hydrogen and the oxygen now that water has turned into a carbohydrate which is why all fruits and vegetables are ninety percent water so if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that you need to have to drink that much water because you're going to get all the water you need in fruits and vegetables now is the whole trick to this whole protein milk if you add nitrogen she wanted to yeah behind huh alright so if you add nitrogen to the carbon the hydrogen and the oxygen you get protein so your body in a healthy black body a healthy black body can make all the protein and needs from the agree I don't wake up once in a blue just to show you that we love you hedonic consumption dissertation definition Hyde Park campus, Hyde Park.

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