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La conscience philosophie dissertations

La conscience philosophie dissertations edit dissertation methodology on violence in media online math classes for college credit california ´╗┐hey guys so today for tri down Tuesday I am going to be reviewing these Aleksey hair clip in extensions if you guys aren't familiar with luxy hair they are actually a YouTube channel there are two sisters I've actually been a fan of their channel for a really long time they do amazing hair tutorials so they came out with their own brand of clip-in hair extensions and since I have been experimenting with extensions for the past few months you guys know I had wefted extensions weaved into my hair a few months ago and for my wedding I wore the halo extension and I tried other brands of clipping extensions so since I have been experimenting with different extensions and you guys have asked me questions about my extensions I decided to try these and see how they compare to other things I've tried and kind of give you guys my review of these clip-in extensions so the ones I got are the 20 inch bleached blonde full headset so it's a hundred and sixty grams of hair and it is a hundred percent real hair so you can curl it use hair product on it do whatever you would do to normal hair which is really nice you don't have to worry about treating it differently than you treat your normal hair when you have them in and I didn't like having my extensions wefted into my hair I kept it for a few months because I liked having the length and I liked the way it look but honestly it took forever to blow-dry my hair and it was just like I never felt like I could actually wash my scalp and it always would get really tangled because like my hair D it like wrapped in around the weft when my hair would grow out so it was just like way too high-maintenance for me so I did like having the length and having the extensions but I was starting to think that clip-in extensions are probably a better option you don't have to worry about washing them you don't have to worry about blow-drying them so you could just like literally clip them in and go so I've been wanting to try a good brand because the brands I've tried in the past are never thick enough for my hair or don't match my hair right or just don't look real the halo is nice because it's so easy to put in but it doesn't look very natural because it's just all one layer so you're literally just like your natural hair and then another layer underneath so with my hair it doesn't look very natural because my hair is really thick so I like the clippings because you can put them in in different parts of your hair to really fill it in and blend it in and this color that I got the bleach blonde matches the ends of my hair perfectly I have the men right now as you can see and I think that it blends in so perfectly obviously does it match my hair up here but where you can see it it matches perfectly so I got really lucky and when you order luxy hair extensions there's this little section in the front on the bottom that comes with one strand that you can pull out and see if it matches your hair and so that way if it's not a perfect match you can just exchange it without having to like ruin all the other extensions which is a really nice option so I tried these extensions for the first time a few days ago because I just kind of wanted to try them out for a few days see how they hold up see how they wear throughout the day and just kind of give you guys like a few days of opinions instead of dress my first impression so my first impression of the actual extensions when I first pulled them out of the box was that they were really good-quality they're really thick and strong feeling and they feel really soft but not too soft so they do still feel and look like real hair that's an issue I have found with extensions in the past is that they just look too perfect and they don't match the texture of my natural hair so it's just like too of an extreme contrast next to my real hair so these are really healthy and strong and smooth and think looking but they look like real hair so it matches in well next to my real hair so that was good because that has been a big issue I have found in the past I also thought that it comes with a good amount of hair so I have a lot in right now and I still have a few sections left that I didn't use it comes with two wefts with four clips three wefts with three Clips two wefts with two clips and four wefts of one clip so you can fill in any sparse areas so yeah that's really nice depending on how thick or thin your hair is or how thin or thick you want your hair to look you have a lot of options and ability with that and the way I feel like matches my hair which is a really thick and looks the most natural is to clip on a section of two onto a section of three and make that kind of like one little section then I divide my hair to like the lower part of my ear back and then I clip that in and that's just gonna add a lot of length in the back then I take the two for clip sections and clip those together so this is gonna give me my thickness and I go to about like the top of my ear back and then clip that in so that's like the middle of my hair so that's where I need the most fullness and if your hair's not as thick as mine you'd probably just want to use one row of the four clip right there because the four on top of the four is what makes it really thick but that's what makes it kind of blend in really well with my hair because my hair is really thick and then in the front because obviously I clipped in all the hair in the back I just take the smaller sections and fill them in where you can see like a big jump from my normal hair to the long hair so I usually put like a two clip on this side and like another single clip somewhere in here just you can't I just kind of eyeball it and see where it looks like I need it and then this part of my head is just thinner in general so I usually just put a couple of the single clips in and it fills in nicely and I think it blends in really well it looks really natural with my natural hair and these are even longer than the extensions that I had wefted in to my hair so they're even more fun and I just really like the way they look you know it's fun just to have that long hair every once in a while and you don't have to like deal with washing it and blow drying it which is really really nice and these curl really fast like they grab a curl really fast on the curling wand and they hold a curl really long so that's really nice and I feel like when I have them in I don't actually curl my natural hair as much because I just kind of leave that straight and then just like curl the ends to blend it in together so I'm kind of saving the heat from my hair which is nice too and in the past few days when I've worn this I've gotten a lot of compliments you know for my close friends and family who know that my hair is not naturally this long they're like whoa what do you have in your hair it looks really good and they all said that they couldn't see any of the clips and that it looked really natural so that's good and I've been having a lot of fun with them I just feel like long hair is pretty and it makes me feel fun and just gives me more options I can't wait to like try braids and stuff with these because I feel like that'd be really fun so yeah I'm really happy and I really feel like clip-in extensions are the way to go I think having them weaved in your hair and having them in all the time it's just way too much maintenance like they take way too long to blow-dry and it just gets so tangling it's just like always a hot mess and you know there's some times and you don't want really long hair like when I'm just going to the gym or something I don't want to have to deal with this like huge weave and these take literally five seconds to clip in so it's really easy I could just blow-dry my normal hair and clip these in and then curl it all together and I'm ready to go and it looks really good and I have tried other clip-in extensions before I've never had luck with them before they're always like not thick enough not the right color like too thick of a texture so these are definitely the best ones I have tried so far I've never even wanted to wear the ones I had in the past in public and I like can't stop wearing these so I feel like that is a good sign so yeah if you are interested in hair extensions these are definitely the ones I would recommend trying you'll get a lot of hair for your money so there's a lot of different options and I just feel like it's like the most practical and the easiest so if you guys are interested in checking out the luxy hair extensions I actually have a five dollar off coupon code it is Luxy style by danny all one word if you enter that at checkout you get five dollars off so yeah who doesn't want to save five dollars right and I'll also have a link to their website down below if you just want to go check it out and see what they have and all the different options and yeah you have a really good customer service for me when I needed help picking out a color they were really helpful they actually like picked out the color perfectly for me so that was good so yeah I'm really happy with this week's tried out too today as you guys can see and I hope you guys enjoyed this video at my review and if you guys have any questions or comments leave them down below and let me know if you have any other things that you would like me to try for future try it out Tuesday videos and yeah I love you guys I'll see you in my next video write for me economics dissertation cheap Rabbi Isaac Elchanon Theological Seminary.

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