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Human resource topics for dissertation

Human resource topics for dissertation british business culture essay investor presentation template ppt background ´╗┐again is a large variability between subjects so in between data sets so if you have a data set with the Livescribe pen and you know participants doing now I there might be between 1071 percent of those segments were only some lateral segments so the next strategy people used was focusing on a visual cue this was done when they couldn't create a scenario this was usually a complex data sets with a hard time figuring out what was happening and so he kind of based it on location so he was going indoors and outdoors and indoors and outdoors not really knowing what the activity was but that allowed him to kind of break it up by location so in this one thirty one percent of the event founders were big glowkies where they faced it pretty much off of something that they could see but they didn't exactly know what was happening so they just kind of focused on that and went from there so this again was typical of the more complex data sets and it allowed them away to segment activity when they didn't understand what's happening but very few people use this strategy when it was their own data set because they knew what was going on and a lot of times they would kind of focus on location if they were using this and so depending on dataset it would vary from 0 the seventy-seven percent of those segments were based on visual cues when the next one was a natural break and so this was something where like either culturally or kind of like with the age group people would see this as a break from that activity or a change in activity and it was easy to pick out so it looks like he's picking up some studies generated from the mission she was really exciting where she would go about the accident and program that was it's like you didn't go so boring next program primer so one of the things that people seem to do is in applications if someone quit something or exited something they would segment there so as a natural break in activity they were stopping that task going on to the next one so because of that it was a place for them to create a segment and so a lot of people had a lot of corresponding segments that those kind of places so this was about ten percent of the event boundaries so this didn't happen all that often because there wasn't necessarily a common occurrence with the natural breaks and this again was kind of culturally dependent there were some that would be seen like like going on Facebook was taking a break from studying but that might be dependent on people they use Facebook and understand what's happening and then also of the five different categories that were available this was the one where people would most likely have the same segment and again there was a lot of variability on zero is sixty-five percent of the statements in any given data set were a natural break and so another one that people use word contextual clues and so this was done by people that took the data set and so they understood what was going on and they could use things that weren't necessarily visible within this data set to break it up legs two more legs and this late actually this these the these pairs of legs must be part of this dudes for the night to my girlfriend over time foul drawn restocking both legs my legs so so he has this whole story behind these legs and no one else would obviously know because they didn't draw their own legs on the paper and so this allowed him to kind of create a segment here that may not necessarily be seen by everyone else because it doesn't necessarily complete the drawing but it completes his trying to draw his legs and so this was only seven point five percent of event memories but again this is mostly dude that only the person actually did the activity because usually use a protective Hughes as a segment but in addition to that there were a few people that engaged in some kind of similar activity under so what was going on or they had actually been to that activity and so they were able to make contextual cues as well saying oh yeah I remember this happened right here even we couldn't see it on the screen and so they were able to do that as well so there was a like zero you can percent variability again depended on with the dataset and a large portion of some people's segments were contextual cues up to fifty percent in two individuals and so the last kind of herb is just another category stuff that just didn't really fit in any of those there were a variety of ones where either someone just didn't say anything or they said that I don't know why I'm segmenting but I'm segmenting and things like that so here's an example motion motion motion what the heck so again segment two random this item yeah and so there were only four percentage fit into this category because the other ones pretty well fit into one of those categories and so there was zero the 29th very gloating this one between the data sets as well so then one of the things I want to analyze was the reliability between the participants so in order to kind of test this I had each participant do their own data set where they say mented something they recorded with 13 devices in addition to that I had them segment up to three other people's devices or three other people's data sets and then we could compare those to figure out the difference between segmenting your own data set versus in living someone else's in addition to how other people would say my your own data set and so I created a series of graphs so we have the net boundaries which are coded by participant and then the dashed lines determine where there is a premium between participants on the segment so here we have the participant a selectivity trails light data segmentation and so you have participant ass at the top participants been a participant cake and so you can see that even though they have a lot of statements over the place that's only a few that actually agree with each other there's only seven in this whole data set and including enough just that s had a lot of contextual cues and so that's why you have so many segments that don't match up with anyone elses because they couldn't see that data and so the points that match up to each of these segments are follows so this is the first visual that everyone kind of agreed on was a good place to segment and so this was kind of a natural breaking point where you have a window that's all extended and it obvious it's obvious that he's not working on any individual thing right now but he segmented here this was the one that I showed earlier because he was talking with his friend Neil but everyone else probably segmented because it was different and so then it changed slightly and so everyone segmented again because if he woke up his computer and it's um a relevant thing for because if nothing else it happened so far and so then we have been working on this document and then taking a break of facebook which was one of those natural break and twice work pretty much everyone decided that he stopped working and he's starting to take a break and then you go back to work so that was another natural breaking points back to his activity followed by he's doing some kind of something it's away from the activity again back to the activity and that was it so then participate II again you can see that there's a wide variety of points there people are same ending it so this is it getting dependent on kind of how they approach the problem and so there's three points where everyone kind of found a common ground so here are some ones saving so it's a natural breaking point they're finished with their project they were saving it then they went from their project to Google and so again everyone for a second and Eric's again natural breaking point and then they went to their you know so again another natural breaking point so then for the livescribe data set on this one the interesting thing their own privilege statements at the end of a pain but in addition to that one of the participants tried to segment at the end of every drawing which correlated with participant peas ended every drawing but his drawing the reason he's saying into their work contextual cues which weren't the same as those and jason arrows but they just help the wind up so you can see like this was the first one that was finished and then he had this one they went on to the next page which was the exit strategy and then this was not the end of a page but they both lined up because they finished the infinite power dude and so then you have them to the page recited some of their stuff in then we finish the head which they both decided was a breaking point you have everyone agreed that the when the paper is done and then realistic as well and so then you have a Livescribe which was notes and so as you can see here is a really wide diverse group of segments you have / so what three and participant alpha at between 32 and so the difference is they will participate also a lot of like interruptions and a lot of different points in there they can be broken up pretty slow so I was one activity whereas prince- whose data it actually was is kind of in the middle and so you can see that they kind of finish the page of notes kind of keep moving on and so each page of notes is where it was divided up and so then for a sense camp again there's a really diverse group you can see participate you as a whole bunch of data points advantages of literature based dissertation definition School of Nursing.

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