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La definition d une dissertation

La definition d une dissertation obesity in america problem solution essay project report on supply chain management of amulette ´╗┐and speaking of extraordinary grants who called George Brown College home please let me introduce our keynote speaker mark McEwan mark McEwan has been one of Canada's leading hospitality and culinary figures since graduating from George Brown College in 1979 as winner of the red seal award for scholarship in the culinary management program in the 80s mark McEwan became Canada's youngest ever executive chef at the sutton place hotel and he has since built an empire as the owner and executive chef of the McEwan group that features some of toronto's best restaurants including North 44 fabrica by mark and one mark has authored two best-selling cookbooks and launched into the world of gourmet supermarkets launched a line of cookware and a successful catering business mark is a well-known Food Network Canada television personality where he has served as head chef on Top Chef Canada and hosted his own reality show the heat and he never stops investing his time and efforts in supporting students and supporting our school where he leads we want to follow mark you good afternoon madam Chancellor Madam President members of the platform graduates George Brom faculty and ladies and gentlemen it's indeed an honor to be here my time goes back as Lorraine said to 1979 when I graduated started the business in 76 back when it was a very different industry I went to the Nassau Street campus which was in Kensington Market I'm sure you're all aware of that it was a very different place when you when you look at where the college has come in these years we have a world-class educational facility here it's as good arrivals any in Paris and London Los Angeles Napa Valley no matter where you go we have that standard and the greatest part is it's very grounded in terms of how it relates to the industry John Higgins Lorraine and I have set many many times and many other instructors at the college to talk about how the industry fits with the college of the training program what is it you're learning in school how does it prepare you for when you when you're actually boots on the ground in a restaurant say for example one in yorkville do you have the basic skills for that and I believe the answer to that is yes what's interesting now is you sit with a diploma or you will sit with a diploma in probably about 45 minutes and then you say to yourself what what is my next step you've taken the first I think the second is without a doubt the most important step you will take your next three years two to four years say will define the next 25 years in your career my advice to you is to take it incredibly serious find a place to land who you meant or under who you work under the environment you choose to spend this next three years in will be absolutely instrumental in shaping you in terms of how you react how productive you are how you fit into a group how successful you will be it will create your business card for you so from I in my opinion this next three years for you is the absolute most important three years in your life in your career as a food service person you say how do you how do you do that how do I get my own television show but you should back that one right up but first step you do is you take your iPhone you take your device and you put it in your locker and you focus you land that job you find that group of mentors that you're going to attach yourself to it for the next three years and you're going to learn that industry from the bottom up from the front door to the back door whatever establishment you find yourself in when you create that innate sense of understanding of an environment you walk away with that in three years it will accelerate your career by ten years that is one of the greatest gifts you can do to yourself right now when I started out and knocked on the door of the constellation hotel I landed up in the kitchen of Joseph on lanten very colorful Swiss German chef at the time looked a little bit like the guy on the Muppets but the mustache funny man great sense of humor a little bit colorful smoked incessantly in the kitchen was an amazing teacher was an amazing motivator he was a person of character lots of substance in terms of your relationship with him I I found I had a very very close relationship and the harder I worked The Closer that relationship came he taught me finance he taught me balancing of a payroll and staff who taught me office you taught me by all the cooking skills that I had in my first five years Joseph Falmouth and taught me I learned it in his environment so that is the type of mentoring I'm asking you to try to find for yourself that's not an easy task but it's something you really have to put your mind to in a conscious way and it will it will elevate your career far more than you ever imagined if you stay for two to three years and you develop standout qualities standout qualities for me with an employee our manners an ability to work as a team good listening qualities at you you you're a very good audience for people that know more than you that you absorb and that you think about where it is you're working you actually you are working for a company you're occupying space in a company that company is paying you and you have to understand that relationship how you become valuable to that companies that you become indispensable to that company a very quick story which I neglected to mention this morning was when I first became a managerial chef I wasn't quite a sous-chef yet at the constellation hotel but I was a was a saucier I was on service that night George kalmar walked in he was the owner the constellation hotel now this is a huge huge operation massive banquet operation in the back the burgundy room was the front section I had all the lights out in the back mr. kalimera huaxin in the kitchen and comes running up to me and says what's wrong with the back why the lights up I said well mr. kalamara we're not we're not using a decision so I thought it would save the high joy turned the lights out George kalmar was my friend from that day on that was the first time I had spoke it in what a difference that made and how he viewed me my relationship with him and and how it opened doors for me so it's it's interesting how simple gestures and simple connections with people that you work with make you a standout employee as was mentioned by the Chancellor manners and ability to get along with people being kind to people being thoughtful in terms of how you message and how you teach people and and how well you manage situations then learning the business end of things that as a chef today is probably your most challenging category that's the one thing that will divide you from the others is if you have the business side and the culinary side and you have the gift of personality and an ability to work with people and inspire people you will be an unstoppable force so that that is your goal in the neck three years is developed that platform by which to manage that type of success and then there's always being introspective you should look at yourself in the mirror you should be able to judge your abilities your actions your results honestly for yourself like be hard on yourself these these are really simple basics but they are the most important things you'll ever learn much of much of the industry today is so occupied with the food network with twitter with instagram these are all great tools they're really great tools once you have tools in your toolbox but until you do the best thing you can do is turn it off focus work with the people you're working with in your operations and develop those base skills it will prepare you and your career will fly that is the best advice that I can offer you at that point in time I hope you get your television show I hope you have 30,000 followers on Twitter because it's an interesting world and it's something you've you know far more about than I do but it's really a pleasure to be here today I congratulate you on graduation you must be incredibly relieved but hopefully I've made you feel a little bit anxious and put you on the heels a bit because walking out into the world the next step is your big step you can't lose that one so good luck with that great to be here today thank you Mark I would now like to ask president and Sato to come to the podium to say a few words but this year's recipient of an honorary bachelor of applied business administration in hospitality operations management Thank You mr. McEwen not only for that encouraging address but for your outstanding leadership in the culinary industry your success as a chef and entrepreneur as well as your tremendous support for a Center for hospitality and culinary arts have moved us to present you with an honorary bachelor of applied business degree in hospitality operations management as a valued member of our alumni community and the creator of some of toronto's best restaurants you inspire our graduates to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them you've long been a champion of the next generation of chefs and hospitality staff lending your expertise to program advisory committees and providing scholarships culinary demonstrations externships and employment opportunities we're proud to call you a George Brown graduate and I'm delighted to congratulate you on your honorary degree I'd like to invite our Chancellor and the Dean and mr. McEwen you could come forward you you comment faire une dissertation en education civique LIU Post (formerly C.W. Post), Brookville.

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