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International fashion marketing dissertation proposal

International fashion marketing dissertation proposal free essay on my dream school article ofsted report 2018 moving english for wards ´╗┐we're in an era of great prize fights these days except that they are unusual in that the price fighters are economists conservative and liberal economists now disagree on the origins of the financial crisis the bank bailout the need for deficit spending and the proposed health care plan so we have organized a titanic face-off between two of the most famous economist in the world on either side of these debates the Nobel Prize winner new york times columnist for Krugman on the right but actually on the left he's the biggest stimulus side and Stanford University scholar John Taylor he is the monster deficit side work of gentlemen let's start with the origins of the Christ she wrote a book where you say the crisis is fundamentally caused by government by government not by the market I think would be fair to say the governments around the world learned the lessons from the 1930s or learned what they thought the lessons of the 1930s work and have reacted very strongly they pump massive amounts of liquidity into the system is this a good idea no I don't think it is I think basically it's a large overreaction you you know even though the last year in February stimulus package was passed a lot of enthusiasm for checks were sent to people it didn't do anything and you had to do pumping massive amounts of liquidity into the system um and this has been you know this has been really bad if you look at from a global point of view the full and industrial production has been every bit as large as it was in the first year of the great depression the Fallen trade has been larger than it was in the first year of the great depression you really do need to do drastic things now this is scary stuff we've been staring it into the abyss you say that in doing all this you're creating the risk of inflation I believe you are I think we're massive deficits debt-to-gdp ratio good measure of our ability to pay as GDP so it's going from roughly forty percent eighty percent quite frankly you go back to my analysis of why this was cause I think it was really an overreaction by government it scared people are the markets collapse last let us fall especially in September and I'll do it that's when you see these big declines Paul's referring do you exports the client and consumption tonight basically stabilized in early as December Jane we don't know what's going to happen but but you're saying that it was hank paulson and ben bernanke going up to Congress and scaring the hell out of them to get the seven hundred billion dollars that sent the economy into a shock big part of it absolutely now let me ask you this you were very very unhappy with the administration's plan to deal with the banking crisis you wrote at this very famous column which said this is hope the plan fills me with despair you said that you needed to nationalize the bank's temporarily to deal with the problem the banks haven't been nationalized it appears that this the financial system has stabilized and credit is coming back so were you wrong then are you wrong now you know I think I was put this first was not all clear that credit is coming back what we see is some recovery in some markets um and it may be that works out all right but the banks are still weak they're still kind of crippled I wanted a much more aggressive response i still think that would have been the right thing to do given what we knew by no means clear that we're out of the woods look they might I think you know I can always go through my record and find out that I didn't say this but I think I I can see that it might work out but that seemed to me that the riskier course was in fact to hope for the best as opposed to taking really firm action at this point I'm not pushing hard on it because it's clear that they're going to wait and see and do you feel like the financial industry stabilizing look I the way I look at is I'm not sure what's happening with the financial industry what I do know is that the real economy is nowhere close to stabilizing we just got a new report on new unemployment claims which are still running at a level suggesting that the economy is hemorrhaging jobs this is still nowhere near no green shoots those green shoes look awfully Brown from here that there's no sign that that that even that the things that stop getting worse at a rapid pace so we have not done enough now maybe a more forceful bank policy would have helped that was also thought the stimulus wasn't big enough and this is going to be a real problem because when the stimulus isn't big enough people don't respond to the outcome by saying well we need to do more they respond by scio the policy failed so we we have in fact fallen short I'm quite concerned that the that Obama although doing things in the right direction is behind the curve because they haven't been big enough do you think that the economy has stabilized I saw the stabilization really back in like December January you had a real collapse export consumption it sort of flattened out it's picked up slowly but it agree it's there's a going to be some tough times but it sounds to me like you're saying we had a financial catastrophe but we're going through a kind of somewhat normal worse than normal this is worse than normal because of the catastrophe absolutely what we're now you know in a period where we should be able to see some growth in the third and fourth quarter but it's not going to be strong and we will get increases on point in the meantime I think the stimulus is not helping I actually think it's somewhat comes yet again how can it not help I mean you're creating demand well actually quite quite a little bit quite friend you go to the White House website of the 787 billion package only 53 has gone out the door and only believe it or not less than a half a billion 373 million is infrastructure spending so far so it's just not enough to do anything substantive that was going to happen right I mean there's no one it the it was essentially impossible to have a lot of spending take place before six months in that's a lot of things were promised I think people know they were pretty clear on it I mean they did they made they low-balled their forecast for what on employment would do which is a problem but this is what we we've all said this is going to be slow time and it is kind of crazy by the way they they people say well it's four months since Obama signed this bill and where's the recovery the plan has failed we actually haven't had a chance to test it at all I think that's the part of the problem with the policies you know can't deliver that rapidly so in the meantime which could come too late and would it mean time you get higher interest rates from this this is I don't find out at all okay there's weird noises around interest rates in second but what what's wrong with the argument that if what you're trying to do is create rapid increase in purchasing power that attack Scott a permanent tax cut would actually deliver it faster geez so we do a permanent tax cut every time the economy is weakening and then what we do when the economy is strengthening have a permanent tax increase so then in that case is not you know there's a logical problem here you know you can't have a ratchet we always cut taxes and never raise them eventually we end up with no government at all which is I guess some people's go but can't do that so I think you have been somebody who wrote arguing for a permanent absolutely everything actually recommend that a president obama come in and it gets this middle-class tax cut established permanently at the beginning though his make work work pay credit would have been good but permanent would have been something that people could counter on I think that would begin to have some more when that happens on the deficits that you worry about I think the really the problem with the deficit not quite frankly is just massive spending growth you will have a deficit of 1.2 trillion dollars forecast by the CBO 10 years from now and tax revenues then income tax about two trillion so you'd have to have a sixty percent 60 percent increase in taxes to close that deficit that's not going to happen so it's really to me there's a spending issue I you know they these are all nominal figures the fact the matter is that we're still in the United States we're spending not a high proportion of GDP by comparison with other advanced countries not all that you know this is that the point is that we do have some things that we want the government to do we want it to provide a basic social safety net we want to provide adequate National Defense you have to raise the taxes to pay for that and you can't just decide that we're going to set tax levels based upon permanently tax levels based on what the state of the business cycle is right now that's not that that way lies madness that way lies impossible task of trying to fit your long-term spending plans to what you do in the heat of the moment to respond to a business cycle this is why you need spending programs to constitute fight this kind of recession we will be back with our clash of the economist's Titans right after this and we are back with our price fighting economists for Krugman vs. john taylor explain why you think that even though we are we do have these large deficits and the entitlement program suggests even larger ones right now you don't think that in il pleuvait des oiseaux dissertation definition Hunter College, Upper East Side.

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