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Katharina domschke dissertation outline

Katharina domschke dissertation outline how to make a paper zip gun step by step how do report nursing homes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I'm Matthew xn the MBA program manager Calif Business School at the count of MBA you're going to study fifteen modules taught by experts in their own particular field during that period of time you're going to learn numerous academic theories and apply them into practice the purpose of this short video is to emphasize the importance of transferable soft skills these are skills you'll develop over the 12-month period of the MBA course with the aim of improving your employability here's some previous students discuss the skills they've developed during the course [Music] school that I developed during the MBA was the ability to research efficiently you know there are many times where you're looking for information and there's just so much of it you really need to evaluate it think about it critically and decide is this really worth me spending an hour going over it and you have to do that over and over again even just reading your finance book or putting together an essay and in many different scenarios even doing market research you really have to develop the ability to find the best information and then filter down even more and utilize it in the best way and I didn't have that skill before I knew how to find scientific data I'm an engineer and I knew how to do that but in the NBA I've developed the ability to find information in many other fields and think about it critically rather than just read it all and not really get any anything out of it [Music] one lesson learnt was really intercultural competence because in the MBA we are given the chance of working with 42 different nationalities and this is really a unique experience because normally you don't work with in such a diverse cohort and therefore for me it was really important to listen to people and also to kind of reflect on your own cultural skillset and to see how you are driven by your culture and also kind of to realize that embracing differences and really a diversity is really important I developed how I can basically use my problem-solving skills and bring into some perspective to what other people have to say so we had like you know we had to decide on a camp where we were supposed to do integrated case study and a lot of you know confusion was around should we stay within the university premises or should we just stick where we are basically comfortable and a lot of people were quite comfortable in the in an accommodation of one of our friends place but they were not saying that so I brought this up so that they could basically you know work on that and sometimes you have to take that lead before doing my MBA was never put in a situation where needed to lead and now since we'll work a lot in groups and teams you really need someone who takes charge of things and who's responsible for the other team members and it seemed like I'm the one emerging of this situation and for me it was really important also like you said to be on the one hand emotionally intelligent and to really manage to people keep them happy motivate them but on the other hand also kind of to still manage the project and keep things student and meet the deadlines in the end and I think balancing those two skills was also really important that aspect that was really essential was time management because especially in the second semester when we have the business plan which takes ten weeks but Windows 10 weeks we have to do international business we have to do internet integrated case study so to plan out what we gonna do week Y week actually does help and it does help us or help me to meet the deadlines because that's also another essential point during the MBA because there's so much going on then you have to keep on track you have to manage your time quite well so you can meet those deadlines so yeah those were very essential skills to learn during the course during the MBA I develop my delegating skills quite significantly before I used to tell people okay you did this part this part we meet again tomorrow and then during the MBA I came to realize that it takes more than that especially during the business plan we had so many deadlines and personally I was really busy with other activities too and so what I tried to do was tell my team that deadline is next Tuesday but I want it done by Friday and that they ensure that work with it was high quality but I also learned that when you're delegating you need to do so kindly and to be really tactful you can't just tell somebody to get it done they will get it done but maybe not not in a good way whereas if you ask them hey could you please do this it's the same thing but the result will be much better and [Music] before I came to the NBA I thought that when you had a discussion when you had some confrontation what would happen is that everyone would sit down state their opinion very calmly and then you talk about the pros and cons that isn't how it works very often people feel that confrontation is an attack on their ideas ie they are being attacked it's really important to read people to know who you can be very direct with and who you can't be we had two quite extreme examples or I can say that with one member if you confronted him on anything his opinion would just disappear you had to be really really calm when you were confronting him on stuff another member very much wanted the opposite she anything other than directly in your face did not mean that you that you truly believed in your opinion since doing the MBA I've sort of learned a bit more how to read people to see how people are reacting to what I'm saying you've got to learn as you work with people yeah I mean confrontation is a really important thing that I've learnt while doing the MBA [Music] another skill that I developed during the MBA was public speaking I had some experience with it before but not in the same way I volunteered to be the first presenter for my OB class and that went really well and it allowed me to get to know a lot of the people in the cohort just because after the presentation many of them came to talk to me you guys heard that and so it went really well and I got to know so many of them it it actually made me feel like it's okay to open up and it went it was really good for me even during the business plan presentation I wasn't nervous I was able to walk into the room and say hello this is my team this is the project and I wasn't nervous at all and it went very well so the MBA has definitely helped me with that during the NBA I learned that I am good at being patient when we had our business plan we had some issues with with having different arguments different opinions like some some team members were working on perfecting their information that that will go through the business plan other day they had their own opinion about how things will will be written so I looked at things in a holistic view and I found that we need to be understandable about what we have we have a deadline coming what's what's more important is to do to adapt to this situation now one of the skills I had before I came to do an MBA was being organized but I the skill I developed a while bingham be able you can be organized with other people as well so when we had a group projects it meant booking the rooms telling people were to be what time and where and this also like it does help you to realize that you have this skill where you can just program as yourself but you can apply to others as well and it works out as long as you can delegate properly [Music] I think personally for me my MBA journey was quite specific about how I could basically develop certain skills which I thought I had and I could basically improve I didn't realize this whole experience of like you know MBA with deadlines and stuff specifically the integrated case study we had in the second semester along with a business plan so that one week basically I learned a lot because we we were like working on two different projects and it was really interesting to see like you know they have a different perspective of how we can solve how what the problem was example a very very important thing just to wrap it up was gaining new self-confidence because I think when you have to operate any new environment with new people and have to face all those challenges and tasks I think it's really really important to also have your successes and to be proud of the things you have achieved and this is really boost for your own self-confidence that helps you when you then start your career to really think of what have I already achieved during my MBA and I think simply this knowledge about the achievement helps you to kind of also face other challenges in the end another thing which was quite unique for me was like how to basically work on my emotional intelligence and I believe this really brought out the best for me because I didn't realize that I even had that in the first place but during that whole pressure zone like you know it's like a military school kind of thing like that one week because there's so much pressure there were so many deadlines but you develop those things by coaching others motivating your team and bringing the best out of them to do MBA you should be prepared that you're not only learning something about the content of a module but also more and gone beyond this which will really help you for your personal future [Music] [Applause] [Music] peut on dire je dans une dissertation de philosophie SUNY Empire State College (The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies).

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