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Icd 10 code for dissection of aorta

Icd 10 code for dissection of aorta triopo tr980n review of literature apa format book multiple publishing cities ´╗┐you hello everyone I'm Beth and I'm lucky I attended a local Technical School fadiouth Stephens College and enjoyed it so much I earned two degrees machine tool and computer-aided manufacturing and mechanical engineering these degrees have been the catalyst for my employment in well-paying manufacturing positions in central Pennsylvania for the past 14 years because of my choices because of my employment I now have zero college debt I have a career in quality control which allows me to choose the employers I want to work for I am a woman with a career in stem an acronym that stands for science technology engineering and math but I'm also a rarity what's having a career in stem mean and why as a woman Amaya rarity first a career in stem means job security in the next 10 years job growth in computing advanced manufacturing and engineering is expected to meet or greatly exceed growth than non-stem jobs second we know that today academically women are faring better than ever before the majority of college graduates and master level graduates are women and nearly half of this country's workforce is comprised of women however as a woman with a career in stem I am a rarity because we represent only 25% of the workforce since 2001 women have seen little gains in STEM careers our numbers remain of scarce of ever in engineering computing and advanced manufacturing and even though 18% of bachelor's degrees in computer science and engineering are earned by women we represent an even smaller percentage in the workforce the numbers clearly show that if nothing changes I may be the only female I see in my department this is a big problem and it isn't just a female problem this is a global problem based on current projections and job growth by 2018 nearly 2.4 million STEM jobs will be empty due to a lack of qualified workers when we look at the current pipeline of qualified workers there is a trickle entering the workforce focus on women and that trickle is barely a drop a career in stem means job security financial independence and personal empowerment I'm lucky I have a career in stem however looking back it was unlikely I would have ended up where I am today today I stand before you a financially independent woman in my home I am the breadwinner my salary purchased the home we share as a family I stand before you on firm footing but I stumbled to get here I stumbled into my career as a young girl I have vivid memories of helping my dad change the oil in our family car taking apart rotary phones trying to figure out how they worked building cardboard forts and being in love with nature as I grew these interests became more creatively driven I took all the sculpture classes 3d design jewelry making classes and my high school offered when we learned about metal jewelry making I became borderline obsessed however I don't ever remember anyone seeing those hobbies those skills and translating them into tangible career opportunities I stumbled through college applications I stumbled figuring out a major I stumbled so much I missed all my entrance deadlines I stumbled due to a lack of inspiration lack of empowerment and lack of connection to potential career opportunities I stumbled and I'm not the only one today too many of our young women are stumbling and not finding their way into sustainable careers high pain high demand careers STEM careers why do we as girls and women stumble the same reasons I stumble a lack of inspiration how can we aspire to be what we cannot see not exposing young women to potential career opportunities leads them in the dark and limits the number of paths they can choose from in life earlier this year I participated in a panel discussion on this very topic and a state representative was in the audience when it came time for the audience to comment on our discussion he challenged everyone to expose our young women to more career choices he told us about his experiences going into high schools and young women wanting to take one of two career pathways one that requires postgraduate education and another that requires little to no college education at all why because they have little inspiration around them to show themselves more choices more paths and he's right today us teenagers are exposed to almost 11 hours of media every day however 80% of the characters with jobs and g-rated films are men of the 20% that are female almost none are CEOs lawyers or politicians this is an example of how for girls the media is limiting potential career exposure so just 20% of the future job market girls and women stumble due to a lack of empowerment study after study tells us that girls and women can be quicker to give up on an activity that is foreign or complex I know I've been guilty of lacking the intellectual empowerment to truly believe I can solve a problem in middle school and high school when students are asked to indicate their gender on standardized testing girls for about 20 percent lower than those who do not have to indicate their gender what is this telling us about how our young women are empowered in their own abilities in a recent study nearly 50% of teen girls surveyed say they don't typically consider a career in stem that same percentage feel they say they would feel uncomfortable being the only girl in a group or class that same 50% feel they would have to work harder than a man if they pursued a career in stem if half of our country's workforce as women and half of our young women feel this way the numbers will never change we stumbled due to a lack of connection there's a video on youtube called redraw the balanced elementary school students are asked to draw people doing different careers a fighter pilot a a surgeon and a firefighter an overwhelming majority of the students draws and describes these people as men the teacher then asks the students if they want to meet these people women come in dressed in their uniforms and the students think they're playing dress-up we need to redraw the balance to help our young women see the possibilities mentoring works we know