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Le quinquennat dissertation proposal example

Le quinquennat dissertation proposal example essay structue ungass report 2018 uganda capital ´╗┐okay fight fans fight beans welcome back to manage thoughts I of course many MTL or Manny Montreal make sure to check me out on Facebook Twitter Instagram and obviously the fight City calm as usual I'll give you guys my thoughts and what's going down in the world of combat sports let's get started okay so usually this is the part where I'm giving up my congratulations it was an uneventful fight week and the one dude I told you guys to look out for julius jackson got dispatched quite early to the point where i wonder where all the hype came from now on the Saints saying that he didn't get caught because he did but I am saying I'm gonna have to learn how they'll pronounce who stick a guy's name for real now considering it was an uneventful fight week let's look at this week and the coming weeks so first off what's going on on the fight City calm this week well as usual great articles and posts on the daily for you guys to check out it is a massive fight week especially for us Montreal fight fans and the fight city is obviously going to respond to your needs on that one make sure you check it out we're gonna have some great stuff about lucha booty David linear gonna Dean golovkin and more now um this also leads me to something a little further down the road that I want to talk about going down in repulsing eco Beck rumbling report sandy just a short drive outside of Montreal grab brothers Rick's are and BMP productions present an excellent night of fights a terrific card for all us fight fans going down October 24th I believe some tickets are still available you guys need to call the number on the screen and find out or go to admissions calm the numbers 5 14 for 21 1459 make sure you go get your tickets now because there's only about two weeks left and I guarantee you that baby is going to be jam-packed now vampy has put on some shows before and while they sell out their crowds and so do to grab brothers and on the card we have the peoples champ defending his title the last boyscout francis lafreniere we've got Renaud sages young phenom eric bazilian alvin tan buen Darrell golden Garcia Flavius BIA amongst many others it is a jam-packed card for us fight fans make sure you get your tickets now give them a call go to admissions calm make sure you go check it out it's going down the complex tuxes jib Tremblay October 24th now to get back to the present time obviously as I mentioned the fight City is going to be covering the tremendous historic fight which will be David Lemire vs. golovkin's now um I've got some news I am about ninety-five percent sure i'll be going to New York for this saturday's fight right god all my paperwork filled out and I've gotten all my responses now it's basically just a question of money and time guys I really need all of you to wish me well and hopefully I'll be there live and in person to see history go down now a lot of people are comparing this fight to Hagler turns or even when Hagler fought Duran and how fighting there and made him a star first off triple G is already a star everyone should emphasize the size of David lemierre's nuts on this one because this is what people tend to forget number one this is his first title defense Nene a guy out there that wanted to fight triple G let alone defend his title for the first time against triple G then on top of that he's going to try and unify every title then on top of that providing he wins he is going to meet the victor of Canelo vs cotto that takes gravitas my friends hit takes tremendous stones and belief in oneself now I don't think David linear would take this fight if he didn't think he had a shot now that's what's more important than any you know professional or expert or ex anything or even journalists that could give you their opinion because the truth is plenty things can happen this is a fight and that's the bare basics of it people we're all going there based on that same principle what if now you see here's the thing a lot of people forget things like Bernard Hopkins once went there as an underdog against trinidad and trinidad was like as bad as they came at the time nobody talked bad about trinidad kind of like triple G and Bernard out work though now I don't think lemierre's gonna outwork triple G and with a lot of people I do agree that this is going to be a short fight however I do think David Lemire has a shot he has a serious shot see I don't bet on fights because I don't believe in odds all mods are made to be broken people that's the whole idea now uh I'm hopefully going to be there to witness this whole thing I've been writing my very first actual piece based on this subject because I mean it's as big as they come for at least my generation the guys that grew up here in Montreal no David Lemire very well um i would i would venture to say that for montreal boxing fans as far as punchers as far as toughness is concerned maybe our tour gaddi might hold the crown above him but otherwise David Lemire was already well respected and will now be so infamously respected regardless of winning of losing this fight because he stepped up to the plate now oddly enough another little art toro note i wanted to make just by happenstance are to agatti the last guy to go defend his title for the first time at Madison Square Garden from Montreal just a little fact for you guys I've been doing my homework okay so now that leads me to what's going on this week what can we watch what can we watch before and after the linear golovkin fight and I guess for some of you that won't be getting the pay-per-view or might be stuck at work I'll give you some other options so first off this tuesday i want to mention check it out on the fight city dot-com obviously toe-to-toe Tuesday's it's the last one I think for 2015 PVCs put on some half-decent cards for a Tuesday night I've been happy with them and honestly this one looks like it's going to be a great tuesday night because well number one it's heavy weights number two both of them have high KO ratios and number three there's only one loss between them both now I'm your mad sword vs Gerard and guile negril Washington now truth is I like saying his nickname but I'm picking that sewer for this one he's 10 years older than his opponent but when the man hits the man connects the man puts people to sleep it's as simple as that now I predict a knockout on a Tuesday so I'm a happy boy on that one Friday Friday Friday Friday we on the internet we've got legacy 47 on Spike we've got PDC on Spike the fanfara cleverly fight now that's only remotely interesting because the winner of that pipe might actually get a showdown with Adonis now um this leads me to Saturday night obviously I'm not going to go to the meeting potatoes right away on the net if you're stuck somewhere that doesn't have pay-per-view I guess you guys can watch king of the cage that's going down also on the fight network this one I'll be recording through my DVR we got world series of fighting 24 fitch vs okami it's a solid car died like what world series of fighting has been doing lately at least DVR it most of us will be watching HBO boxing at Madison Square Garden now yes I've been talking about the main event log let me give you a little bit of the undercard now there's a big undercard but I'm just going to give you some highlights a name I saw in there that I think you guys should look out for Lamont Roach jr. he's 8 and 0 he's fighting a jose bustos that doesn't have such a great record but Laura Lamont roaches for real make sure you guys check them out um little Montreal talent one of my favorite 17 and 1g Slainte Maggie maduma one hell of a fighter and he's gonna be facing a tough opponent Maurice hooker who himself is now 18 and I think with two drawers so 18 and over 17 and one that's a solid fight you slam a NEMA Duma looking to step up in caliber of opponent and Maurice hooker definitely facing a strong challenge now that leads me to the heavyweights heavyweight fun people we've got Louis King Kong Ortiz now 22 and 0 vs Matthias V Dondo who's actually 20 and 1 and King Kong is 22 and also this is gonna be again fun heavyweights guaranteed somebody's hitting the canvas make sure you check it out now um the only other fight that's got me almost as excited as the kennedy David fight would have to be Roman chocolatito Gonzales vs brian viloria I haven't even checked into brian viloria that is how confident I am in my pound for pound pic right now Roman Gonzalez just a beast of beasts the kids 43 and 0 with 33 Kos just one hell of a fun fighter to watch and cross my fingers people wish me luck hopefully I will be there in the presence of this young man the witness in work in person that leads me to the main event and a main event it is Madison Square Garden a historic place the IBF IBO WBC and WBA belts on the line to legitimate champions facing each other two guys with high KO ratios and two guys looking to face the challenge of being a champion it is a fantastic fight this is stuff that people will be writing about for ages ages this is my generations Duran moment please people make sure you tune in and support our local Montreal fighter who's about to step up and towed a world of infamy for the boxing world that's it for me this week make sure you guys go check out that fight wish me luck hopefully I'll be there in person like share subscribe i'll see you guys next week online dissertation submission muhs College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale.

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