this connecting young students with mentors helps them be more successful and stay in the careers they choose a recent paper from the White House outlines the importance of mentoring in keeping women engaged in scientific and technical careers by personally addressing their preconceived notions that these careers are male-dominated which may prevent many young women from entering these fields our girls are lacking inspiration empowerment and connection this is not acceptable the stumbling needs to stop a local Lancaster Pennsylvania institution the North Museum of Nature and Science is hoping to stop the stumbling through a program launched in 2015 it's designed to spark young girls interest by inspiring them empowering them and helping them make critical connections supporting these girls on their journey to a rewarding stem career is going to change the gender landscape of stem as we know it I am honored to be a part of the North museums stem Sisters program the mission of stem sisters is to inspire empower and ignites young girls passions in science technology engineering and math STEM careers so how is the program providing inspiration empowerment and making critical connections let's start with inspiration how can we aspire to be what we cannot see through stem sisters events and meetups we are introducing these young women to both traditional and non-traditional career paths traditional career paths are what most of the population thinks of as a normal college path a four-year school a bachelor's perhaps a master's degree non-traditional paths on what today may not be considered normal my areas of study are considered non-traditional these careers are those where the numbers are currently dominated by men engineers electricians plumbers by exposing these women to both traditional and non-traditional career paths and introducing them to professionals who have taken these paths in life we can help inspire them to map out a plan of action as the young girl not having any idea what career paths I wanted to take or what career paths there were for me I stumbled I'm lucky and I stumbled where I am today how is the SEM Sisters program providing empowerment one of the 10th grade participants says being gathered with other girls who share the same interests as you makes you all the more confident the North Museum's stem sisters program yes ladies and gentlemen is a girls club bringing girls together to participate in fun interactive hands-on activities anchored in science technology engineering and math allows them to take risks that they might not otherwise take in a mixed gender setting it allows the professionals the mentors to encourage the girls and to share their own stories of risk-taking the girls who participate in stem sisters activities may have a very clear path they want to follow to college or they may be more like I was in an exploration phase not having any idea if they like them or any ideas about what STEM careers might be empowering both types of young women to take chances to try something new and to translate something that they'd like to do into a career that they could love is going to change the gender landscape of stem if someone would have helped me to translate the hands-on activities I like to do to real-world skills and jobs confidence the empowerment that would have given me would have allowed me to make more thoughtful choices about my path and stumble less how it's done sister's making critical connections connecting young girls with female mentors who are excited to share their STEM experience discuss potential career opportunities training and different pathways the stem sisters program allows the girls to see real-world examples of different careers what does it mean to be a welder and what do they really need to know to do their job well what does it mean to be a biologist and what do they need to know to do their job well it gives the girls real-life examples of different careers it helps them understand what it truly means to be a mechanical engineer a chemist what you can do if you want to study medicine but don't want to be a doctor or nurse by empowering these young girls to take pride in what they love and connect them with female stem mentors we will change the gender landscape of stem if I would have had the opportunity to meet different professionals to have a mentor I would not have had to stumble along the path I took the stem sisters program is providing inspiration empowerment and connection there is one other thing I haven't told you about the program yet it's free it's free for any young woman in grades 6 through 12 the grades that can be the hardest to navigate the grades when the pressures of career decisions can start to bear down some sisters is there giving these young women a safe place to be inspired a safe place to become empowered and a safe place to make connections with peers and mentors who want to help navigate all the paths one could take in life and to support each other why do I choose now to tell you that some sisters is a safe place because it's hard it's hard to be the only girl I was the only young woman in my in my school all four years of college remember I did a two-year technical spec twice I've been the only young woman in my employers department and it is hard the current percentage of male versus female combined with it's a fact that females have seen little gains in STEM careers means that it's pretty much a boys club that's why it's so important to inspire empower and connect as many young girls as we can helping them feel empowered in their own abilities and giving them a web of connections is going to help swing the stem pendulum in our favor but imagine a world where your daughter your sister your niece has the opportunity to see their potential to a rewarding career with endless possibilities how can you help join or create programs like stem sisters reach out to young women in your life find out what they like to do support their journey help them make connections let's give them a path on which they can run together we can inspire empower and ignite our girls thank you nomos verlag dissertationen online Fashion Institute of Technology, Chelsea, Manhattan.

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